Publicly Condemn Conservative’s Violent Threats

Target: Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association

Goal: Demand that the NRA remove Ted Nugent from its Board of Directors and publicly condemn his remarks

Ted Nugent, musician and very vocal conservative, has been a strong supporter of the National Rifle Association (NRA) for many years and has served on its Board of Directors since 1995. He recently urged his followers to join the NRA, calling for ‘freedom’ by killing a number of prominent liberal politicians, including President Barack Obama. The NRA should refuse to endorse this kind of ridiculous and dangerous rhetoric by removing Ted Nugent from its Board of Directors and publicly condemning his remarks.

On October 14th, Ted Nugent posted a commentary on his Facebook profile encouraging his followers to donate to the Crime Prevention Research Center, who are responsible for the theory that more guns lead to less crime, and to join the NRA. He also urged his followers to “destroy the Obama/Holder/Clinton/Schumer/Pilosi/Boxer/Feinstein/Durbin/Bloomburgh propaganda jihad against our right to self defense & TRTKABA [The Right to Keep and Bear Arms]. JOIN THE NRA! Be the best American you can be. Freedom or their evil carcasses for traction back to it. [sic]” These remarks are merely the latest in a long, long line of offensive and treacherous rhetoric from the musician.

This kind of talk has no place in our modern political context—it is inflammatory, unproductive, and dangerous. As of yet, however, the National Rifle Association has done nothing to distance itself from the comments of its board member. The NRA should take responsibility for itself and communicate that it flatly condemns this kind of rhetoric by removing Nugent from its Board of Directors and publicly denouncing his remarks.


Dear Mr. LaPierre,

Your organization has long enjoyed the very vocal support of musician and conservative Ted Nugent and welcomed him into its Board of Directors in 1995. Given the ties Nugent has with your association, then, it is alarming that you have not yet condemned the remarks he posted on his Facebook on October 14, 2014. He told his followers to join the NRA while calling for ‘freedom’ by wishing death to many prominent liberal politicians, including the president. Think long and hard about whether these are the kinds of ideas with which your organization wants to be associated.

In his Facebook post, Nugent very clearly called for the deaths of the president of the United States and other prominent senators and representatives if they are perceived to infringe on a citizen’s right to bear arms. This is wholly inappropriate and, indeed, dangerous.

I am encouraging you to use your position as Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association to distance your organization from this kind of dangerous rhetoric. Send a message that these kinds of ideas will no longer be tolerated in connection to the NRA. I urge you to prove that the NRA does not endorse this violence by removing Ted Nugent from your Board of Directors and publicly condemning his statement.


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  1. Diane Porter says:

    I DO NOT support this petition against Ted Nugent. His rights of Free Speech are given and protected by the 1st Amendment, further more he has not blatantly called for the death’s of Mr. Obama and the rest of the administration, more as he was calling for the death of the Presidents policies and he has the right to disagree with this administration. Don’t twist the man’s words to fulfill your mission just because his words do not fall under the modern politically correct context.

    • Do not know what you have been reading on this idiot but he has mentioned many times in different ways how he would like to see Obama dead along with others in the political system. You may want to recant your statement as false but of course you have the right to free speech too. Maybe you are couching your support of Nugent as referring to it as “blatantly” rather than out and out saying he wants them all dead and he is happy to be the one killing them. But Nugent also promised us all if Obama won he (Nugent) would either be dead or in jail and sadly he is neither. So….there goes his credibility.

    • SUE GRIFFITHS says:

      Your comments are utter bullshit, just like the jerk with a guitar himself. He is inciting other idiots to cause harm to decent people, In other words to do his dirty work for him.

  2. This is the dumbest petition i have ever come across

  3. I totally agree, this is a waste of time and so dramatized. Freedom of speech is not just a right when you agree with the content. Grow up and stop trying to push your gun control agenda on your readers by taking comments out of context.

  4. Debbie Biere says:

    I thought anyone making threats against the President and other Federal officials was immediately taken in for questioning, if not arrest. Why are people able to make comments like these, along with other nasty comments, against President Obama and NOTHING happens? If threats like this had been publicly made against previous presidents, they would be in jail!!!!

  5. In essence, Nugent is nothing more than a frightened little boy residing in a man’s body. His comments and behaviors absolutely reek of FEAR, PARANOIA and SELF-HATE! I feel sorry for him ….

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