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Target: Jennifer Walker, Director of Dairy Stewardship for Dean Foods

Goal: Support Dr. Jennifer Walker as she advocates a humane death for farm animals

Dr. Jennifer Walker’s objective is to encourage people to provide a comfortable life and a peaceful death for the animals they intend to use for food. Animal mistreatment within farms is a serious issue that could be easily resolved if farmers agreed to change their practices to be more influenced by animal welfare. By simply providing the animals a life free from hunger, thirst, disease, fear and distress, we are one step toward improving their welfare.

Walker repeatedly emphasizes that she is advocating animal welfare, as opposed to animal rights. Dr. Walker hopes to improve the welfare of these animals raised for slaughter. Although many animal rights advocates are against slaughter, Walker argues that in some cases, slaughter is the most humane option. For example, if an animal is experiencing pain and suffering from an injury, it could be more humane to end its suffering and use it as meat. Walker also encourages slaughter processes that causes a loss of consciousness before a quick and painless death.

Walker is currently researching experiments to determine each animal’s preferred shelter and food needs in order to ensure they get the most comfortable lives possible. The work she is doing only serves to minimize the suffering an animal experiences living on a farm. Walker has kept the welfare of these animals in mind since the beginning of her research. Sign this petition and support Dr. Jennifer Walker as she works to improve the welfare of farm animals.


Dear Dr. Jennifer Walker,

I understand that many animals are often  mistreated before they are slaughtered for their meat. I appreciate all the work you have done so far to improve the welfare of these animals. I believe that it is crucial that all animals are treated with care and are given a quick and painless death.

Many farmers are mistreating their animals simply because they are in the habit of doing so, however, I am optimistic that you will be able to persuade them to change their traditions and habits to benefit the welfare of their animals. Animals forced to die for human consumption deserve, at least, a comfortable life and a quick and painless death that minimizes their suffering. I hope you continue with your efforts to improve the welfare of farm animals.


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Photo credit: Dohduhdah via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. There are no magical slaughterhouses where animals are fed their favorite meal, make a last phone call to a loved one and voluntarily hold their breath until they die. The act of slaughter is violent, vicious, bloody and hellish. The animals do not sacrifice themselves for your pleasure, tradition or greed. They are dragged in, kicking and screaming until their last breath. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can eat meat, dairy and eggs and remain disconnected from this violence. The only way out is VEGAN.

  2. No such thing as humane slaughter. The animals know that they are going to die. The animals can smell death. We do not need animal flesh or byproducts to survive.

  3. How can we treat these innocent, defenseless animals who die for us so horribly and hideously???

  4. Kathy Williams says:

    I agree with other posters. Unfortunately, the majority of the world’s population either cannot or will not EVER stop exploiting animals. In the US, animal by-products are concealed in products one would never even suspect, e.g. plastic bags and even most car tires! Additionally, even if you avoid the obvious animal sources, by eating refined sugar, you’re helping to destroy the Everglades and steal precious habitat from the monkeys in Mauritius. Almost every food item has palm oil which, again, destroys the orangutans’ home. If you eat items that contain artificial colors…those are so carcinogenic that they are regularly – STILL – tested on animals. If you have a pet cat – an obligate carnivore – you’re probably contributing to these slaughterhouses simply by providing proper nutrition to your kitty. *sigh* It’s overwhelming, and virtually impossible to live 100% cruelty-free, I’m sorry to say.

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