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Target: Mark Mathews, Mayor of Kennesaw, Georgia

Goal: Demand that Kennesaw, Georgia’s Muslims are granted the same rights as Christians

A Georgia town’s city council recently rejected the request of the town’s Muslim community to rent a space in which to hold religious services. This is a clear violation of the First Amendment. Demand that the town reverse its decision and allow Muslims to rent the space to pray in.

The city council of Kennesaw, Georgia recently voted to deny a local Muslim group its request to temporarily rent a space in a strip mall to conduct its religious services before finding a more permanent venue later on. The city council cloaked its denial in the terms of local zoning laws and traffic concerns, saying that they could not allow a designated retail space to be used for religious functions and voicing concerns that the frequent daily prayers of the proposed makeshift mosque would increase traffic to the shopping area and negatively impact its businesses. These claims fall apart, however, when one realizes that the town’s records show that the city council granted a local Christian congregation the ability to rent a retail space for its services as recently as 2013, and that the Muslim community that submitted this request offered to limit the number of parking spots they could use in order to alleviate traffic concerns.

The city council has clearly violated the Constitution, discriminating against a religious minority and denying them equality. Sign the petition below to demand that the leadership in Kennesaw reverse the city council’s decision and grant the Muslim community their protected rights to practice their religion.


Dear Mayor Mathews,

I am writing you today about your city’s recent decision to deny a request by the Muslim community in your area to rent a space in which to practice their religion. The excuses that you have provided are paper-thin, and do little to hide the fact that the decision is a violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

While you claim that you cannot grant the Muslim group their space because it will increase traffic to the area and negatively impact local businesses, the Muslim group has repeatedly offered solutions to that hypothetical problem, which you have, in turn, ignored. While you claim that you can’t allow a retail space to be used for a religious function, your city’s records show that you have let Christian congregations use retail spaces for their religious services in the past, directly contradicting your more recent statements. It’s a pity you did not listen to the words of councilwoman Cris Eaton-Welsh when she said, “This is 100 percent, bar none, a First Amendment issue.” The fact that she was the only one on the council to vote in favor of the Muslim community’s request is as disparaging to you and the rest of the city council as it is commending to Eaton-Welsh.

Bearing these things in mind I urge you to reevaluate your city’s decision. There is no excuse for your actions. You must reverse your decision and grant Kennesaw’s Muslim community the rights you have afforded other Kennesaw religious groups in the past: let them rent a space in which to practice their religion.


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  1. I’m sorry, but this has been on my mind for the last several weeks. I wonder how many people understand that Mohammed, Moses and Jesus all started out as Jews? I mean, when Mohammed was known as Ishmael, before me founded the Muslim faith, he was born as a Jew. That doesn’t mean Jews are better than Muslims. Not at all. It means, that whether one is a Catholic, a Christian, a Jew or a Muslim, that we all came from the same place. Just like we are going to the same place.

    As a Sephardic Jew, I have no problem going to a Catholic Mass, or a Christian Service, or a Muslim Prayer, or a Jewish Service. For, to me, going to any place where I celebrate the creator, What some call God, and others call Allah, and others call Buddha, doesn’t matter. You are, when you go to these places, praying to the creator. That energy, that God, or Allah, or Buddha, that which made everything. A celebration of faith.

    But in our world, lots of people are all about defending their religion, rather than following it. Jesus, Mohammed, and Moses, and even Buddha never had to defend what they believed in, because they ‘followed’ what they believed in. And if, we, as humanity would spend more time following what we believe in, instead of defending it, then there would be a lot less hatred and violence in the world.

    We are all going to the same place. We are born. We grow. We learn. We do. And if we are lucky, some of what we learn, we are able to use to help others. And then….

    We die.

    God, or Allah, or Buddha does not care about the container. The outward appearance of your life, in as much as Allah, and Buddha, and God, is more concerned with the condition of your soul.

    My life has been saved so many times by so many of my wonderful Muslim, Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, and Jewish and other religious, brothers and sisters. Without their kindness, I’d be dead at least 20 times.

    All religions deserve, or should have the right to face God in their own way, without prohibiting, or hurting anyone else from being able to do the same. We, as humanity, in my own personal estimation, need to stop defending out faiths, and follow our faiths. And to celebrate the light of faith, in all of us. Regardless of whether we are Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Catholic, Christian. We are what the creator made. We are life. We are a family. a family of humankind.

    my 2 cents.

    Please let them have their place to pray. All of us deserve that.

    Happy Holidays everyone.

    • Gillian Miller Gillian Miller says:

      A slight difference in approach to praying at the mall by Christians, once or twice a week on a Sunday compared to 5 times a day every day. I’m afraid that I agree with the council, there is a big difference in the type of usage. Why don’t they do what other religions do, use someone’s house?

    • Gillian Miller Gillian Miller says:

      First of all, Mohammed was never a Jew and I should be grateful if you do not insult Jews by saying so. Mohammed was a murdering bandit who betrayed the trust of those who had saved his life and those of his followers. There were three tribes of Jews, two were forcibly chased off and the third had all of their adults and prepubescent boys with pubic hair beheaded while Mohammed and his 12 year old bride, Aisha, watched. There were 900 of them and Mohammed even joined in.

      In the Koran there are 109 statements to kill the non-Muslims, convert them or make them pay jizya which is a head tax ie the possibility of keeping their heads. ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Harem, Hamas, Hezbollah etc merely follow what Mohammed did as Mohammed was the perfect male including sexually abusing women both Muslim and non-Muslim, beheading foreigners and crucifying Christians. In fact, Muslims also kill Muslims that they disagree with because they follow the wrong son or are not as extreme.

      Ishmael was not a Muslim, he could not have been but is believed to be the father of the Arabs. Many Arabs are Muslim but not all.

      I believe that everyone has the right to worship their own god in their own way. I do not accept any extremist who says that their way is the one to follow and only theirs. Muslims get away with having their religion kowtowed to over and above any other and that isn’t acceptable. They force non-Muslims to give way to them in such arguments as this.

      Mickey I can see has to be an American Jew because they seem to delight in supporting the very people who hate them and want to see them dead, it seems to be a guilt thing. News flash, they are not a helpless hard-done by people.

      Of course, there will now be lots of people jumping up and down accusing me of being a troll or racist. Well, when you do genuine human rights you will discover the truth yourself. Most of my work is around Islam where the women and children are ill treated and abused, denied basic human rights, married off at 8 years old to a pathetic old paedophile etc. And don’t forget the over 20 million slaves in the Muslim controlled Middle Eastern countries where apartheid abounds along with ethnic cleansing in the few countries where non-Muslims live(d). Perhaps you should speak out for them instead.

  2. I had come out of a timber merchants and saw several women on the other side of the road, clothed in black robes and head covering. They were all carrying little books and one gave me a lovely smile as I approached. I smiled back and as I passed I was very close to one book and peeked over at it. The young woman proffered it to me and I noticed that one of the women was a wizened old lady. I asked what the cover said, under the crescent moon and I was told that it said that there is freedom in Islam. I noted the old lady smiling and slowly shaking her head. I asked why she was doing this and she said something in a language I did not understand. I asked the young women what she said and in a chorus they replied that there is freedom in Islam but it is not for the women.

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