Save Baby Wild Animals from Abuse

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Target: Secretary Vilsack, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Goal: Protect young exotic animals from ending up in abusive petting zoos

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  1. Irena Franchi says:

    Baby Wild Animals from Abuse.

  2. Baby wild animals need our protection. Please do all to ensure this. They deserve it!

  3. Let’s educate poeple to know that animals should be in the wild, they share this planet with us they deserve to have a place in the wild where they can be happy.
    Animals are not put on this earth for our entertainment keep them out of Zooz!!!!!
    Animals are here for an important mission they need to be respected and treated like living beings.
    Treat others as you want to be treated.
    Bless all the Animals, I hope all poeple will soon realize going to Zooz is a terible barbaric act!!! Shame on all who suport z!!! You are a barbaric selfish heartless person!!!You should be put in a cage away from your family….feel how it feels.

    • animals may need medicines , and taken care of and they can not get such in the wild . as a example : a female animals may need medicines and care to delivery their baby early or such to help them . it happens …. such as horses do , and with out they could die . just educated yourself too. some can may it on their out in the wild , and some can not. animals need the right amount of food nutrients, clean water and clean environment and shelter to live and multiply . if not they all will perish soon . so the zoo is the only save environment where also they will not get shot nor killed by men of sport or game.

  4. if animals are to be protected and cared for they can be relocated to a safe place , or if there is no such environment for such animals to be kept they must go to a zoo to be feed , checked on and to be healthy and have medicines , i mean a ” zoo ” that is up to date , healthy environment ,etc…. so that the animals can live longer .

  5. Loretta Pienaar says:

    From the Babies in the Wild and all their adult lives, we have a responsibility to love and protect all animals and their habitat.

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