Stop Horrific Cruelty on Dairy Farm


Target: CEO of Leprino Foods, James Leprino

Goal: End deplorable cruelty to cows and implement better animal rights policies

Recently, an animal rights group called Mercy for Animals sent an undercover agent into a dairy farm in southern New Mexico. After getting hired, he was able to video the workers there committing horrific acts of cruelty to the cows. This farm is owned by Leprino Foods, the world’s largest mozzarella cheese supplier, which sells cheese to major pizza companies like Domino’s, Papa John’s, and Pizza Hut. Leprino Foods needs to implement stricter and more humane animal rights policies for its farms.

In the video, workers are seen savagely kicking and punching cows, stabbing them with screwdrivers causing bloody wounds, shocking sick and injured cows, shocking cows’ sensitive genitals, whipping cows in the face and body with metal chains and wires, and dragging sick cows behind a tractor. Cows that are sick and injured are left to die without veterinary care. If they take too long to die, they are forced into trucks and carted away to be slaughtered offsite. Calves are taken from their mothers after they are born and viciously thrown into the back of pick up trucks. Most male calves are destined to be killed soon for veal. This video can be seen here.

The dairy in New Mexico, called Winchester Dairy, is being investigated by the New Mexico Livestock Board. The dairy farm is scheduled to be shut down, but this is not enough. Leprino Foods must change their animal rights policies to make them stricter and cruelty-free. These animals have feelings too and can feel pain just as sharply as we do; they are not just milk and cheese producing machines, but living beings. Leprino needs to ensure that cows are treated humanely on all of their farms. For all we know, this type of cruelty could be going on in another of their farms that does not have an undercover animal rights activist there to leak it to the public. Tell Leprino to upgrade their animal rights policies so sickening acts like these do not happen again.


Dear Mr. Leprino,

The video showing how the cows were treated at the Winchester Dairy is extremely horrific. These cows were tortured and deprived of veterinary care for no reason. The poor cows are in misery their whole lives and are treated as merely milk and cheese producing machines instead of living beings who deserve respect and care. The actions committed by the workers on this dairy farm are deplorable and inhumane to say the least.

Leprino Foods needs to step up its animal rights policies to show that it really does care about the animals from which its profit comes, and not just the profit itself. Even though this could be an isolated incident, it might not be. This could be happening on other farms that provide your company with the cows to make your mozzarella cheese. You need to ensure that cows are treated humanely and with respect on all your farms by upgrading your animal rights policies.


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Photo Credit: Ethelred via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Sylvia Coburn says:

    There is no justifiable reason to torture an animal for profit. This company needs to get its ethics in line or lose all their business. This not only is wrong on all areas but it also deserves to be closed down.

    Animals should be treated humanely esp. If you are profiting from them.

  2. Maria morrissey says:

    Please help to stop this cruelty!

  3. Easy to say in words. Where’s the proof?

  4. This is so disgusting !! When I saw Dairy farm I called my husband to come look – he was raised on a Dairy Farm! He was horrified !! He said that if that if that happened on his father’s farm it would have been the end of them!! This is so unnecessary and cruel. Have us humans become so low – we seem to be the lowest form of life on this earth because every thing we do we put a thought into. PLEASE PUT AN END TO THIS NOW!

  5. Stop all animal cruelty. They don’t deserve it.

  6. Schalk Burger says:

    This farm should be closed for business and the culprits must be removed. I will not be eating at Domino’s, Papa John’s, and Pizza Hut. If Leprino Foods allows this to go on their products should be boycotted by business and consumers alike. Disgrace!

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