Don’t Allow Tourists to Eat and Watch Dolphins Simultaneously


Target:  Masaki Wada, Japanese Official

Goal: Reject plans to build a water park that allows visitors to eat and watch dolphins simultaneously

Taiji, Japan has had a long history of eating dolphins that many have voiced outrage over, but recently Japanese official Masaki Wada took things to a new level when he said that he plans to build a water park that allows people to eat dolphin meat while watching dolphins in the park.

Taiji, Japan, home to the annual slaughter of thousands dolphins, is no stranger to controversy and continues its inhumane practices despite the negative responses throughout the world.    The slaughter season is from September through March, and currently the ocean’s waters are stained red where pods of dolphins are corralled and killed.  Two thousand dolphins and whales have been approved by Japan’s government for the annual slaughter, despite the mass protests that take place in response to the horrific practice.

With this history in mind, Masaki Wada is clearly pushing activists to become even more outraged.  He has stated, “We already use dolphins and small whales as a source of tourism in the cove where dolphin-hunting takes place. In summer swimmers can enjoy watching the mammals that are released from a partitioned-off space. But we plan to do it on a larger scale.”  This attitude is disgusting and this water park should under no circumstances be allowed to be built.

It’s bad enough that the dolphins are forced to do tricks for food, but to allow people to eat them while watching them for entertainment is vile.  Dolphins are incredibly smart creatures that should not be hunted for food or spend their lives providing entertainment for humans.  Please take a moment to sign the petition below to demand Mr. Masaki Wada to not build this horrible water park in Taiji.


Dear Mr. Masaki Wada,

Your recent statements regarding your plan to build a water park that allows people to eat dolphins while watching them is appalling.  While I understand that Taiji has a history of hunting and eating dolphins, surely you must see how inhumane this practice is.

The annual dolphin hunt that occurs in Taiji is bad enough, but to now allow dolphins to be consumed while watching them for entertainment is vile.  Please do not allow such atrocities to occur and do not build this water park.  Water parks are terrible places for dolphins to live, and slaughtering them for consumption is repulsive.


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Photo credit:  David Blaikie via Flickr

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  1. These ingrates are not human
    If it walks flies crawls swims or is nearly extinct the don’t give a damn
    Well the world is watching you , you ignorant buggers
    I’m only surprised your not also targeting humans too or are they next on your menus

  2. Sandra Zaninovich says:

    Do I throw up now or later?!?!

  3. Franklin T Hall says:

    I wonder how many people will, understandably be revolted by this as they sit down to eat their meat/fish based meal with their faithful pet at their feet. How many people go to petting farms then enjoy burgers, sausages, meat sandwiches or roasts at the cafe. There is no difference. Don’t get hung up on species or companions v “food animals”. A dog is a pig is a horse is a dolphin is a cow. GO VEGAN, you know it makes sense.

  4. Sam Outhorn says:

    This is as ignorant as it is crude. Will there ever be any respect for the environment and all the living things in it, anywhere in Asia? I never want to see that place, EVER!

  5. Judith Clark says:

    I find it dismaying at the outrage at Japan for eating, and then forcing dolphins to entertain the very humans who are stuffing dead dolphins down their throats.
    I would like to know how many of the outraged attend shows at Seaworld, whilst eating a fish sandwich; attend circuses whilst eating dead cow burgers; wear leather, suede or fur without a thought to the horror involved in creating the belt, bag, or coat?
    What the Japanese is allowing is sociopathic, and unconscionable, however in order to permanently stop the horrific lives that intelligent, intuitive, mammals like dolphins are allowed to suffer, we must look in the mirror, and be willing to stop perpetuating ALL the horrors of animal abuse, torture and murder of ALL animals, by forcing our own House and Senate to actually sign Bills into law which will be the only way to stop the horrors. We must then use the power of this country to force change on an International level.
    Canada has had an annual seal slaughter for DECADES, and have yet to grow a conscience, and a moral code which would ban, forever, the utterly
    sick slaughter.
    So, to throw stones at the Japanese is vitally important, as long as we are willing to turn that discerning eye to ourselves, and are then willing to ban our own practices of abuse, torture and murder.
    Gandhi said it best: The greatness of a nation, and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals.

  6. Laurel Mancini says:

    Geez. Isn’t this the same as eating fried chicken or ‘burgers while your family dog or cat looks on? No? Well I think there is enough variety in a human’s diet that we could forgo eating dolphin. While watching same.

  7. Peter Schweinsberg says:

    I agree eating a lot of meat is environmentally irresponsible and cruel. However, people do need to distinguish between animals. Normal adult dolphins are self-aware and have a much richer self due to their social behavior than say does an Australian magpie, normal adults of which are also self-aware. Chickens are not self-aware. Now there is no reason to kill or mistreat an animal unless it is for a very good reason (e.g. cancer research), but saving a dolphin is more important than saving a certain number of chickens, for example, as long as the number of chickens is not too great.

    • Girls and women consistently outperform males in academic institutions and 98% of wars and genocides are caused by men so if one woman dies it is worse than if 1000 men die.

    • “What we leave behind—our legacy—is how we affected others. And for most of us, no other choice has a greater impact on the legacy of help— or harm— we leave behind, than our daily food choices. Day after day, and year after year, our lives can be seen as the culmination of thousands of instances in which, equally assured of nourishment and health, we had the opportunity to choose kindness and mercy toward other animals, or to choose violence and death for them. For billions of people, the question of eating animals really comes down to this basic question: am I someone who, when able to freely choose, would rather harm animals, or help them? When able to choose, do I choose kindness over violence, or violence over kindness? Our answer is our legacy.”

  8. James birch says:

    if the Japanese ( not all Japanese ) believe the large banner out side the whale museum stating Dolphins are the cockroach of the sea then why eat them and watch them while you eat them ? If they feel they are nice to watch why eat them why enslave them like they do just enjoy them free and in the oceans were they belong not in a tank or on a plate

  9. “So many people insist they are against animal abuse, cruelty, suffering and the inhumane treatment of animals, yet they don’t understand they are actively engaging in and supporting egregious suffering, abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment when they eat animals and their ‘by-products.’ If you are against cruelty, suffering and inhumane treatment, then you go vegan. It’s just that simple.” – Sarah Kiser

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