Oppose Pastor Who Said ‘Dirty F-ggots and Queers’ Should be Executed


Target: Donnie Romero, pastor of the Stedfast Baptist Church

Goal: Demand that a bigoted pastor put an end to his church that advocates the genocide of gay people

The pastor of a Fort Worth, Texas church believes that all gay people should be put to death. This comment comes after a history of equally homophobic remarks from the pastor. Condemn this hateful man for his ignorance and bigotry.

Pastor Donnie Romero founded the Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas in the summer of 2014. He has used his church as a soapbox from which to spout hate and bigotry that is even more extreme than some of the stuff we usually hear from the Bible-literalist crowd. Most recently, he has said that he’s “not going to let any of these dirty faggots inside my church,” going on to cite the Bible as if it was a compilation of research papers to say that “they are all pedophiles. They’re always trying to rape and hurt other people…They are predators and given an opportunity to snatch one of your children, they would do it in a heartbeat.” He topped off his extremism with other Bible passages that he says show that God “wants these people to be put to death.”

Romero bills his Stedfast Baptist Church as “family-integrated” so that he can spew his hate to children, and has been going door to door in the Fort Worth area to preach his “old path and zero compromise” interpretation of the Bible. He must be stopped before he has the chance to continue to harass and demonize others. Sign the petition below to demand that Romero dissolve his hateful congregation.


Dear Pastor Romero,

I am writing you today about some of the comments you recently made during your services at the Stedfast Baptist Church. Specifically, I am referring to your remarks that gay people should be put to death, calling them a number of bigoted slurs, and accusing them all of being pedophiles who want to rape and hurt children.

To be frank, I have trouble appealing to you on humanitarian grounds, citing the number of hate crimes gay people experience from year to year, because clearly you are wholly in favor of those crimes–indeed, you would probably say that they do not go far enough. I am left with nothing but to tell you that in the real world in which we now live, your comments have no place. They are bigoted and regressive and serve only to foster a culture of violence against gay people. The fact that you and your congregation are going door to door in the Fort Worth area to preach your views–presumably including homes that belong to gay people–is concerning to say the least. Why should they be forced to deal with your harassment?

Your hate was fostered by Pastor Steven L. Anderson, and in time you will no doubt likewise serve as mentor to other hateful pastors-to-be if you and your church continue with what you’re doing. This cycle of hate and regression must stop. I demand that you dissolve your church at once.


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  1. Honestly, who believes that a petition like this will change his mind and make him see what a jerk he is and what an awful example he sets for what he thinks he represents?

    I estimate the probability of him responding in any favorable way to be 0.000000000000001%

  2. How does he know so much about a homosexual’s lifestyle?
    Is he in the closet and struggling with his denial?

  3. Unreal!! You call yourself a preacher? You phoney pos!

  4. Mind your own business and learn that no god would ever advocate hate of any people.

  5. Jeffrey Creech says:

    As I stated on Facebook, this guy is only representing the devil. He is saying the same things the Pharisees and Sadducees said about Jesus.
    I’m not saying any human compares to Christ, just that his persecution of gay people compares to the persecution Christ endured.
    It is the work of Satan.

  6. Dawn Ward-Doma says:

    This man is not a man of God’s boot lace…He is a bigot and a cruel, bitter and twisted shell of a human being. A total disgrace and all his parishioners should have the fortitude to oust him or not attend church services until he leaves and is defrocked. How can such a hateful evil man be taken seriously. He is certainly not a man of God by any stretch of the imagination. How did such a despicable character get to be an ordained minister…The people who ordained him are more nuts and just as evil for letting him loose in a parish. God help all who come with in a bull’s roar of this imbecile minister.

  7. This man is just as dangerous as any “terrorist” and must be treated as such !!!! His words can lead to acts of violence and terrorism against other humans (by his unstable followers) and must therefore be taken Very Seriously !!!!!

  8. God can’t be homophobic-he created hermaphrodites.

  9. Karen Remnant says:

    What a nasty piece of shit! Rot in hell!

  10. This man has no religious training or education. No degree in theology. How can someone just be ordained as a minister by another minister. They should have to undergo the education and training. Just like other professions. I am a nurse. I had to go through years of education and take a board test to get my nursing license. What if I wanted to be a doctor? Should another doctor just be allowed to ordain me a shout a doctor. Ministers, pastors, preachers and priest hold their parishioners spiritual lives in their hands just like nurses and doctors. Disgusting and not a true representation of Christianity.

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