Cougars Should Not be Condemned for their Will to Survive

Target: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Goal: To ban cruel cougar hunting in Washington state.

In 2004 a law was passed in Washington to permit the hound-hunting of cougars for sport. This was decided because of a single attack on humans, a decline in the Caribou and the death of farm animals in the area. Over the past several years hunting has taken the lives of over half the kitten and yearling cougars and has dwindled the adult male population by 70%. The hunting has caused a devastation in the cougar population that could result in their extinction in Washington. The cats are an essential aspect to the environment and killing them only causes more imbalance. The way in which they are hunted by hounds is inhumane to both animals.

Mountain lions are cunning and intelligent animals that deserve to be respected. For centuries they have been admired for their grace and power, they have been used as symbols in the mythology of the indigenous people of the Americas. It is sad that people will hunt such an incredible animal for nothing more than sport. The law was passed because mountain lions were seen as a threat to their prey and livestock; cougars should not be condemned for acting in accordance with their true nature. These seem like petty excuses to legalize hunting cougars for sport. In fact, without top predators, an environment falls even more out of balance. For example, in the east the lack of cougars and wolves has resulted in the dwindling number of song birds.

Cougars are shy animals, the only reason they are even near people is because Washington is overpopulated. The encroachment on their habitat is what caused this imbalance in the first place. I can’t help but feel these graceful animals are being condemned for their will to survive.


Dear Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife,

The hound-hunting of cougars is unjust; these graceful animals should not be blamed for problems that humans have caused. The only reason they are even near people’s livestock is because their natural habitat has been encroached upon. The mountain lion population in Washington is dwindling fast and if measures aren’t taken to ban hunting them they could become extinct in that area.

Losing such a magnificent creature because of petty complaints and sport hunting would be a tragedy. Furthermore, this could lead to subsequent imbalances in the environment as prey animals are an essential aspect to the food chain. Please do not let this inhumane act continue, cougars do not deserve to be condemned for their will to survive.


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  1. C. Hallowell says:

    It is not up to us to determine the course of nature. We don’t have to like animals killing animals, but we do have to respect the way Mother Nature works. If these cats are killing are killing Caribou, it is because they are hungry and want to continue to live, not because they are evil. Killing an animal for going after its natural prey is the evil action. If they didn’t eat the Caribou, then there would be an overpopulation of Caribou. Humans do have a right to protect themselves and their family, pets and livestock…but violence and killing is Not the answer. Humans moved in to the cougar’s home but didn’t give the cats anywhere else to go, how would you feel and react if someone took over your home, took food away from you and your family and threatened your very existence? We don’t tolerate home invasion in our society, yet we’re supposed to say it is okay if we are the invaders? Reasonable means need to be taken to prevent cougars, or any wild animal from going into areas populated by humans. But it is our responsibility to make sure they have a safe and natural environment in which to live. When we take over someone’s home, we need to ensure that they have a place to go…or not complain when they eat us.

    “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals” … Gandhi

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