Fire Police Officers Who Joked About Rape

Police Officers

Target: Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo

Goal: Fire two police officers who made vulgar jokes about rape while on duty

Two police officers in Austin, Texas were caught on tape making crude jokes about rape while they were on duty. The video was pulled from the dashboard camera of a police car and determined to be authentic, yet their department doesn’t consider it “necessary” to fire them. The most they will get is mandatory sensitivity training.

When police departments across the country have shown themselves to have serious problems in dealing with sexual assault cases and victims, it’s completely unacceptable for officers of the law to be making jokes about rape at any time. Sensitivity training is not good enough and is very unlikely to create any change in the actual attitudes of these men who have power over both victims and any women they might pull over on the side of the road. There have been plenty of cases of police officers assaulting women in such situations, so it is incredibly important that each and every police officer in any department takes the issue of rape and sexual assault seriously.

By signing this petition, you’ll stand with women and sexual assault victims everywhere by demanding that these men be permanently removed from their positions and banned from being hired at any other department. We need to send a message to all police departments in the United States that attitudes like the ones displayed by these two officers are absolutely unacceptable. If we are ever going to stem the epidemic of rape in this country, the people who enforce our laws need to take it seriously.


Dear Chief Acevedo,

Recently, two of your police officers were caught on their own dashboard camera making crude jokes on the subject of rape. I hope you would agree that this is intolerable behavior for officers of the law, especially considering the fact that they will likely deal with rape victims at some point in their career and will most certainly interact with women. Unfortunately, I understand that they will be made to attend sensitivity training rather than actually being punished.

In the U.S. alone, one in five women will suffer rape or attempted rape in her lifetime. A big part of the reason for these staggering numbers is the fact that it isn’t taken very seriously by law enforcement or our culture at large, as was demonstrated by these two officers. Few rapists ever see jail time, mostly because victims are afraid to come forward and report the crime. They know they are unlikely to be believed and more likely to be bullied by the police officers they talk to instead of being taken seriously. By failing to adequately punish these officers who think that rape is so funny, you are contributing to the problem.

I demand that both of these men be fired immediately and banned from working in any police department in the country ever again. The only way to stop this kind of behavior that trivializes the issue and makes people unlikely to believe victims is to demonstrate that it will not be tolerated. “Sensitivity training” is not nearly good enough. If you have any compassion for rape victims or for the women in this country who have to live in fear, you’ll fire these jokers.


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  1. I wonder if they’d joke if it was their wives, mothers, children, who were raped? They should all be fired, as how could you respect people who take an oath to protect you, and then talk about you in this manner? No apologies would be enough. Disgusting people.

  2. These two Neanderthals (apologies to Neanderthals) need to be suspended one month without pay – in which time they have to spend 40 hours per week volunteering in a rape crisis center – community service.

    After that, let’s see who thinks the total destruction of a woman’s life is funny. What if their mother, sister, daughter, aunt or close friend wound up in that center.

    Any person who thinks rape is funny can have that attitude spill over into other aspects of their thought processes, and have crap consequences for everyone.

    • Suspension? Suspension isn’t good enough, they need to be fired because criminal acts like RAPE are funny to them. If its funny to them, they may let rapist go because they don’t consider it a serious matter. In other words, they fuel a bigger problem, and this happens beyond just rape so it should never be taken lightly. A suspension won’t cut it, zero-tolerance.

      I don’t want to pay taxes to employ officers that make fun of crime instead of upholding the law. To hell with that, do the job right or gtfo.

  3. they were just joking…. who gives a shit.. get a life weirdos

    • Here’s a joke…

      What did your mother say to the big creepy guy who slammed her against a car and violently raped her?

      Was it as good for you as it was for me?

      Still think that it’s funny, WEIRDO?
      Get it now?

      I know some people are a bit slow & need the situation spelled out to them.

  4. Andrew McArthur says:

    umm… Its just a joke…. whoever gives a shit needs to grow up and understand that people make jokes. stop being so butthurt

  5. Tamara Heikalo says:

    And people wonder why more women do not report rape and sexual harassment….

  6. Michael Guest says:

    This was totally unacceptable. Fire and punish these officers now.

  7. Do either of the involved officers have daughters or wives or girlfriends? At the very least they have mothers. How would they feel if someone they know and love was brutally raped ?!?!?! Sensitivity training and a public apology are a good start. If they’re too immature to understand the depths of their ignorance than firing them is really the only other option. There is nothing funny about violence and rape !!!

  8. Officers that find humor in criminal acts like rape, are not officers that we need to employ.

  9. This may be advocating violence, I am not sure…

    …cut their bollocks off.

  10. To add: From what I have read about the police in the USA this does not surprise me. They don’t sound all that blessed in varying traits.

  11. We as citizens should be able to trust our families with the law and police officers! This is the perfect example of untrustworthy police officers. They will get fired simply because they are not law abiding. Rape is against the law and should not be taken lightly!

  12. That’s like me joking about them getting shot neither is funny. You shouldn’t be a cop if you take serous things like rape and joke about it. We don’t need bad cops. Like another person said this is why people don’t report this type of crime. It’s hard enough that they have been brutalize but they don’t need to be miss treat by the cops as well. Cops need to be compassionate. These cops need to be fired. The cops need to get sensitivity classes in order for this to stop.

  13. Sensitivity training is not enough. People get fired or not hired for jobs everyday when they would never even consider doing such an offense as that (making jokes about the crime of rape). It is at the very least ignorant to make jokes about rape. For anyone to condone joking about such a crime, while saying the thought doesn’t mean the act, and worrying about putting these cretins out of work, only shows how insensitive and unconscious not only they are, but enablers to these crimes. What are they thinking?

  14. If they were the ones being raped, perhaps they would see it differently. Rape is a vile and disgusting act for one human being to do to another carried out by the extremely disturbed. People who consider it to be a joke, in my opinion, are even more disturbed and certainly not fit to be policeman. Is not rape a crime? It is the same as condoning any criminal act e.g. burglary or murder. How can someone uphold the law with no consideration of right or wrong?

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