End Barbaric Practice of Burning Bulls Alive


Target: President Juan Vincente Herrera, Castile and Leon

Goal: Cancel the horrific torture and murder of bulls during the Toro Jubilo

Each November, live bulls at the Toro Jubilo festival in Soria, Spain are burned to death while tied up to posts or set loose to run through the streets. They are affixed with balls of flammable tar, also called pitch, which are then set on fire. Residents of the city hold a belief that eating the flesh of these tortured animals after they have been burned by the flames and later killed will bring fertility and invincibility. Such a notion is archaic and unfathomable in today’s world: Fertility and invincibility will not result from horrific murder. Urge officials to cancel this bull run and tell them that the cultural customs and beliefs of a society are not an excuse to kill an animal, let alone in such a horrific fashion.

Bulls, like any other animal, are perfectly capable of feeling pain and experiencing emotions. Their last hours of life during this bull run are spent in immense pain and fear as they are literally burned alive. Terrified bulls run aimlessly through the streets of Soria in a blind rage of pain and fear, while their faces are burned off by the flames. Others remain tied up and unable to move throughout an ordeal that can last for hours. Spectators look on while the animals’ faces, bodies, and flesh are burned away.

The fact that this practice is part of a festival and provides some type of entertainment or satisfaction for spectators is vicious. Sign this petition to stop and ban this sadistic practice immediately.


Dear President Herrera,

I am absolutely horrified and disgusted with your city’s horrific rituals during the Toro Jubilo. No animal or being deserves to have their bodies scorched alive in a public display for human entertainment. Such acts have no place in society and serve no real purpose. Burning animals alive for fertility is inhumane, and “tradition” is not a justification for murder.

I refuse to travel to Soria while festivals such as this are still taking place. Please consider the gravity of the situation and the wellbeing of the animals being tortured while still alive and fully able to feel pain.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Stuart Yeates via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Rosie Adams says:

    Another shining example of a primarily Catholic country’s debauchery. Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Kill. Hah! Tell that to Pope Francis (who apparently took his name from St. Francis of Assisi) WHAT? Yes. St. Francis of Assisi. He must be turning in his grave. Interesting to note that the only countries to beat the Catholic ones for abject and egregious torture and cruelty to animals – are Communist, Hebrew and Muslim – All religious, without an ounce of compassion between them when it comes to cows, bulls, pigs, sheep, hens and thousands of others. Jesus would never forgive what any of them do to these sentient beings but I quite think they are beyond any care for Jesus.

  2. Dave shurman says:


  3. Don’t understand the government who aloud this horror ! Is you country
    still prehistoric. Shame on you !!! I travel a lot, but i will never visit
    a country that is torturing animals !!!!

  4. Annabel McEune says:

    I am nauseous with shock that such a thing can happen in a Western European country . I am half Spanish and know my family in Spain would be more than disgusted if they knew about this . There are animal rights groups in Spain , boycott this
    Cruel bastards

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