Demand Justice for Abused and Starving Horses


Target: Harold Jones, Copiah County Sheriff

Goal: Punish rancher responsible for the deaths and horrible well-being of his horses

Alisha Armstrong and her husband did not expect to see such a gruesome sight when they visited the Mississippi ranch owned by Jerry Earls. The couple had intentions of buying the property, but were especially horrified at the terrible conditions of the horses. The couple noticed horses that had missing eyes or open and infected wounds with pus oozing out. After this discovery, authorities found at least 10 dead horses on the property.

Earls’s ranch has over 170 horses, all of which were living in awful conditions. The rotting carcasses of the horses were laid out in piles. Two of the dead horses were found in the creek, which consequently contaminated the water meant to supply the 175-acre ranch. The Armstrongs returned to the ranch afterward and noticed many of the dead or sick horses were gone. According to Copiah County Sheriff Harold Jones, Earls was told by investigators to bury the horses. Only 45 out of 170 horses were found in decent condition.

It is a tragedy that this awful discovery was made so late. These horses would still be alive if they had been given the proper care and medical attention. The terrible condition of the ranch and the horrific well-being of the horses are both very blatant evidence that Earls failed to properly care for these animals. Yet, officials continue to claim that there are no grounds on which to charge Earls. Sign this petition and demand adequate punishment for Jerry Earls.


Dear Sheriff Jones,

I am extremely appalled after reading about the horrific living conditions forced upon the horses on Jerry Earls’ ranch. Some horses were missing eyes or a leg and some had wounds that were so infected, pus had begun to ooze out. Authorities claimed to have found at least 10 dead horses on the property. Two of the horse carcasses were found in the creek, which consequently contaminates the property’s water supply.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of the lack of care and attention given to these animals, officials continue to claim that there are no grounds to charge Earls with at the moment. With so many deceased horses and sick and injured horses, I am especially concerned because Earls had blatantly failed to provide proper care for these animals and might escape punishment. I urge you to make sure that Earls is penalized for the severe neglect he inflicted upon these innocent animals.


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Photo credit: Andrevruas via flickr

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  1. Favorite story about a horse and me. I’m 8 years old, here in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s like November. And the snow is falling. My parents took us out to one of the riding stables east of Cleveland. My sister went out on the trail riding. And I got on top of this amazing horse, who, to this day, I have always thought was like a protector for me. For, after about 20 minutes on the horse. While I was riding it in the circle in the fenced enclosure, there I was, 8 years old, a little stocking cap on, head leaned forward, sound asleep. The horse, amazingly, seemed to sense this, and slowed down, but did not stop. Just slowed, as if it was like rocking me to sleep. And then, just going around and around in the enclosure. For an hour, it just walked around and around, on it’s own, me totally asleep. And when I woke up, without my even touching the reigns, he stopped. And almost waited for me to wake up completely. And then, a few seconds later when I was fully woken up, he started again around the circle, as if to tell me, ‘it’s okay. I’m right here…’.

    I’ve always felt that what we do to other animals, we end up doing to ourselves. All of my life, other animals, horses, and all manner of animals and I have pretty much gotten on with little or no problems. Why someone would mistreat a horse is beyond me. They are some of the most heroic, and faithful of animals. they will die to protect you, if they love you. Most animals will do the same. So why mistreat them. When we mistreat them. We end up mistreating ourselves.

    Save he horses? to me, it’s a no brainer.

    Of course. Save them.

    Happy Holidays everyone…

  2. Prosecute, fine, jail time and restitution for the rescuerers. The horses need justice.

  3. We had a mirror situation here in the UK a couple of years back. One hundred horses, most dead, the others had to be euthanized bar but a few. Father and son were given jail time and banned from keeping ANY animals for life. The whole nation was up in arms, first when the horses were discovered, next at what they saw as insufficient prison time and last that one of them, I believe, was let off with a suspended sentence (the wife, most likely). The Royal Society For The Protection Of Animals whose distressing job it was to oversee the removal of the horses and veterinary and forensic
    findings for the Courts, used up almost all their funds in legal fees to bring the perpetrators to trial and had to put out special pleas for funding following.

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