Prosecute Teens Who Killed Chickens with Golf Club


Target: Sheriff of Fresno County Margaret Mims

Goal: Prosecute teenagers responsible for killing 920 chickens with golf club

Four teenagers, three of whom are juveniles, were arrested by Fresno County Deputies for breaking into a Foster Farms chicken ranch and killing 920 chickens with a golf club. All four have been charged with burglary and animal cruelty for breaking onto the property and killing the chickens in a brutal fashion. The murderers are aged 18, 17, and 15. These teenagers allegedly entered the property to hurt these chickens and should be prosecuted for trespassing and inflicting harm on innocent animals.

Currently, the sheriff’s department does not know the purpose of killing the chickens, and does not expect to make more arrests. The name of the 18-year-old, Gabriel Quintero, was released, although the department cannot reveal more details about the other suspects. Officials do know that the teenagers broke through a fence on the Foster Farms ranch where they then proceeded to kill 920 chickens with a golf club and perhaps another blunt object.

Fortunately, not all of the chickens were killed in the barn, as several thousand chickens are housed in the facility. Foster Farms is taking this case seriously, as it is a blatant disregard of animal welfare. Demand that the Fresno County Sheriff Department prosecute the teenagers for trespassing and for the senseless slaughter of hundreds of chicken, in addition to conducting a psychological assessment of their mental health.


Dear Sheriff Mims,

Recently, your deputies arrested four teenagers suspected to have been involved in breaking into a Foster Farms ranch and killing more than 900 chickens. This act is senseless slaughter, and I cannot fathom what reason these teenagers have for killing so many animals. I ask that you not only prosecute these teenagers, but give them a psychological evaluation to ensure that they are not at risk for becoming hardened criminals.

I urge you to prosecute these teenagers regardless of their ages. These teenagers are not children and should know the law, especially about breaking into someone else’s property. The teenagers should be fined, given community service, and be extensively screened for psychological problems. The FBI recognizes that actions of animal cruelty at a young age tend to make the abusers prone to other criminal activity, such as selling drugs, stealing, and killing when they reach adulthood. Please ensure that these teenagers are prosecuted and that these recommendations are taken into consideration.


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Photo credit: Pete Cooper via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Emily March says:

    Pity. The chicken could have taught those bird-brained young idiots a thing or two in the way of intelligence…

  2. Little serial killers in the making. Mom and dad must be so proud. Education people. Education.

    • This is coming from a person that has over 30 cats in her home?????? You are a hoarder of animals which is just as bad…………..

  3. Let me guess they’re all illegal aliens, even the chickens are paying for them being here. Anyone that wants to should be able to beat those wastes of oxygen just like they beat the chickens.

  4. By the one’s name they showed I would bet that they’re all illegal aliens- great, even the chickens are paying for them sneaking in. The gutless scumbags should be beaten just like the poor chickens by anyone who wants to.

  5. I am vegan because I object in the strongest terms to ANY animal cruelty! So I believe that these teens should be prosecuted fully and given extreme counseling, or better yet, sent back to wherever they came from. But it kind of floors me that the likes of Foster Farms claims to give a darn about “animal cruelty!” If they are interested in animal welfare, perhaps they could start showing their genuine concern by getting out of the business of murdering them!

  6. Patricia Dumais says:

    Aside from psychological evaluations these men must monetarily compensate Foster farms and their employees (who were probably traumatised by the event). If they can’t pay they can work at Foster’s cleaning up all the chicken shit till they have payed up what is owed.

  7. JoAnn oeser says:

    People who abuse GODS creatures is a day people will have to face him and give their account for it.this is why I don’t eat them.I love all his creatures and all my brothers and sisters.

  8. Fresno County? Let me guess …. uh, Mexicans who may or may not even be in the USA legally?! These cowardly little punk gang-bangers do not come here for a better life, but rather to continue committing the same criminal activity that goes on in their country of origin every day. Guess they were bored with spray painting the city, car-jacking individuals, robbing stores and such … and needed a bigger challenge like MURDERING HELPLESS ANIMALS?!?!?!?!?! They clearly lack a conscience and that can only lead to even worse atrocities in the future. Lock them up in adult prison with animal lovers !!!!

  9. Ravinder singh says:

    They are big danger to the society . Tomorrow they can do the same with humans also.

  10. No Need For Racism, All Types Of People Hurt Animals, If You Eat Animals You Are Hurting Them also

  11. Lolli Milore says:

    920 chickens these monsters killed????????And then one person is even released. I think it is time to do something about these “laws” we have, the minimum punishment these “people” SHOULD HAVE is death. And if they had time to kill over 900 chickens without anyone interrupting them, the place needs to get a security system. but of course, nobody gives a shit about animals lives so why waste money on security to protect them. they are only making money ON their lives and suffering. Disgusting people only makes this world even worse than it is.

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