Save the Mighty Bluefin Tuna from Extinction

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Target: NOAA Administrator Kathryn Sullivan

Goal: Protect the last highly endangered bluefin tuna from being caught by fishing boats

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  1. Cindy Downen says:

    The Japanese have proven, through the over-fishing of Bluefin Tuna and the #Taiji Dolphin Slaughter & Capture, that they will not stop their unethical and immoral practices. We must speak up to stop these barbaric and environmentally devastating practices if these cetaceans are to be saved from extinction.

  2. angelina ricketts says:

    The japs are greedy that’s all they eat is fish why don’t they get a decent job for a change and leave the fishes alonexxx

  3. agreee with all on here. The japs are vile people evil and only think of themselves , Greed again MAN is vile inhumane evil.

  4. Maxine Sheehan says:

    Dishonour seems to be the norm in the far eastern countries. The Japanese lie about their, “scientific research,” for which they murder whales. They continously and callously over fish any and everything. The other countries eat cats and dogs. They need wiping from the planet.

  5. I am APPALLED by the racist comments on this petition site! There are awful people in every country, and its often a combination of the government doing things without the approval of their people along with general public ignorance of these issues. I’m sure US fishermen are fishing for blue fin too… greedy people follow the money train and ignorant people provide the demand. “Barbaric and environmentally devastating” actions take place every day in the US – ever hear of factory farming? Seen pictures of USDA approved puppy mills? This is not a race issue at all. You four should be ashamed of yourselves.

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