Stop Forced Sterilization of Low-Income Women in India


Target: Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

Goal: Stop targeting lower income women for forced sterilization

By 2030, it is projected that India’s population will surpass China’s. This is a cause for great concern for the nation, and India has already set up precautions. Unfortunately, these plans have violated the human rights of many Indian women, as those who are poor have undergone forced sterilization at the hands of the government. Urge Prime Minister Narendra Modi to investigate this matter, and halt this inhumane practice.

Tubal ligation is a popular form of birth control for women in India, but this invasive and permanent procedure is not being done correctly or ethically in the country. India has set up massive sterilization camps where women are getting their tubes severed in massive numbers. While the government is offering to pay women for this service, each patient will only receive roughly $23. The government is specifically targeting women from poor neighborhoods — a blatant form of discrimination.

What is also concerning is the way that the procedure is being done. Doctors are only allowed to conduct 30 surgeries per day, but because of bribes and bonuses, some doctors can see hundreds of patients per day. This malpractice has resulted in the death of 13 women who were given contaminated pills, and they all who died in the same week. Since 2003, over 1,400 women have died from botched surgeries, and these deaths could have been prevented if doctors actually cared about their patients.

It is concerning that the Indian government is so willing to force sterilization upon women in India, especially upon those who are poor. What India is doing should be of huge concern because this violates a woman’s bodily right and the government is acting in a discriminatory manner. Tell Prime Minister Narendra Modi to investigate this matter and ensure these forced sterilizations are halted.


Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

Human rights organizations and news outlets are growing concerned with the way your country is targeting low-income women for forced sterilization. It is deeply disturbing that India has set up mass sterilization camps to deal with the country’s population growth. The cleanliness of the camps, along with the ethics of various doctors, have become huge issues. These doctors, who are supposed to only perform up to 30 procedures a day, are sterilizing more women than they should because they want to make money.

The death of 13 Indian women should be a wake-up call, especially when the world is taking notice. I urge you to stop targeting low-income women for this procedure, and halt forced sterilization. Instead, you should be looking into more ethical ways of controlling population growth.


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  1. It would be difficult to justify forced sterilization, but world overpopulation is a huge problem, especially as global warming is destroying more and more land and resources. A robust program to get people (of both sexes) to be sterilized voluntarily would be great. Also castrating male rapists (although maybe not those who do “statutory” rape involving a year or so difference from some arbitrarily chosen “age of consent”) might be good. Extra taxes rather than subsidies for having many children might also be good?

    • I fully agree, Stan Benton. The planet cannot sustain the hyperbolic human population growth it is seeing, and so mass sterilisation programmes are probably the only effective way we can avoid total resource collapse. Voluntary sterilisation programmes could effectively be incentivised in the form of cash pay-outs, tax rebates, other forms of benefit, etc.

      Let’s see if governments listen….

      • the world could sustain it if we went back to eating off the land and not so much meat products. cattle are taking up all the land and using tons of water and other food resources..we did this to ourselves. Do a study on what our love of meat is doing to the planet. yes I eat some meat but it is a true story.

  2. AM UTTERL;Y SICKENED BY THIS.WPMEN IN INDIA ARE TREATED WORSE THAN ANIMALS,.RAPED THEN FORCIbLY ABORTED AND STERILIZED.THIS IS a sickening world and the men who do this should be castrated without anaesthetic to give them some idea of what tortures they put innocent women-some as young as 12-through.What has happened to compassion?
    The devil rides in this horrible modern world.

    • Zornitsa Ivanova says:

      Agree with Mrs Price. I prefer voluntery vasectomia in India but on mans who want this more information to give them example for vasectomia but not on this way sterilisation on women no this is big sin.

  3. Françoise Guinot Rouffignac says:

    Sterilize men and not women, it will be more effective !

  4. way take the man not preservativ? Than is not problem with baby!sterilisation for man is not bad! For woman is not good!

  5. Since 2003, over 1,400 women have died from botched surgeries, and these deaths could have been prevented if doctors actually cared about their patients???? HOW MUCH WILL IT TAKE ??????

  6. Why are they sterilising women? It’s a big operation and, as we have seen, dangerous. Whereas sterilisation of men, i.e. vasectomy, takes a couple of minutes, is simple and painless and safe.
    Livia Varju

  7. Eric Escobedo Anzures says:

    I want not sign this petition.
    I think the solution about the population explosion is every woman have 2 children as in China. After 2 they yes need the sterilization.
    Many problems arround the world is because to excess population.

