Stop Honor Killing of 10-Year-Old Rape Survivor


Target: Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, President of Afghanistan

Goal: Protect rape survivor and her human rights defender from violence and death threats

Ten-year-old Brishna, a girl living in Kunduz Province, Afghanistan, was raped by a mullah in her local mosque. Although the mullah, Mohammad Amin, was arrested, tried, and sentenced to 20 years in prison, Brishna’s ordeal is not over: She is in grave danger of an “honor killing” from family and community members. One of her main advocates, Dr. Hassina Sarwari, is also at risk of violence from members of the community. Sign the petition and demand protection for Brishna and Dr. Sarwari.

Brishna’s brutal rape left her confined to a women’s shelter for two months, and she was in such bad shape immediately following her rape that she required a transport to Kabul for further medical care, Dr. Sarwari said. After police returned Brishna to her family, she was threatened with an honor killing, and Dr. Sarwari received threats from Brishna’s family, religious figures, and other prominent community members for her role in helping Brishna.

Honor killings in Afghanistan carry reduced sentences compared to other forms of murder. While it is heartening that authorities responded so swiftly and decisively to Brishna’s rape by arresting the culprit and bringing him to trial, their role in this ordeal is not yet over. Sign the petition and urge them to protect Brishna, Dr. Hassina Sarwari, and the other women’s rights defenders involved in the case from retaliatory violence.


Dear President Ahmadzai,

I am writing with a most urgent request: I implore you to ensure the protection of 10-year-old rape survivor Brishna, her advocate Dr. Hassina Sarwari, and any other women’s rights advocates at risk of violence due to their involvement in Brishna’s rape case. Brishna is in grave danger of an honor killing, and Dr. Sarwari has been threatened with retaliatory violence from Brishna’s family, religious figures, and community leaders due to her role in helping Brishna.

Brishna has already been through an unimaginable ordeal. Her focus should be on healing, not on worrying about how each day might be her last. There is nothing honorable about killing a 10-year-old over an act that she did not invite and which has already been a source of great suffering for her. The fact that her killing would bring a reduced sentence as a result of its “honor” motivation is disgusting and backward. Why victimize an innocent child all over again? Who will gain from that?

Similarly, the threats against Dr. Sarwari and other women’s rights advocates are shameful and constitute a misdirection of anger. The only target of disgust and fury should be the middle-aged rapist who stole a young girl’s childhood and forever altered her relationship to her family, her community, and herself.

I exhort you to ensure that Brishna is safe from harm. Please protect those who have risked their own lives to protect hers. I also encourage you to do away with laws that discount the value of a 10-year-old’s life, simply because she has been strong enough to overcome one of the greatest difficulties one human being can inflict upon another.


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  1. Maria from Oz says:

    Dear President of Afghanistan,..yours is not the only country that allows such barbaric & insane treatment of young girls. But it is a disgraceful reflection of you, your culture & your religion to allow this to happen & to continue. Do the right thing, man up & publicly condemn & stop this from happening. Then tell the World. Least you could do.

  2. These people are so uneducated and ignorant of what really should be done for this poor little girl. There is nothing honorable about killing her and I dint care what religion you are. I don’t think that because some brutal adult raped this little girl that ANY God would think that killing her would be the answer to the problem!

  3. Elaine Fairhead says:

    There is no way you can justify this. Dont try and tell us you do this for religion, you do it for a hatred of woman taught by your ancestors. Break the chain.

  4. This child did no wrong. The Devil is the leader of this kind of stuff. God, please help this child.

  5. Dear president Ahmadzai.
    Afghanistan, this fantastic country, suffered so much violence inflicted on countries from Russia to USA,
    Please, try to go further, be a president more modern, more human, more a good muslim, closer to the God of mercy. Stop killing your fellow brothers and sisters.
    Be a good father and protector. putting to death a child, a girl , ten years ,is against the law of God, and the law of Allah.
    To make this happen, tha law of Allah will have to make you answer for this inhuman and god less act. Your sincerely Helga Riekeles, Norway

  6. These imbeciles! Do they not realize that females gave them life???? This is just a means of getting rid of the female race. If one of these sorry excuses for a human wants a girl or woman killed all he has to do is rape that female, then the family will kill her. They are a blight on this earth. There is no religion or god that could possibly condone what they do to females.

    • This is not Islam and this is not endorsed in Islam and it will never be in Islam it is a sin to kill a innocent life and a sin to rape any female. Do not let the propaganda get you into a false image if you need answers go to a mosque and the sisters there will indeed tell you the truth. In Islam it is said ‘that paradise lies at mother feet’ this means women are indeed given more easier access to Paradise then men, its men that are doing this not Islam that is innocent these men are doing these bad deeds and God sees that and knows and they will be punished.

