Fire Workers Who Severely Abused Dairy Cows


Target: Alan G. Andrus, owner of Andrus Dairy

Goal: Fire workers who were caught kicking, beating, and mutilating dairy cows

Recently, Mercy for Animals, an animal rights organization, filmed employees of Andrus Dairy near Birnamwood, Wisconsin severely abusing the farm’s dairy cows. Upon formal investigation, the abuse was condemned by an animal welfare expert. However, once legal proceedings were started, the local district attorney decided not to press charges against the farm’s employees. The owner of the farm must now decide if the employees will be terminated. Abuse of animals, in any form, must not be tolerated.

The district attorney claims that, upon veterinarian examination, the abuse on the farm was not serious enough to warrant a lawsuit. The video captured by an undercover activist showed otherwise: cows at Andrus Dairy are kicked in the head; sprayed in the eyes with high-pressure water; beaten with large, metal sticks; dragged by the neck and forced to endure tail-docking without anesthesia. The cows in the film were in severe pain, some of them trying to outrun or dodge attacks. To say that this abuse is not severe enough for a lawsuit is sickening.

Whether or not any action will be taken against these despicable employees is now up to the owner of the farm, Alan G. Andrus. Sign this petition to urge Andrus to fire the employees who were filmed abusing the cows. Animal abusers must not be allowed to work with animals, even if the animals are used to satisfy human wants.


Dear Mr. Andrus,

Employees of your farm, Andrus Dairy, have recently been under investigation for abusing the farm’s cows. An undercover animal activist captured numerous employees severely abusing the dairy cows by kicking and hitting them, among other atrocities. Unfortunately, the prosecutor on the case has decided that the abuse shown in the video does not warrant a lawsuit.

Dr. Temple Grandin, the famed animal welfare expert, believes that the abuse seen in the video does warrant a lawsuit. Abuse of this nature should not be tolerated. I urge you to take action against these employees and release them of their duties on the farm. The abusers are likely very angry about the entire ordeal and would not hesitate to take this frustration out on the cows. This retribution must not be allowed to take place.

Mr. Andrus, please adopt a no-tolerance policy for violence against animals on your farm. To enforce this successfully, you must terminate the employees seen abusing cows in the video. The country is watching, expecting you to do the right thing.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Keith Welleer/USDA via Wikimedia Commons

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One Comment

  1. This is so transparently a crock.. One one hand, they are outraged and sad. Then they defend the practices saying they are normal practices. They had their well-paid vet to declare it, by God!

    Then the sheriffs investigated and decided MFA exaggerated their claims and their private investigator was implicated in fomenting the abuse, according to the town paper, which obviously can’t interpret what is right before their eyes, and went with the b.s. from the industry spin doctors.

    It is the same corrupt sham of insiders and fat-cats blaming everyone but themselves, defending the indefensible, using the standard P.R. spin lines that are so tired and predictable it is comical. They then blame the MFA investigator for not reporting the abuse immediately. They are “so sad and disappointed” the abuse wasn’t intervened upon. Bullshit! That is straight out of the disingenuous Ag-GAG 101 talking point. They know good and well they can’t get animal abuse charges upheld in court without copious documetation…THAT is why they want it “reported immediately.” It has nothing to do with these slimy weasles caring about the animals, they just want the filming to stop. Eff you Ag industry, eff you Alan Asshole, and eff you local good ol boys protecting your filthy town hellhole. By the way, are all those Mexicans you hire legal, bitches?

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