  8. Michael Lynn says:

    Diana Gisela Solis, you say “Instead of shipping tons of food to Africa, India and all those countries where people are starving to death on a daily basis, sterilize! All you’re doing by feeding them is giving them the strength to reproduce!”

    Such as these are giving them food to help the live which, if the world was not so wanton, living in excess and seeking their own ends to gratify their fleshly desires or make themselves feel more secure in laying up for themselves or thinking of their own comfort, those who have more could supply the need of those who have less, and in your time of need they could supply for your need; and here is equality. Simply many starve because others are well full not looking to the oppressed but to their own ends. You say, let them starve to death lest they find strength to reproduce; shameful advise. Would it sound any better to hear one say, let the creatures starve to death lest they start reproducing? Mind you, the world is not yours. Who are those taking from your resources to feed those in need and seeking to relieve the oppressed? Shame you can’t find it in your heart to do as you would others do to you. If they reproduce they are for him that created them; and if you close your hand when it is in your power to give to their need, their blood be on your hands- their blood whom you say would not be in this world if you could have starved their poor fathers and mothers before them. O shameful generation! Which of you would wilfully die of starvation than bring forth children to a world full of poverty?Matthew 6:25 NKJV
    “Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? But you woman made life to be less, and this world only a market that the poor has no right to enter.

    • Over 3 million children die of starvation or malnutrition every year, you propose that we bring even more children into this world so that they can join the ranks? The world may not be mine, but my opinion is.

      • Michael Lynn says:

        Sterilization is not the answer; but it is more like sanitization. If the heart were made pure all the world over there would not be self seeking, but selflessness. The money alone spent in changeable garments (that consist only because the world runs after fashion to receive glory and praise from others) could clothe the world and feed them, without yet even touching on many other things lije the lofty houses, temples (etc.),.. If all people followed that which is good manifested in them the world would not mourn under them, and for the good that is sowed we would reap from it and multiple it and fill the earth. The present state cannot be otherwise than that which mankind joins himself too. The world will always shadow out in a figure the hearts of men.

  9. Michael Lynn says:

    “Instead, you should be looking into more ethical ways of controlling population growth.” No he should not, nor should any one of you! This power was not given to you or to any man.

  10. Michael Lynn says:

    Maerwynn Griffin, forget how you yourself came into this world and how you become one of those many inhabitants amongst you? Catastrophic? Your real problem is not without you, or 40 years from now- it’s within.

  11. Agata Pawlowski says:

    I will not sign this petition. Too many problems are caused by overpopulation and I feel more (ethical) policies should be put in place. I do hope the Indian policies become more safe for women very soon.

  12. I won’t sign this.
    Overpopulation is a huge problem.

  13. Michael, I was waiting for someone to bring the religious debate. Absolute trite, and religion the cause for many of the planets ills – the Catholic church condemns contraception, which is causing a proportion of the issues we are talking about!I believe in God, but my personal experience knowing priests and other religious practitioners is that they are false and absolutely awful people so I have no respect for religion whatsoever. The only people I have met who stolen from the church, been a paedophile, an awful husband and generally awful people have all been involved in the Church and clergy.

    It is not about religion, yet I believe in do unto others as done unto you. This is about the planet, the wildlife, and the impacts we are having on it detrimentally. Life is tough, being soft does no good, we need to take measures and even the UN are highlighting the population issue. The only thing I disagree with is sterilising where it causes pain, and it is not done properly. I don’t mind being sterilised, I don’t want children so it doesn’t bother me.

    • Michael Lynn says:

      Yes, this world’s priests and religions I deny likewise, but that religion I own is pure and undefiled and stands in the power of that God you believe in; without are the forms of religion without power and the people like priests, who seek their gain from their quarters, crying peace but devouring one another.

  14. Alain Aguiere says:

    je suis d’accord de signer si vous trouvez des revenus a ces Femmes! car avoir des enfants c’est bien! encore faut il pouvoir les élever correctement et pas dans la misère!
    Si la méthode de stérilisation ne convient pas donnez leurs des pilules ou autre ! mais en aucun cas je suis d’accord pour que les Femmes aient des enfants pour qu’ils souffrent et qu’ils soient des esclaves!
    A bon entendeur…

  15. elena aguirre says:

    I am agree with the sterilization Women and Men, How many people would you like to be, if it is not taken? We all ready are too tooooo much
    Think about it
    No Food,
    No place to live
    and contaminating all the planet because of to many people!!!!!!!!!!!

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