  7. Laurel Mancini says:

    A mullah raped a ten year old girl. Is that in the Quran?
    Gosh, just like our religious. Why do I keep to my premise that religion is a nasty concept? I do hope the child is let to heal and live, preferably in another country.

    • NO its not in Qur’an it is terror groups that have indeed made up their own rules and Allah I know will indeed punish this man for his evil crime. Allah always knows and these bad muslims forget they will die and they will be punished for their sins. This is not Islam at all.

  8. Rosie Melba says:

    Dear president Ahmadzai, if your god approves the murder of a 10 year old child, he’s as evil and depraved as the mullah who raped this poor child. When people hear of these stories it’s no wonder there is a perception that Islam is a religion of hatred and evil. You have the opportunity to show the world this is not the case, by showing real leadership and standing up for victims of injustice.

  9. I can not believe this is happening. That poor poor girl. These people are backwards

  10. I think these people play by their own rules and laws. Their laws are brutal. I don’t think they like women at all. They see women like this poor child as someone who must have bought this upon the family. It’s sad but what they clearly don’t see is the truth and the truth is they disregard God by picking up the sword and killing anyone. God says revenge is his and in this case. These men who committed this crime are the ones that should die I feel. But not in Islam. To me Islam is a religion that hates women because all the men and women are like that of a wild man. With his hand against every man and every man’s hand against him. This religion is surely here to bring about the last days so Jesus can return and take his throne as our King. For those who find this then praise God. Bless that little girl dear Lord. And if they do kill her which I’m sure they will. Then all I can say is they will see her alive one day because while they might kill her in this life. Because of what Jesus did on that cross then she will live again!!! I know the ones that killed Jesus knew what they did then and now. So will these people!!!

    • You are wrong Christianity has said more bad things about women then Islam ever has and Jesus(PBUH) is not coming back the only one coming will be the false Christ or anti if you will in disguise of peace. As a female in Islam I am indeed found more respect from men in my religion then I did when I did not have one as I am not seen as some sex object I am seen for my heart. You have a bad idea about Islam as you believe the media you read the 1% that is not Islam that is the bad so called muslims and they are not the good ones as in your own religion you have the west borough church does that mean all Christians hate Gay people. There is only one king that is God and Jesus was never God on earth he was a man as to claim God as Jesus is Idol worship and even goes against your own commandments. Also might want read your whole bible with the rape and so called killing of women and children too and also how the saint views women as being the ones that made man fall and to blame for that when Islam does not it holds both Adam and eve accountable. Jesus was a Muslim btw. Islam is the third stage of religion the last stage as Judaism was first got corrupted then Christianity got corrupted and then Islam.

    • Amy Rose Murphy says:

      Islam is full of hate towards females no mater what age

  11. Ravinder singh says:

    These mullahs preach something and do totally opposite.o They ask women to be in burqa but what is the reason behind covering women when the mentality of so called religious fanatics is sick and narrow. With such narrow thinking no country will progress. You need to see from much higher perspective.

  12. Dawn Ward-Doma says:

    Dear President Ahmadzai of Afghanistan…Your country has a great long history and has had a lot of violence inflicted upon it but if you allow a little girl, no more than a baby be killed by ignorant people with beliefs from the dark ages then you are inflicting a violation against your own people that is a barbaric act belonging in the stone age. A Mullah a man who is supposed to be a holy man of God rapes a little girl and she is the one with the death penalty…What sort of laws are these? It seems too many so called men of God from all religions are not Godly at all. How sad when you can’t trust a holy man. Mr. President you have to please grant protection and save this little girl Brishna and her brave protector Dr. Sarwari. Oh! and please start re-educating your citizens so this ludicrous uncivilised behaviour ceases in future. Your country needs it more than ever. Thank you.

  13. Honor killing of a child? She gets the ultimate punishment of death while her abuser gets prison! These people desperately need education and morals.


  15. Frances Markey says:

    May Allah strike you all down dead, this treatment of women I know for sure is not in the Quran.

    If it was your daughter Mr President what would you want for her.

  16. Joan Mikolajczyk Joan Mikolajczyk says:

    I am Prudence Shagwell, child sex slave victim survivor, of the child rape cases in the upstate NY area. My birth name is Chantal Mauduit, the namesake of my Great Grandmother of South Africa who died of a gang rape in NY. Brishna’s plight is not indicative of any one faith, ethnicity or country. I do not understand Honor Killing but these actions certainly occur everywhere without ceasing. Terres des Hommes International supported my healing from horror. (I am not Joan Mikolajczyk as froward mental health workers of Ulster County, NY seem to think.)

  17. You know what the weird thing here is that the rapist get’s to go to jail but the girl get’s killed for what? You know thoose people actually believe that she did something to made him do this terrible thing to her. Stupid people!!

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