Save Wolf Family from Shooters


Target: Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission

Goal: Call off murderous plan to unnecessarily kill an innocent wolf pack

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  1. Leave the wolves alone.

  2. Save Wolf Family from Shooters


  4. Sharon Parker says:

    Does nobody remember when all the wolves in Yellowstone were killed off and had to be re-introduced by bringing wolves from Canada. We should have learned by now that we can’t manage wildlife properly, we need to let wildlife manage itself.

  5. i had the town chairman, write and pass a law against dangerous objects in town, then vote the law in , then turn around and give a volunteer wolf expert (private trapper)permission to violate the law so he could place traps where he knew i walked my dog. the concealed baited scented illegally not marked traps were not checked according to law, caught my dog causing pain suffering and injury, i took her to the vet, the dnr goons buddies of the trapping scumbag, came after me, the gave me a public defender who did nothing to defend me meeting me outside court twice just before court. i could use some help, i would like to sue the state in federal court for violating my right to peacefully go about my business. i didnt see a one of these big name groups any where when i was trying to fight back

  6. Elisabeth Björklund says:

    Låt vargarna leva ! <3 Ingår i naturens " fauna " <3

  7. Tammy Murphy says:

    I have been trying to submit a submitted form to stop the shooting of the Huckleberry pack and it keeps sending error and to correct areas in red on my signing of the petition.There are no red areas on the petition and my info is correct! STOP setting up a pack for failure by placing sheep in their areas and leave them alone to help balance natures eco system.Nature knows better than man how to keep a balance!

  8. It shows no respect to the creatures of Mother Earth and negates the Creators original instructions; we are suppose to to care of the Earth and all her people, animals included
    love yellowhummingbird

  9. Leave the wolf’s alone, you are going to kill them off and disturb the whole Eco system! You have no reason other than for a selfish thing called SPORT!! STICK SPORT RIGHT UP YOUR ASS! These ANIMALS HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE ON THIS EARTH TO ROAM WITHOUT HARM TO THEM,THEY SHOULD BE PROTECTED NOT KILLED FOR SPORT,LEAVE THEM ALONE, use cardboard figures for target practice!! Leave mother nature’s animals ALONE!!!

  10. They reintroduce the wolves to Washington State only to slaughter them later. This has got to stop! Leave our wildlife and wild places alone! Quit letting farm animals range in the wilderness areas.

  11. angelina ricketts says:

    What’s the reason shooting them. In my country we got a sanitary for wolves as they are protected in the uk. Xxx

  12. Debra Courtier says:

    Please save these beauiful animals that God put here. Quit taking their land, home snd food. Humans are the bad species on this earth.

  13. Irena Franchi says:

    Save Wolf Family from Shooters.

  14. Of course they shoot the alpha female, accidentally on purpose. The way the US agencies treat the wildlife they’re supposed to be protecting is disgusting. A big “up yours” to the ranchers and hunters who drive this murder of apex predators. If anyone is interested in these issues then I suggest you read some of Stephen Capra’s brilliant writings on the Bold Visions Conservation website. Defenders of Wildlife have also managed to get a judge to overturn the decision to delist wolves in Wyoming.

  15. Sharon Vickery says:

    They deserve to live free and not have to worry about being killed by legal or illegal shooters.

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