Stop Sending Live Baby Chicks Through the Mail


Target: Patrick R. Donahoe, Postmaster General of the United States

Goal: Don’t allow one-day-old chicks to be mailed through the post office

A woman’s ex-boyfriend recently completely legally sent her 15 live baby chicks through the mail. The baby chicks were sent along with a note from the ex-boyfriend that said “there are lots of other chicks out there.” The woman was allegedly planning on dumping the baby chicks in a dumpster before the USPS member stepped in and offered to take them to the Washington Humane Society. Nine of the chicks are currently at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary while the other six are being cared for by Peaceful Fields Sanctuary in Virginia. All 15 chicks are in good health, although one had an injured leg and is in the process of recovering.

One might wonder how this could possibly be legal. The United States Postal Service has a list of mailable live animals, and under this list is a whole host of animals that are only required to be under 24 hours old in order to be mailed. This recent headline of live animals being mailed will hopefully cause the debate to resurface over this cruel law. In the past, it was reported that 1,000 baby chicks had died when they were being shipped from Iowa to Kentucky. Mailing live animals is outrageous and should not be legal due to the risks it poses to these animals and how cruel it is. We need to change the laws that allow this before any more baby chicks are put through this ordeal.


Dear Mr. Patrick R. Donahoe,

The mailing of 15 baby chicks by a man to his ex-girlfriend as a prank has recently made the news, causing the debate over mailing live animals to resurface. As I’m sure you know, there has been controversy in the past over the law that allows one-day-old baby chicks and other animals to be mailed through the United States Postal Service. The 15 baby chicks previously mentioned are all okay due to a kind USPS member stepping in, but past incidents have resulted in animals to suffering and dying.

It is cruel that such young animals are able to be packaged and sent as though they are not living creatures. Please voice your support in changing this outdated law so that no more animals will be harmed through the postal service and incidents like these can not occur in the future.


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  1. Lybbe Newton says:

    INSANE and unbelievably DUMB!

    • Amanda Gonzalez says:

      Yes I totally agree with you! This was stupid, not to mention just plain rude to not only send the chicks to the ex gf, but to send that kind of a note with the BABY CHICKS as well. This shipping live animals like the way their allowing it is wrong and needs to be stopped right away before more animals are injured or killed due to this shipping law.

  2. Sorry. I raise chickens and have for years. In desperate times, after having our little flocks decimated by unconfined dogs, racoons, opossums, hawks, owls and mystery beasts, I have had to purchase chicks that were shipped via USPS. This Spring, my daughter ordered 18 chicks as part of a 4H project (that I will never repeat). She won 2nd place in Best of Breed. She’s 10. No regrets. Some of those found good homes and the rest are now laying 100% organic eggs every day (but y’all keep paying > $5.00 per dozen for the same nutritious and fantastically tasting eggs.

    Just how will day-old baby chicks reach their caring, backyard organic chicken owners if not via shipping? Have you priced pullets or full-grown hens lately? This petition is myopic to say the least.

    Keep calm and Cary Grant.

    • Sonja Talboys says:

      I also have chickens (pets) and they have a very large chicken run and home which is totally safe from any preditors why don’t you do this??????As for sending chicks in the post it is DISGUSTING and very very cruel and anybody agreeing with this should be parceled up and sent in the post.

      • It is not cruel when everybody does their job right and handles the birds with TLC and gives them priority over all packages that do not contain living creatures.

        • Well, as we all know, not everybody does their job right even once in a while, especially, those that are handling freight day in and day out. Have you not seen the videos where package delivery people are throwing and kicking packages around even if they are marked fragile?

  3. Live baby chicks have been sent through the mail for as long as the US Mail has operated. If anyone actually read the story all of the chicks arrived healthy except one with a hurt leg that was most likely caused before shipping. Live chicks are shipped in specially designed boxes that do a great job of keeping the chicks steady, warm, and safe inside. Also, because chicks such the egg white into their abdomen just before birth they do not need food or water during shipping.

    I order chicks every year and will order again this year. I would like to thank the Post office of doing a great job handling and caring for live animals.

