Give Homeless Children a Chance


Target: United States Congress

Goal: Help homeless children get off the streets and escape from human traffickers

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  1. Sam Outhorn says:

    How come this still exists in any civilized country?

  2. JoAnn oeser says:

    first of all the greatest gift of mankind is JESUS CHRIST our LORD.we need to pray hard to our GOD Almighty to back into our country.we need him more than ever.the world is going to get worse.all of us need to pray for all of GOD children and those who don’t know JESUS.may the POWER of JESUS CHRIST and GOD fill your hearts with pure love and peace

  3. Darryl Giffen says:

    Im from Canada and we have homeless kids here too but not even close to that amount.and were not even close to being the richest country in the world so i think obama and his group of un-caring muscle heads should stop spending billions of dollars on sticking there noses in other countries wars and start caring about the people in U.S.A especially the children in that great country .if other countries wanna fight over religious beliefs let them its not your business and Canada should do the same and quit kissing the state’s asses and tell them “no its not our war or yours so stay out of it” if needed help the people who want peace in those countries not the devil’s fighting!!!!

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