Stop the Massacre of Wolves and Coyotes

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Target: U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack

Goal: Save wolves, coyotes, and other predators from a disastrous wildlife slaughter

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  1. susan vanmeter says:

    no more predator killing

  2. Ces animaux font parties de la chaîne, ils sont un des maillons qui font notre planète. S’ils devaient disparaître la chaîne serait rompue, et la face du monde changerait. Chaque animal à une place déterminante sur cette planète. On se doit nous les hommes de respecter chaque vies. Rien n’est plus important sur cette terre que la vies, quel, qu’elles soient. A MÉDITER !!!

  3. Michael Guest says:

    Not a contest. Keep the wolves, coyotes, and other predators protected please.

  4. The only truly frightening predators are human.We are the only monsters.

  5. why does man have to kill everything on the planet wild life belongs to everyone one not just a few blood thirsty morons that’s not satisfied in life so they seek to destroy animals ,better idea if any killings should been done maybe start with a few 2 legged sub human beings

  6. “Aren’t humans amazing? They kill wildlife – birds, deer, all kinds of cats, coyotes, beavers, groundhogs, mice and foxes by the million in order to protect their domestic animals and their feed. Then they kill domestic animals by the billion and eat them. This in turn kills people by the million, because eating all those animals leads to degenerative – and fatal – health conditions like heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and cancer. So then humans spend billions of dollars torturing and killing millions more animals to look for cures for these diseases. Elsewhere, millions of other human beings are being killed by hunger and malnutrition because food they could eat is being used to fatten domestic animals. Meanwhile, few people recognize the absurdity of humans, who kill so easily and violently, and once a year send out cards praying for “Peace on Earth.”~Revised Preface to Old MacDonald’s Factory Farm by C. David Coates

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