Demand Senator Stop Lying About Climate Change


Target: Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell

Goal: Demand retraction of false statements about groundbreaking climate change agreement between the U.S. and China

Senator Mitch McConnell has made several false statements regarding a recent agreement between China and the U.S. to limit carbon emissions. In a meeting with newly elected Republicans, McConnell stated that the agreement requires the Chinese government to make no changes to their emission levels for 16 years. This claim is patently false. Please sign below to demand that Senator McConnell retract his statements and apologize for their inaccuracy before they harm public opinion about this amazing step towards a greener future.

The deal struck between China and the United States is a groundbreaking attempt to alleviate some of the pains that come with limiting carbon emissions. First, the biggest issue with lowering carbon emissions is the economic costs of being greener. This prevents large developed nations from slowing their emissions even when it is in the best interest of all. Second is the fear that if one nation chooses to slow their emissions, another will just take its place, rendering the effort useless. This accord will help China and the United States ease off the fossil fuel treadmill together to save the planet.

This agreement is extremely important for the future of our climate and it must be protected from false statements. Without a full retraction, many will believe it regardless of facts. Please sign below to demand that Senator McConnell retract his statements about the agreement and apologize for spreading false information.


Dear Senator McConnell,

Your recent comments on the climate agreement made between the United States and China are false and must be retracted immediately before they can do harm to public opinion. This agreement is essential to safeguarding the future of our planet and your false statements could jeopardize this opportunity for cooperation between two of the world’s largest polluters.

This agreement will help the United States ease off the fossil fuel treadmill in tandem with China for a brighter and greener future. I understand that this is unwelcome news to you, being from such a large coal-exporting state, but it is also a necessary step towards saving our planet. The Earth can only take so much abuse, Senator McConnell, and the future of our planet is of higher importance than the economic future of just one state in one country.

For these reasons, I demand that you retract your statements and issue a full apology for their inaccuracy to both President Obama and Xi Jinping. A greener future is in the best interest of all people, including you. Please act with haste, before this false information can do any more harm than it has already done.


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Photo Credit: Arnold Paul via Gralo via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Michael Guest says:

    This politician so dumb. He shouldn’t be in office. Climate change can’t be denied.

  2. Stan Benton says:

    I don’t really believe that all of these climate denying politicians are as ignorant as they appear. Most likely they just hope that we are that ignorant, and will help the Big Oil types they’ve sold out to eliminate life on Earth – as long as they satisfy their greed a little more first.

  3. Ken Goldsmith says:

    Not having read the actual text of the agreement, I can only go on what has been made public here in Australia. Even our Greens do not deny that the agreement is that China will continue on it’s merry way, building a new coal fired power station every 10 days, until 2030, when it’s CO2 emissions will peak. Nothing in there about reductions, even after 2030, just that they will not continue to rise after that. By my reading of that, Senator Mitch McConnell is correct.
    Michael Guest and Stan Benton both say climate change can’t be denied. True. I don’t know anyone who denies climate changes. Always has, always will. Nothing to do with CO2. No GLOBAL warming since 1998. The Chinese are replacing older, particulate and sulphate emitting power stations with much cleaner modern generators, which will reduce the REAL smog pollution.

  4. Finances rather than world survival or health drive countries. So far we have talk not serious action. The public needs to wake up to demand constitutional amendments for publicly supported elections and eliminating corporate personhood, which by greatly reducing corporations’ influence could allow the U.S, to be a world leader against climate change. Sure it’s better for the U.S., China and other countries to talk than not.

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