Fire Homophobic Bus Driver


Target: Ken Davidson, head of bus operations for Transport for London (TfL)

Goal: Demand termination of bus driver accused of anti-gay remarks

Despite increased acceptance for LGBT people in the U.K., there’s been an unsettling number of public verbal bashings against homosexual individuals and same-sex couples. The most recent act of anti-gay remarks comes from a bus driver who kicked a gay couple off his trolley after the two men shared a kiss.

According to published reports in London, the bus driver spat homophobic comments at the couple, stating “…don’t do that on my…bus,” and “I don’t want to watch that–it’s disgusting!” The same-sex couple, unaware that the bus driver was speaking to them, assumed that he was speaking to someone else performing an obviously offensive action. When the couple didn’t respond, he proceeded to publicly humiliate them by throwing them off the bus.

Further, Jack James, 23, and his partner also claim that before the bus took off, the driver shouted that they weren’t ‘real men’ and abused them further by screaming expletives. This incident is just one of many events of public homophobia plaguing London’s LGBT community. Recently, a lesbian couple was almost thrown out of a store by a security guard for kissing. And, popular U.K. television psychic Sally Morgan’s husband went on a homophobic rant that was later caught on video and has since gone viral.

The U.K.’s LGBT community should no longer suffer from verbal abuse and discrimination in public spaces. Sign this petition to encourage Ken Davidson, head of bus operations for TfL, to discharge the anti-gay driver from his position immediately.


Dear Mr. Davidson,

It has recently come to my attention that a bus driver for your company is under fire for spewing anti-gay remarks at a gay couple after witnessing them kiss on his trolley. LGBT people have suffered enough from abuse, harassment, and verbal bashing in public spaces.

From a lesbian couple being threatened by a security guard in a clothing store, to a public homophobic rant by a television personality’s husband, and now this, London’s LGBT community lives in unnecessary fear, despite society’s increased acceptance for their existence.

I encourage you to take all actions necessary to terminate the trolley operator who publicly humiliated Jack James and his partner. Homophobic bullying within your organization should not be tolerated.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. One petition i wont be signing

  2. Fortunately not everyone is as narrow minded and homophobic as “Dave” I am not gay, but I think it is unacceptable to treat people like this because of their sexuality

  3. Unfortunately, you cannot have it both ways. Nic you call Dave a moron when you have failed to investigate history for yourself. All the societies/civilizations of history who have gone down your “tolerant” route have disintegrated into nothing. There are standards of behavor which we may not like or understand fully, depending where we come from, but when these standards are breached, Pope or Dawkins notwithstanding, the inevitable result will be the same. The Pope and Dawkins are horrible role models at the least. Space will not allow to give their problems and conflicting concepts. Do some real research, please.

  4. Peter Schweinsberg says:

    Why does homosexuality, transvestism, and transgenderness bother anyone? I don’t understand why anyone would be so upset? Can some psychologist please tell me what this bus driver’s problem is? What is so threatening to him? Does he have doubts about a religious upbringing that he doesn’t want to confront? I don’t know. I am heterosexual, but I was not raised with religious beliefs. Perhaps that is why I don’t get this. The bus driver’s behavior is unfathomable to me. What he did was every bit as bad as kicking an inter-racial couple off the bus. If anyone knows, please tell me. I cannot sleep at night from worrying about our species.

    • Hello Peter. I’m a psychologist. While children and not born with ‘hate’ and ‘intolerance’ in their hearts, many are unfortunately exposed to such factors as a result of poorly educated parents, religious fanaticism and /or just plain ignorance. Ironically, many so-called “homophobes” are themselves ‘closeted’ individuals who are attempting to hide their true identity from themselves as well as from society. The bus driver probably fits with some of the above mentioned criteria. While he’s entitled to his bigoted views, he shouldn’t be spewing his ignorance while ‘on the job.’ I can only hope that his employer will take this seriously and do something about it. As a civilized society we must all do what we can to fight racism, anti-semitism, homophobia, bigotry, sexism, etc. Underneath all of this is fear and ignorance. Hope I answered your question.

    • because it’s disgusting!!!!

  5. It is good that you are questioning, Peter. I am also glad that you do not focus on the individual in your query. It is not for us to vilify the individual who is inclined that way (homosexual, transgender). But the hard part in our society is to recognize that not all natural leanings are good. Even some serial killers have stated they had respect for their victims. Crazy I know. I know not if the bus driver’s actions have been exaggerated or reported accurately. Was he responding to some “over the top” sexual behavior on the bus which affected others? Let us not assume either way until it is investigated. I have read a number of articles from those who have homosexual leanings and have recognized they would be wrong to indulge their feelings. Sometimes the hardest part for people to understand is we should love the person, while still understanding the carrying out of the act is harmful, and warn them of the consequences. So well set up is the smear campaign these days, that the merest suggestion that indulging in the activity is wrong or harmful, and one is labelled a homophobic for example. Again, it is unfortunate that many psychologists will not help in addressing the real problem. They generally take the “be content with yourself as you are now” approach. Transvestism is somewhat different. From Wikipedia we read: “When cross-dressing occurs for erotic purposes over a period of at least six months and when it causes significant distress or impairment, the behavior is considered a mental disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the psychiatric diagnosis ‘transvestic fetishism’ is applied.” This situation goes way back into ancient human (Babylon) history where worshipers would change clothes gender wise, and engage in sexual activity before the worship of their gods. It was, and nearly always is, for self-erotic purposes, and should be considered harmful for many reasons. Any departure from good principles always affects others within our sphere of influence, whether large or small. It little matters how hard we try to justify ourselves, the effect will be felt in some form. Children are the most affected. Think on how each of these differences mentioned here, and the influence on those around us, it might give some understanding to the situation we now face in our society. Good for contemplation.

  6. Anyone want to bet that if this moronic bus driver had voiced a “racist” comment, rather than a “homophobic” one … that he’d have lost his job IMMEDIATELY?!?!?!?! With so many GOOD people currently unemployed, this moron doesn’t deserve to have a job !!!!!

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