Stop Big Oil from Funding Climate Change Denial


Target: Ben van Beurden, CEO of Shell

Goal: Stop one of the world’s biggest oil companies from spreading climate change denial

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  1. paula eaton says:

    The oil companies only care about profits, all at the expense of the environment, wildlife, domestic animals, humans.

  2. Ken Goldsmith says:

    If governments are allowed to fund the AGW voodoo “science” of climate alarmism, out of the public purse, or more likely on the public credit card, why should those who have not been hoodwinked by that alarmism, not be allowed a voice? Maggie Thatcher’s was the first government to fund climate alarmism “research”, as a tool against the striking miners, and a way of promoting nuclear power. Other governments have followed like sheep, often just as a distraction to keep the unwashed masses from rebelling, as their birthrights have been frittered away.
    The IPCC now says we have 85 years to wean ourselves off fossil fuels, after years of saying it is already too late. The IPCC admits there has been no global warming since 1998, despite record CO2 levels. Wake up, people, it was a scam, but it has failed, and the IPCC is backing off.

    • Steve Overton says:

      Ken Goldsmith…..Not sure if you’re just ignorant, don’t know the facts, stupid, unable to understand the facts, or just plain lying, I suspect the latter, to put the record straight,….. ” The IPCC did, however, address a much more substantial sceptical point, that the temperature increase at the Earth’s surface has slowed down since 1998 to about 40 per cent of its average rate since 1951 – something it accepts it didn’t predict. One reason is that 1998, the year invariably chosen by sceptics, was one of the warmest ever: if 1995 or 1996 is chosen as the starting point, the rate actually exceeds the long-term average. But, even then, the warming has been much slower than in the previous decade.

      That seems partially due to rather less heat reaching the Earth from the Sun, since it is going through a cooler phase in its regular cycle and dust from volcanoes is providing some screening. Even so, enough is getting though to warm the planet somehow: to deny that it is doing so is to challenge not global warming but the laws of physics themselves.

      It has almost certainly ended up in the oceans, like more than 90 per cent of all the solar heat we receive, and there are some indications that it has penetrated deep down where our monitoring is poor. If that is so, it could provide temporary, if illusory, relief. The process could just as well reverse when conditions change, seriously accelerating warming. Such slow-downs have happened before, only for rapid heating to resume. Despite the IPCC’s work, however, there is so far little sign that governments will do enough to avert dangerous climate change. Looking back at its report, it seems, future generations are more likely to scream than to dance.”….., Climate Change is happening, it is caused by Humanity and will if nothing is done to stop it, probably bring about the downfall of “civilisation”, so stop spreading your lies and accept the reality that is self evident all around us.

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