Save Polar Bears from Shell Oil


Target: The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Goal: Protect polar bears and other Arctic wildlife from a catastrophic oil spill

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  1. Sylvia Goldsmith says:

    Do these greedy money grabbing people not have Grandchildren?
    Do they want them to inherit a barren wasteland devoid of all wildlife.
    They have no conscience they have no morals they only care about money.

  2. Michael Sprung says:

    The nature and the animals are most important of the world!

  3. Please save these innocent bears…if we just kill all the wildlife we have nothing

  4. erra awang ali says:

    it is polars home.. go away shell..

  5. leslie.p.carter says:

    We should leave the arctic waters alone from oil exploration as the waters could freeze over at any are pokar bears can continue with there hunt for food at any time of day.Also they should be protected from all hunting as ther deserve to be there as it’s not ares to take in the first place as we are raping are planet of all rescourse’s and there won’t be any left for the future generations tbat are here and coming into the world let’s stop raping are planet and enjoy it not distroy it please let’s stop what we are doing lets do what is right for are future generations thats what we should be doing for them.

  6. Claude Roulet says:

    Par pitiƩ, Sauvez ces magnifiques animaux !!

  7. Ann Kristoff says:

    We have to stop the continual degradation of the environment. There will come a point where ecosystems will collapse and we will be affected in ways we cannot even comprehend.

  8. marina Alescekevich says:

    stop this extrem cruelty of all animals

  9. Ronald Jansen says:

    Animals, and in this instance Polar Bears love their families and home no less than we do ours.

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