Punish Man for Brutally Murdering Wolves


Target: Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ Director, Jeff Hagener

Goal: Arrest and try man who deliberately injured and killed wolves with a vehicle

Recently, a self-proclaimed “wolf hater” purposely killed one wolf and broke the leg of another with a van. Mercilessly, the man posted the incident, along with photographs of the atrocity, to his Facebook page. Many people who visited the man’s page were outraged by the incident, demanding retribution punishment as justice for the wolves. The wildlife headquarters in Montana, where the incident took place, is not sure if any action can be taken against the man because of lack of evidence. Urge the wildlife director to ensure this man is punished for his barbaric actions.

The man, Toby Bridges, intended to murder the wolves he pursued. A statement on his Facebook page confirms this, as does his overall attitude towards wolves. While driving through rural Montana, Bridges noticed four wolves chasing an elk calf. Intent on saving the calf’s life, Bridges decided to accelerate, aiming towards the pursuing wolves. He ran over two of the wolves, killing one and breaking the leg of the other. The unharmed wolves ran away after hearing the screaming of the wolf with a broken leg. Bridges stopped his vehicle, took pictures of the dead wolf, and watched the other deformed wolf run into the trees. Bridges confided that, had he brought his gun, all four wolves would likely be dead.

The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks says it is not confident in pursuing a legal case against Bridges because it lacks proper evidence that the incident happened. Bridges is not quiet about his hate of wolves, neither is he apologetic about hitting the wolves. The terrible incident was not an accident, as is clear by Bridges’ acknowledgement of the wolves on the road and his shared thought about saving the calf by killing the wolves. The picture of his van — the murder weapon — and the dead wolf are substantial evidence of his crime. Urge the director of the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to pursue a legal case against Bridges to punish him to the furthest extent.


Dear Director Hagener,

A man by the name of Toby Bridges brutally murdered one wolf and broke the leg of another with his van. Bridges advertised his crime on his Facebook profile, as well as declared that he would have happily murdered all four wolves he encountered on the road. I understand that the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is not confident in pursuing this case due to lack of substantial evidence.

I am writing to urge you to pursue legal action against Bridges. He is a self proclaimed “wolf hater”; he intentionally killed that wolf and let the other walk away to likely die a painful, slow death. Bridges put up pictures of the incident, with his van in the picture, as well as a play-by-play of his actions, which include intentionally pursuing and hitting the wolves. This confession and pictures should be used as evidence.

Please ensure that Bridges will no longer be able to cause this undue pain and grief on the free wolves of Montana. He should not be allowed to harm another living being. He must be punished for his actions; please see to it that he is.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Retron via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. My dog was deliberately trapped by a wolf volunteer, the state went whole hog prosecuting me for interfering with trapping The jerk refuses to pay the vet bill, I could use some help

  2. Roxana Cazares says:

    This antichrist needs to go behind bars, he makes America look like another Korea. Please do the right thing and arrest him now!

  3. How are his self admissions not enough evidence?

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