Punish Man for Drowning Dog With Bowling Ball

Border Collie

Target: Chief of Reno Police Department, Steven Pitts

Goal: Transfer man who allegedly drowned dog with bowling ball to jurisdiction where he committed the crime so he can be tried and punished

William Meek has been on the run from Sacramento Police for reportedly drowning a dog in the American River. The man has been apprehended by Reno police officers and has a posted $50,000 bail. The dog’s body was found floating along the river, his collar bound to a bowling ball and a rock. This man should be tried and sentenced to the full extent of the law for killing this dog in a horrific manner. Tell Chief of Police Steven Pitts to approve Meek’s extradition to Sacramento where justice can be served.

Detectives who were hot on Meek’s trail described him as a violent and cruel man who had two arrest warrants. One was for the brutal maiming of animals in Sacramento, and another for possession of drugs in Yolo County. Officers have been trying to arrest this man since June 2014, and he is currently being held in Washoe County jail.

Authorities found 12-year-old Zelda, a border collie mix, floating in the American River. She had a microchip and the owner, who lived in Sacramento, was notified of the incident. She told authorities that she had given Zelda over to Meek to be taken care of. The dog was supposed to be taken to the shelter for surrender, as she had bit someone, but Meek never fulfilled this promise. Instead, he took Zelda to the river, where he tied her leash to a bowling ball and rock, then allowed her to drown. A necropsy did confirm that Zelda was alive when she entered the water, and she suffered neck trauma from trying to get out of the water.

William Meek has proved to authorities that he is a cruel and vile man. This dog did nothing to deserve this kind of horrific death, and yet she suffered at his hands. Urge Chief of Police Steven Pitts to hand the dog over to Sacramento authorities so a jury can put this man away.


Dear Chief of Police Steven Pitts,

In June, your police officers arrested William Meek for animal abuse, as this man was responsible for drowning Zelda, a border collie. This dog allegedly bit someone, but even this offense doesn’t justify drowning her in the river. This is a heinous way for any living thing to die, and as can be seen by the necropsy, she suffered tremendously.

Sacramento police are asking for this criminal to be transferred over to their jurisdiction. Since this crime occurred in Sacramento, it is only right that he be tried for his crime in that city. Please see that he is transferred to Sacramento police immediately so justice can be served.


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Photo credit: John Haslam via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Death is too good for this monster.

  2. vicki leighton says:

    Nothing less than maximum jail and money grnished fr wages for his lifetime for this pathetic brutal human excuse.

  3. This man must be sent to a hardlabor camp for life, far away from animals and children!!

  4. do this to this mongrel what a lovely dog ,if this moron had taken this dog to a shelter as asked according to the woman this would not have happened courts are to lenient an eye 4 an eye get rid of these pricks once and 4 all

  5. Linda Gaffney says:

    I cannot believe that this man is aloud to live!!!! And shame on the woman for giving the dog to this person (which I use lightly). I don’t care what this dog did, but it did not deserve to die like that. The poor baby. Why get a dog if you don’t want it and don’t want to take care of it. I’m sure that someone would have loved this poor baby for the rest of it’s life. How dare they!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. A border collie sheepdog, and most of all a 12 yr old dog, hardly ‘bites’ unless badly provoked! So get its ignorant killer back to school to learn a thing or two about the natural world for a start. The US are no China : animal cruelty should not be tolerated whatever the ‘reason’.

  7. I am having a difficult time understanding how a dog owner can simply entrust her 12-year old companion to another to ‘surrender’. This man had to have exhibited questionable character traits. Was she complicit in the atrocity? Or was she simply too indifferent to at least find Zelda another loving home? Either way, she is partially to blame for Zelda’s sad fate.

  8. Elizabeth Gonzalez says:

    Drown this asshole. Jail time is too good for him and a waste of our tax dollars!

  9. Zelda’s “owner” should be arrested too as they are complicit in this as well. How could they just hand Zelda over to this violent man? Rest now sweet girl.

    • I agree. I would never give up an animal I’d had for 12 years under any circumstances. I have no time for people like this murderer. They are a waste of air and resources and should just be shot on sight.

  10. Karen Remnant says:

    Elizabeth has said it all! Couldn’t agree more!

  11. Rubens Jean-Louis says:


  12. The suffering of sweet Zelda …. how could anyone do this? PLEASE put this psycho away forever … my heart is with Zelda … do NOT leave your animals with others … if you need to give them up, ensure you’re giving them over to those who love animals …

  13. Maria Cremaschi says:

    This crime is too horrible for words. Let him rot in jail. He doesn’t deserve to live, but let him suffer until the day comes when the world will be better off without this garbage walking around.

  14. The world should a better place without animals abusers

  15. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Please kill this demon..thank you.

  16. Paula sayers says:

    Deal with this maggot

  17. Wayne Shoumaker says:

    I am so disgusted by that act of cruelty.

  18. The fool of a woman to give a dog to this type of monstrous man is just as guilty as he is. And yes, I find it very rare that a collie would bite someone unless it was badly provoked. What a shame.

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