Save Wildlife from Irresponsible Tourism

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Target: General Public

Goal: Help protect animals from abuse while traveling overseas

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  1. This kind of tourism industry can impact a serious hurt to the animals which causes so much casualty to them.And in some cases to some of species which are very rare on the Earth as well their replacement impossible.

  2. This pledge is not complete enough, nor necessarily correct. Supporting local economies can be disastrous for animals depending upon what it’s based on! Unless travelers refuse to frequent/fund things such as rodeos, zoos of any sort (including “petting” zoos), all types of aquariums, aviaries, exotic animal facilities, captive dolphin swims, race tracks (horses, greyhounds, etc.), and more, even including some “eco-tourism” outfits that don’t RESPECT the animals sought out or who daily pollute their environment with noise, boat fuel, etc.

    People choose to be stupid and refuse to do research beforehand, so also choose to naively believe whatever lies these establishments tell them (even some so-called ‘sanctuaries’ which are still part of the horrendously cruel, exotic animal trade industry). It’s long past time for people to smarten up and get more fully informed! Even if it hurts to connect all the dots, that’s NOTHING compared to what the exploited animals are feeling due to our ignorance or lack of compassion!

  3. “Unless we live with non-violence and reverence for all living beings in our hearts, all our humaneness and acts of goodness, all our vows, virtues, and knowledge, all our practices to give up greed and acquisitiveness are meaningless and useless.” β€œHe who harms animals has not understood or renounced deeds of sin… Those whose minds are at peace and who are free from passions do not desire to live at the expense of others.” – Mahavira

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