Stop the Attack on Women’s Health


Target: General Public

Goal: Fight back against the assault on women’s healthcare by Republican lawmakers

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  1. Hi,
    My comment is about the article: “Stop the Attack on Women’s Health”; my concern is about its lack of mention of alternative medicine options as being a part of the solution to the problem. To me, the problem concerning women’s health, is that we have the conventional medical system shoved down our throats. I want a natural medicine alternative that’s based on preventive medicine and not based on a “Medical” system of drugging patients who become permanently dependent upon doctors because of other health problems caused by the medicinal side effects.

  2. How about for once we women stand together and tell men they have no place to make healthcare decision that effect those of us with vaginas. We are not threatening to take away their viagra. Birth control, abortion, and other female relate medical issue should never be handled by men. They have the background to make a decision the does not concern them personally. Until they can grow ovaries they have no place in the discussion, period.

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