Stop Illegal Mass Pet Breeding

Puppy Mill Cage

Target: West Springfield, Massachusetts Mayor Edward C. Sullivan

Goal: Ban retail sales of cats and dogs that fuel demand for horrific “puppy mills” and “cat factories”

Animal rights activists in West Springfield, Massachusetts are pushing a city ordinance that would ban retail sales of cats and dogs, with exceptions given to stores working directly with shelters and hobby breeders. This ordinance would significantly decrease the high demand for illegal facilities that breed and raise cats and dogs in extremely cramped and unsanitary conditions, often referred to as “cat factories” and “puppy mills.”

Despite the best efforts of animal rights groups, demand for cats and dogs sold at pet stores keeps them going back to these awful breeders. The animals in these facilities are crammed into small wire cages, improperly fed and barely cared for. Mothers are forced to breed over and over without adequate time between litters and babies are taken from them too early. Wounds and illnesses are often left untreated, and many animals die in these conditions. All of this is done in the name of profits.

It seems that the only way to stop puppy mills and cat factories from popping up everywhere is to stop demand. By signing this petition, you’ll ask the mayor of West Springfield to support the ordinance that outlaws retail sales of dogs and cats, requiring residents to adopt from humane animal adoption centers and rescues. Illegal animal breeding stops and adoptions increase–it’s a win-win.


Dear Mayor Sullivan,

Currently, there’s a city ordinance in the works that will ban retail sales of cat and dogs in West Springfield, Massachusetts. This law, drafted by animal rights groups, will help to decrease the demand for illegal breeding facilities that raise these animals in horrible conditions. It will also increase the adoption of cats and dogs from shelters, many of which are currently stretched to the limit trying to care for abandoned and rescued animals. Exceptions will be included for pet stores that partner with animal shelters and for hobby breeders.

Mass breeding operations, often referred to as “puppy mills” and “cat factories,” force animals to live in cramped, overcrowded cages and endure poor ventilation, unsanitary conditions, and little to no veterinary care. A lot of young dogs and cats die in these conditions. Many cities struggle to keep places like these shut down, but demand from pet stores means that they continue to pop up. Removing that demand is an easy and effective way to get rid of them for good.

I’m writing to ask you to support this ordinance. You’ll help reduce strain on animal shelters by increasing adoptions while preventing the suffering of thousands of animals at the hands of illegal breeders, and it won’t hurt hobby breeders who take proper care of their animals. A law like this will only help those who can’t help themselves.


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Photo credit: Josh Henderson via Flickr

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  1. paula eaton says:

    Let’s not forget the other innocent victims of mass breeding facilities, birds, reptiles, rodents, fish etc.

  2. Robert Sloan says:

    Pet stores should only be allowed to sell dogs and cats from animal shelters.

  3. There should be commercial selling of Animals full stop! Money,Greed,all on the backs of caged ,cruelety and ignorance….

  4. Beth Nordmeyer says:

    WHAT is the problem, is Massachusetts so I’ll informed there is a major overpopulation of pets, your State is adding a burden to other states that have to take care of your abused animals! Stop this NOW.

  5. The practice of ending pet store selling animals, rather than adopting out in conjunction with shelters, has made great progress with reducing the number of homeless animals in San Francisco.

  6. I agree that NO selling of any animals commercially should be allowed. There will always be money greed and abuse and the animals will never be able to have affordable veterinary care when needed. Besides these animals end up being kept in crowded unacceptable living spaces which causes severe stress on them as well when it comes to cats and dogs they need stimulation and exercise in their lives and these type of breeders do not give that …’s impossible to give them the life that they need to be healthy. Anyone wanting to breed animals, any animals, should have to have a registered license, and should only be doing it because they love the animal they are breeding for other people to have and not be doing it for the money but only charge what it costs them in expenses (no profits) and they should only be allowed to have a very,small amount of animals (like 3 or 4), who live in their house with them so that they have a normal social life. They need to charge money to the new owners of their puppies, but only what it costs them in expenses. And the new owners of puppies should be well screened and educated on how to raise and look after the animal and they would need to be able to afford the animal. This is what needs to happen in order for all animals to be safe. NO MORE excessive breeding of ANY animals!

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