  4. No animals should ever be treated like this. people are greedy and evil to do this to any living creature. We need to change the laws- now

  5. People signing this petition do not know what they are talking about. Shipping day-old chicks allows people to keep chickens who ordinarily would not be able to do so. Shipping them is not at all cruel, as they are still absorbing their yoke sacks for the first three days of their lives. In other words they have all the food and water they need for the first three days of their lives. Getting chicks through the mail allows people to get eggs from their own well-kept chickens rather than getting their eggs from factory farms. These chickens eat bugs, get fresh air, dust bathe, and get to do all manner of other things factory farmed chickens will never get to do. Please educate yourself before signing a petition such as this that could end up HARMING chickens instead of helping them! Find out more here:

  6. Sylvia Browning says:

    I should not like to be packed up and mailed! This is no way to treat these helpless, vulnerable chicks. Please stop this.

  7. It is outrageous that the USPS allows the mailing of ANY live animal. Stop this horrible, abusive and barbaric practice immediately. This should be a crime punishable by jail time and a hefty fine to benefit animal welfare.

  8. caryl sawyer says:

    Ms. Schulman, I sympathize. I took a lot of grief when I was in Spain. Spain! Where the neanderthals still have bullfights.

  9. All of my birds were delivered via the US mail and all arrived alive. More safeguards should be put in place to ensure that the birds are handled properly and do not get too cold or too hot or stay in transit too long and that the recipient wants the birds. The post office also delivers juvenile and adult birds. The boxes are specially designed for shipping birds. Any postal employee or anyone else who is guilty of cruelty to any creature should lose their job and be prosecuted.

  10. I agree that shipment of some animals is cruel but I have ordered numerous baby chicks through the mail from reputable hatcheries and have not lost a single one. They are shipped humanely with nutrition and water plainly posted live chicks. If you want to put a stop to something then go after the cruel egg farms. I do question the handling of the chicks between the hatchery and myself. One would hope that when the postal workers see live chicks on the box they would handle them with care but all humans are not human. The chicks that leave the hatcheries and make it so a loving home are lucky. If you put a stop to the shipping, thousands will die an awful death as no one will buy them with expensive shipping methods. How do you presume we get our chicks? I will not purchase store bought eggs unless they are free range and then who knows.

    • Why don’t you just stop stealing the eggs that belong to THEM, and put an end to the whole, heartbreaking and immoral practice of using other species, period? And by whose rule is this an “either/or” question, rather than a “NEITHER” one? “One would HOPE…they would handle them with care…” Seriously? What la-la-land are you living in?

    • Well, maybe if people stop buying live chicks to be sent via mail, maybe then the hatcheries will have to stop producing live chicks to be sent as freight. Or is that not how the free market works? No market for chicken freight, no chickens produced for that market.

  11. I signed it but should have read the comments first as the arguments for this practice seem quite credible. I’m more appalled that male chickens are put through mincers alive than this. The real villians here are the half-witted boyfriend and the creature who was going to put them in a dumpster. May neither of them ever breed.

    • No, the real villain here is, as always, the human species, who want to believe they have any and all right to do with other lives whatever they will, just because they can. Thanks, but I’LL continue to be appalled by and fight against ALL wrongs committed against *every individual animal,* because my heart and soul are BIG enough to accommodate it.

  12. grin n barrett says:

    If you wouldn’t do it to yourself or your children, you shouldn’t do it to an animal. It is just that simple.

    • EXACTLY!!!! Thank you for getting to the crux of the matter.
      Whoever is making all these non-compassionate comments, seeing it as some arrogant human right, AS IF animals are inanimate objects that can’t be harmed being sent through the mail, and to then be used for HUMAN’s selfish, self-centered purposes, ought to go back forthwith to the Spirit Kingdom from whence ALL living beings originated, to see their soulless error of not extending their love to animals, TOO. I hope they all reincarnate as chickens themselves, so they can experience FIRST-HAND the results of their unfeeling ways.

  13. Sonja Talboys says:

    Scum who do this are shits and only care about money.

  14. “So many people insist they are against animal abuse, cruelty, suffering and the inhumane treatment of animals, yet they don’t understand they are actively engaging in and supporting egregious suffering, abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment when they eat animals and their ‘by-products.’ If you are against cruelty, suffering and inhumane treatment, then you go vegan. It’s just that simple.” – Sarah Kiser

  15. Vicky Cole says:

    Its awful that to produce eggs chickens are often factory farmed and the male chicks crushed alive, postal workers ought to be educated at least to handle live animals and be sacked if cruel

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