Fire Teacher for Castrating Cat in Class


Target: School Superintendent Bryan Dorsey

Goal: Fire teacher who castrated a cat without anesthetic in a high school classroom

An animal science teacher in Georgia castrated his personal cat without any anesthetic in front of his students. The school suspended him and his resignation was accepted, however he has withdrawn his resignation and plans to return to his classroom. The school superintendent must fire this teacher for this irresponsible and cruel procedure.

Mr. Daniel Hebert, an animal science teacher at Stephens County High School, neutered his pet cat while students held the cat down. The procedure was intended to show students the typical castration process for animals, yet it was done without any anesthetic and in an unsterile classroom. Mr. Hebert is not a licensed veterinarian, and while castrating is not illegal, the fact that the cat was held down and not sedated for the procedure is animal cruelty. An investigation is still ongoing to determine whether Mr. Herbert can be charged for this horrific crime.

The cat has recovered and is safe at the Toccoa-Stephens County Humane Society. Jeff Roberts, the Director of the Stephens Humane Society, concluded the cat did not have a current rabies vaccine and that one of the students was bitten. Not only was the procedure cruel, but Mr. Herbert also put the safety of his students at risk.

The Stephens County Board of Education suspended him and accepted his initial letter for immediate resignation. However, Herbert rescinded his first resignation letter and offered his resignation at the end of the current school year. Therefore, Mr. Herbert can return to his classroom, where he does not belong.

By signing the petition below you will urge School Superintendent Bryan Dorsey to immediately terminate Mr. Herbert’s employment at Stephens County High School due to his inhumane castration procedure on his personal cat.


Dear School Superintendent Dorsey,

Mr. Herbert’s neutering procedure on his personal cat without any anesthetic was cruel and unnecessary, and he should not be allowed back into a classroom. His intention to educate animal science students on the neutering procedure can be seen as appropriate, however a veterinarian should have performed it in a sanitary location with students watching from a distance.

Allowing Mr. Herbert to return to his classroom sets a bad example for students and reflects poorly on Stephens County High School. A teacher who treats an animal inhumanely has no place in an academic setting.

I am urging you to immediately fire Mr. Herbert from his teaching position due to his cruel procedure on this unwilling cat. Please take actions to enforce the safety of animals in the classroom.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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  1. Fire this sadistic monster. This man had no regard for the pain and fear the cat went through. He is guilty of the crime of animal abuse/cruelty. He performed a veterinary procedure and he is not a vet. This man needs to be fired and prosecuted for his crime.

  2. Cherylin Clapp says:

    Thank God the cat is no longer living with this psychopath. Someone who would do such a heinous thing to an animal, let alone in a classroom full of teenagers is unfathomable. This man needs to be terminated immediately, have his teaching license revoked, and be legally held accountable for animal cruelty as well as child endangerment.

  3. Lori Woodward says:

    This man needs to have his teaching license revoked. Thank God the cat is no longer living with this psychopath. This man needs to be fired and prosecuted for his crime. He should not be teaching and he should not be allowed to have animals. He is guilty of the crime of animal abuse/cruelty.

  4. kelly carroll says:

    omg sick twisted barbaric barstards how did hes mum dad bring him up evil man karma will get him hope he never has kids people like him teach kids omg id kill him if he was my teacher id bash his nuts in

  5. laurie sparrow says:

    Nice example for the kids, extreme cruelty to animals is just fine. He should be fired immediately!!

  6. João Paulo Soares says:

    How can this be possible!? That teacher should undergo a psichyatric evaluation, or does that school’s principal think this is ‘good practice’???

  7. Decent Human says:

    Needs to have more happen than just being fired and not allowed to teach and never allowed near any animals or kids, ever again. If he would do that AS a teacher in public… WTF scumbag!

  8. What in the world is wrong with people ? Someone should throw him to the floor and castrate him with no anesthesia.
    He should definitely be brought up on animal cruelty charges at the very least. Glad I wasn’t in that classroom, I think I would have probably beat him to a pulp. As a matter of fact, why didn’t someone. Worthless piece of pond scum.

  9. Caroline Burton says:

    I’m assuming “personal cat” means this individual ‘owned’ the cat, as a ‘pet’? This in itself is worrying, that someone so heartless can ‘own’ an animal at all. Daniel Herbert is a typical animal vivisector; someone who has no empathy and is capable of torturing animals. Not only should Herbert be fired, he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for this atrocity. I can’t imagine the terror and horror this poor cat endured. A more fitting punishment for Herbert, would be castration without anesthetic!

  10. where do these nutters come from.. who rasies whackos like this to be adults? how did some weirdo get TEACHING credentials…… THAT kind of influence is DISTURBING and FREAKING SCARY.

    What the Hell?!?!?!
    im truly apalled

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