Denounce Continuation of Ritual Slaughter


Target: Stanisław Dabrowski, First President of the Supreme Court

Goal: Protest Polish court for deciding to overturn a ban on the ritual slaughtering of animals

Poland’s highest court decided to overturn a previous decision that banned the ritual slaughter of animals practiced frequently by Jewish and Muslim communities. The court stated that banning such practices didn’t allow citizens to exercise their right to freedom of religion. Condemn the court’s decision to legalize the murder of innocent animals for religious ceremonies.

The ritual slaughter of animals for religious purposes involves killing animals without stunning them first, which makes them feel pain before their unfortunate deaths. This cruelty had been illegal since January 2013 due to the outrage from animal rights activists, but the court changed its stance to allow Polish citizens to continue using innocent animals for their religious purposes. Poland’s Jewish community voiced their complaints to the court and said the earlier decision violated Poland’s Constitution and the European Convention of Human Rights.

Animals being forced to endure pain before their slaughter just for the purpose of religion is a cruel and outdated practice. Citing one’s right to freedom of religion as a justification for this is ridiculous. This slaughter should not be allowed to continue. Please sign the petition below and condemn Poland’s decision to overturn the slaughter of innocent animals in the name of religion.


Dear Mr. Dabrowski,

The recent decision to overturn the ban on the ritual slaughter of animals for religious purposes is very disappointing. The pressure Poland’s constitutional court faced was enough to reverse a humane decision and bow to the religious community. The overturning of this decision simply shows the lobbying power of the religious community in Poland.

Animal rights activists had previously voiced their outrage at the slaughtering of innocent animals in this way and the court listened. They made such practices illegal in January 2013, and for good reason. In the slaughter of innocent animals for religious rituals, no prior stunning of the animal is performed and as a result, they feel pain before being killed. Citing religious freedom as an excuse to torture innocent animals is not an acceptable decision and the court needs to recognize the harm they have caused by overturning this ban.

In such a progressive country as Poland, it is disheartening to see this huge step backward. Please consider the consequences of this decision and realize that it is unacceptable to permit animal cruelty for the sake of outdated religious practices.


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  1. Perhaps because religions are man-made, they never seem to evolve. Archaic traditions are still responsible for not just the abuse of animals but also the abuse of women and for war. Religion has a lot to answer for.

  2. It seems to be something in man’s nature that automatically thinks rather than behaving well a good way to earn the gods’ praise is to slaughter innocent animals, look at sacrifices in roman times and in pagan cults, the Aztecs? Don’t take easy route by condemning animals to painful death

  3. The first president of the supreme court who you are addressing this petition to seems to have a Jewish name hence his decision to favour this barbaric practice for his disgusting religion

  4. How little we have evolved from the Stone Age… And then they wanted to kill quick but lack of sharp tools prevented a quick kill. Nothing has changed, now we do it in the name of a God so that is OK? It is NOT.

  5. make this cruelty on animals illegal now . religion or not this unacceptable now for the farm animals.

  6. Gene Sengstake says:

    If this inhumanity is actually practiced in the name of religion by the Jewish and Muslim communities – one would have to assume their religion must be “sick” to the core – and not worth a tinker’s dam. Doesn’t say much for the Jewish and Muslim people either. They are evidently not playing with a full deck of cards – in that they actually believe such garbage and let it rule their lives – – –

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