Success: France Stops Classifying Animals as ‘Furniture’

Target: Le député UMP Frédéric Lefebvre

Goal: Praise the success to no longer classify domestic animals as “furniture”

Recently, France’s parliament voted in favor for no longer classifying domestic animals as “furniture” but as “living beings capable of sensitivity.” This is a huge step in France to better protect animals and to seek harsher punishment for those who abuse or mistreat them. A previous ForceChange petition commended French legislators for working to reclassify domestic animals. The push for legislation was made possible by many animal rights groups and supporters, but French legislator Le député UMP Frédéric Lefebvre made notable progress by putting forth the legislation for a vote.

This battle has been going on for years, making this success even more notable. The code that classified them as furniture in a legal sense was first drafted in 1804, so it was clearly time for an update in the code. Animals were thought of as simply tools for agricultural purposes back then and did not take into account the welfare of domestic animals. The reason that the law took so long to change was due to concerns from farmers that this new law could hurt the agriculture business, although the legislation does not go so far as to extend to farming animals, unfortunately. The new legislation is a positive step forward and will change the mentalities of judges and prosecutors in France in favor of domestic animals.

Le député UMP Frédéric Lefebvre has made a positive impact in France by pushing so hard for this legislation to pass. Animals everywhere should be treated as “living beings capable of sensitivity” and not something similar to an armchair. Sign the petition below to thank Le député UMP Frédéric Lefebvre for his hard efforts to no longer classify domestic animals as “furniture.”


Dear Monsieur Le député UMP Frédéric Lefebvre,

I would like to thank you for your significant efforts to push for legislation that will no longer classify domestic animals as furniture. This is important for the health and well-being of domestic animals in France, and the recent passing of this legislation makes greater protection of domestic animals a reality.

Please continue your efforts to make the world a better place for animals. While this is a huge step for France, more legislation could be enacted to further help animals, such as extending protection to farming animals or wild animals. Animals everywhere should be thought of as more than just furniture so that we can continue improving their lives.  Thank you once again for making this legislation possible.


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  1. Thank you so much, great Frenchmen and women such as Zola and Brigitte Bardot have stood up for animals and now you, wonderful against staid interests and cruel minds, I salute you !

  2. Animal nenhum merece viver em sofrimento !!

  3. Sam Outhorn says:

    How come live animals be classified as furniture or ‘goods’ as the case may be, in the first place?…

    • Kathy Williams says:

      As long as non-human animals continue to be legally regarded as commodities, they will be systematically neglected, abused, tortured and exploited by self-serving, greedy, heartless individuals. No one can enforce veganism, but we CAN work to enforce harsher punishment on those who inflict pain and suffering on ANY sentient being.

  4. Irmita Ramos says:

    Pets And animals are the most greatest and faithful friends that anyone could ever ask for

  5. caryl sawyer says:

    Am so proud of my family’s birthplace, as ever.

  6. This “appears” to be one of the most common sense bills that I have heard of in many a year. If only other countries would do the same.
    Yet, what effect will that really have? From furniture to “living beings capable of sensitivity–should include more than our traditional classification of “pets”. What animals will be included in this law?

    Unfortunately, this law will not extend to domestic farm animals who are every bit as sensitive, emotional, gentle, sociable, loyal, playful and intelligent–pigs are smarter and more trainable than dogs and 3-4 year-old humans. All farm animals are “living beings capable of sensitivity”. They are also capable of being pets. Why are they not given the same respect?–the multi-billion dollar Big-Ag industry. That’s the only reason why, except, of course, for the incredible demand for more and more meat. So in the meantime millions of animals (non-traditional pets) will be brutally mistreated and killed, daily, and their ungodly suffering continued!

    Although I praise the French parliament for their steps forward in animal welfare, I wish that livestock, many having all the great qualities of our “pets”, will be suffering horrifically.

    Also, how will that effect the severity and enforcement of animal cruelty laws? I guess we will soon find out.

  7. Etienne Gomez says:

    This is such a case of (intentionally?) wrong translation as to make this ‘change your world’ petition sound just ridiculous. Animals were never considered as ‘furniture’ in French law but as ‘biens meubles’ (goods that can move and be moved, i.e. follow their owner in case they relocate) as opposed to ‘biens immobiliers’ (flat or houese and land, bulding, etc.). The scandal here may lie in the notion that they’re ‘goods’ who belong to someone but surely not in the notion that they have the faculty to move and be moved, i.e. are ‘movable’ (meubles). Sorry but this sort of mistranslation is unacceptable! I’m not sure if any of the pet owners who expressed their offended views here are prepared to give up on the notion that their pets are ‘their’ pets and that they are to follow them wherever it suits them to relocate!

  8. Dianne Sakoua says:

    Thank You Le député UMP Frédéric Lefebvre. You are wonderful for standing up for the rights of animals to be treated with dignity and respect. I solute you Sir! Well done. Australia is far behind in animal protection laws. Our laws still recognize animals as cargo…Wish we had politicians like you here.

  9. Stephanie Geyser says:


  10. I agree 100% with Michelle Hammond, Krysty Kava and with most of the participants here. It ist a very great success. But this new French law has to come true now, has to be manifest there, where animals are still inimaginably suffering, are still considered as furnitures and not as living non human beings, sentient, suffering, loving, sensible, affective, with their dignity, as humans in the making through the evolution.
    Un grand merci au nom des animaux Monsieur le député Lefèvre!
    Francoise Saint-Onge

  11. “MERCI BEACOUP ! “

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