Stop Eating Cats and Dogs for Christmas Dinner


Target: Hannes Germann, President of the Council of States

Goal: Protect domestic pets from being consumed as food

Although Switzerland has many laws in place to ensure that domestic animals are provided adequate care and are treated humanely, an estimated 242,430 people still enjoy feasting on their animal companions, according to the founder of SOS CATS, Tomi Tomek. Cat meat is still considered to be a traditional holiday dish in certain parts of the country and dog meat is often found in sausages. It is no surprise that many people are outraged that these animals are being dined on, yet the Swiss Parliament refuses to act. Urge the Swiss government to outlaw consuming domestic animals and rid the country of this inhumane practice once and for all.

The animal rights activists at SOS CATS are understandably tense since Christmas is just around the corner and the festive feast of cats and dogs is about to begin again. Animal welfare is usually a well-regulated issue in Switzerland and it makes no sense that the Swiss Parliament won’t consider a simple law that will protect domestic animals from being turned into somebody’s meal.

The consumption of cats and dogs continues to be an issue in many countries around the world. With approximately 242,430 people reported to be feasting on these animals, a law protecting domestic pets from consumption should be able to quell this issue in Switzerland and end the use of cat and dog meat in holiday dishes. Sign this petition and demand the Swiss Parliament help protect domestic animals from being turned into a festive meal.


Dear President Germann,

I am sure you are aware that the consumption of cat meat in Christmas dishes is still common in certain parts of your country. I am having trouble comprehending why a country that usually has well-regulated animal welfare is letting this tradition continue. Animal rights activists at SOS CATS have recently made a request to the Swiss Parliament asking for a simple law that will protect these animals from consumption.

Since Christmas is right around the corner, I hope you understand how urgent the need for this new law is. Those at SOS CATS are understandably tense as the holidays are upon us. I implore you to seriously consider their request for this new law to protect domestic pets from this dreadful end.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Joaquim Alves Gaspar via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Massimo Salomoni says:

    Not sure about this news, but for sure swiss are allowed to shoot stray cats….that’s enough for me

  2. I am shocked as I thought Switzerland was a civilized country. Totally not then. There is plenty of food around without eating cats and dogs. Totally unnecessary. Totally disgusting.
    Shameful. Wake up!!!!

    • Jory Ferrell says:

      :/ Do you eat cows? Even if you don’t, there is no difference between cows and cats/dogs. Cows have demonstrated a great deal of intelligence. They are capable of operating tools, such as latches on gates, and handles for pumping water. If you are not willing to ban the eating of ALL animals, it is sort of hypocritical to ban the eating of cats and dogs. Imagine if India tried to tell the entire world they were no longer allowed to eat cattle, (which they consider sacred) and you are barbaric if you do so? How would most people react?

  3. Completely revolting! This type of animal cruelty & consumption needs to be stopped immediately! There are multitude’s of other options for Holiday celebrating. This is one of the most horrible crimes I’ve heard of, to think the Swiss are uphead nationally, as upsale. Not anymore. No better than any third world country that participate’s in such atrosity.

  4. When there was petitions pouring in against the dog meat eating in China, Most of the comments were against the entire” oriental barbaric world which have no concern for the animals” blah blah blah. It was claimed that in the wester world dogs and cats were domestic beings and the rest of the animals were ordained for human consumption. Now the face of barbarism is reverted

    • generally dogs get more attention and cries for help than the cats do. dog and cat meat is legal in many states in the U.S. The NRA stopped a law making cat and dog meat illegal in Pennsylvania. the way the cats and dogs are killed in china and japan and korea is particularly nasty.. but the way animals are treated in factory farms right here in the U.S. is pretty damned disgusting. and anybody who speaks out against eating cat and dog meat should also be speaking out against eating any animal. factory farm animals are horribly abused. so are chickens and turkeys. people gripe about cats catching birds but pay no attention to the brutality endured by the chickens and turkeys that they buy in the store and eat.

  5. I would love to see progress on these petitions.. or do people just submit them and forget about them?

  6. Wendy Burrows says:

    another so called first world country, or should I say CUNTRY.
    I will not bother to grace this sh*thole either with my presence nor money.
    Go f*ck yourselves swiss retards, freaks.

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