Retract Suggestion to Euthanize Cat So Family Can Go on Vacation


Target:  Emily Yoffe, Advice Columnist for “Dear Prudence”

Goal: Retract suggestion that reader should euthanize her healthy cat so she can go on vacation

Slate’s popular advice column known as “Dear Prudence” just recently published an article where Emily Yoffe, writing as “Prudie,” told a reader that it was okay to euthanize their cat (Fluffy) so that she could go on a family vacation. While the cat is older in age, deaf, and toothless, she is not suffering in any way. Yoffe states that since she is making the family suffer by making it difficult to go on family vacations, she should be put down.

Even Yoffe admits her advice could cause a stir. In her opening line, she states, “after I give this advice, I’m going to have to go into the witness protection program, but here it is: Put down Fluffy.” She says that since a veterinarian will probably not put down Fluffy for such reasons, she could take her to the nearest humane society instead. Yoffe then tells the reader to tell her kids that Fluffy was suffering and then adds, “OK, maybe she’s not suffering, but you are.”

Putting down a cat that could have many more years to its life just so you can go on vacation is incredibly selfish and this advice by Emily Yoffe is sending the wrong message. More people need to realize that adding a pet to your family means taking care of it for life, not just when it’s convenient. Please sign the petition below to let Emily Yoffe know that this advice being published to so many readers is sending a very harmful message, and ask her to retract her unethical advice.


Dear Ms. Emily Yoffe,

Your recent article published in Slate Magazine dealing with a reader’s old cat was very disturbing. By suggesting that she simply euthanize the cat due to the inconvenience of her medical issues is simply wrong and sending the wrong message to readers. Adding a pet to one’s family is a commitment that is for the duration of that pet’s life, not just when it’s convenient.

As pets get older, their bodies are not what they used to be and begin shutting down. Fluffy may be deaf, toothless, and needy, but she is not suffering in any way and it would be wrong to euthanize the cat for being this way. In addition, lying to the children about the reasons behind putting Fluffy down is not sage advice either. Please retract your unethical advice and write another response to readers admitting this is not the best way to handle a difficult situation so that a better message is sent and people can take responsibility for their pets for the entire duration of their lives.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit:  achmadbiz via Pixabay

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  1. Shame on the family, they are selfish and heartless. Shame on Dear Prudence who apparently feels that animals are disposable.

  2. We don’t execute senior citizens, and animals have the right to life too.

  3. Vanina Mariani says:

    I totally agrée with Paula eaton and JD. I just buried 3 months ago my old Balou who was 24 years old !! He had been dumped into the street by some people who probably were like this Prudence, and thought that being 10 years old he was near the end and disposable. Well we offered him an extra 14 years, had his teeth removed when they got bad (that didn’t stop him from eating, cats don’t chew). And he lost his sight the last year, but still got around, just didn’t jump on chairs any more. And one day he just fell asleep for good in my arms.
    Maybe Prudence’s and the family’s children should have their parents or grand-parents euthanasied when they get old so that they can go on vacation, how about that ??!!

  4. Deborah Grace says:

    Kids are actually pricy to take and rarely show much appreciation so may as well arrange time in a child detention center, at least you’ll know where they are when you get home and they’ll still be alive ( it could be worse).
    I don’t know this woman or this family (thankfully), but you really would be watching your back if you were an elderly relative of either!

  5. Lady,

    I suggest that when you are a little older than you already are, please mesmo.Porque will be bothering your family members or other people in a clinical geriatrica.Creio that with these ideas already.

  6. Sinceramente não creio que Emily Yoffe vá retratar-se em público, atendendo a uma petição e modificando sua convicção já que esta notícia comprova uma realidade dos sites de incentivo à eutanásia humana e suicídio assistido como ocorreu recentemente com Brittany Medley que tinha uma doença terminal e se matou “em paz”, incentivando outras pessoas com problemas semelhantes a fazerem o mesmo, “numa nice”. Esquecem-se de que não apenas a juventude, a beleza, a riqueza e a felicidade são lições. Aprende-se com o sofrimento e a dor igualmente, com a tetraplegia e com limitações físicas de qualquer natureza, adquirindo-se sabedoria para a eternidade, humanos e animais também. Tudo é escola e aluno que sai pela porta dos fundos escondido do Mestre não recebe a medalha do mérito e corre o risco de se machucar feio longe Dele. Este site “do mal” incentiva pessoas a morrerem ao invés de valorizar suas vidas à despeito de suas limitações. Animais e humanos velhos ou defeituosos conservam um coração íntegro, perfeito e importante que precisa pulsar seu tempo inteiro até que a chama da vela se extinga, não antes, se ainda existe pequenina luz.

  7. If you don’t want the burden of looking after a pet, then DON’T F****** HAVE ONE. Just to state the f****** obvious.

    Emily Yoffe is starting to look droopy and haggard and she’s showing symptoms of senile psychosis so may be she should be put down.

  8. Virginia Abreu de Paula says:

    To kill a healthy animal is not euthanasia. It’s simply execution. Euthanasia is to kill for mercy when the animal is suffering too much. Not the case here. This woman also should not use the name dear Prudence, cause it makes us remember the Beatles song by John Lennon, who loved cats. He must be horrified from where he is.

  9. Andria Bouno says:

    It’s an old cat, and unless anyone with their stupid, feelgood replies is going to offer up to take care of it in their own home, STFU.

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