Praise Arrest of Man Who Shot Cat with Blow Darts


Target: Indianapolis Sheriff John R. Layton

Goal: Praise the arrest of a man who cruelly shot multiple blow darts into a neighbor’s cat

Jeremiah Long, a 22-year-old from Indianapolis, was arrested on charges of animal cruelty for shooting his neighbor’s cat with at least ten blow darts. The cat, named Tippy, was on the verge of death as he limped all the way back home with the darts deeply embedded everywhere in his body. Amy Cohron recalls her horror after spotting her grievously wounded pet struggling to come near her. At first, Cohron thought Tippy had stumbled into cobwebs. In a statement to FOX 59, she shares her reaction, “He [Tippy] looked up at me and I just yelled and he looked like he said, ‘Mommy, get these out of me!'”

After undergoing an X-ray exam at the local veterinarian, it was determined that the darts were lodged in Tippy’s face, stomach, back, genitals, and anus. Unfortunately, his injuries were too severe and the veterinarians felt that their only option was to humanely euthanize him later that evening. While choking back tears, Cohron expressed her pain at having to say goodbye to her beloved pet too soon. Tippy was only a year old. She had requested to hold Tippy’s paw during the emotionally agonizing process of witnessing the veterinarians euthanize him.

Long was questioned by police and immediately confessed that he had shot Tippy because he was fighting with his own cat. Long was arrested on charges of beating a helpless animal and was also cited by animal control. Please sign this petition to praise the arrest of Jeremiah Long for his appalling acts of animal cruelty.


Dear Sheriff Layton,

Thank you for arresting Jeremiah Long, who shot a cat with ten blow darts and caused the animal’s untimely, painful death. Animal cruelty is never something to be taken lightly, and I wholeheartedly agree with Amy Cohron when she says that cases like this should result in serious punishments. Many animal abusers get away with their crimes with only a light sentence that will hardly make them consider changing their ways.

I hope that Tippy’s case sends a message to other animal abusers who think they can toy with an innocent animal’s life for no reason. Again, thank you for stepping forward and handling the situation swiftly. Jeremiah Long deserves the harshest punishment that the law can give him.


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Photo credit: Neville Kingston via Pixabay

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  1. This is an horrendous thing to go an hurt this beautiful cat was no excuse is even apparent no animal should be a target for eneyone to inflicked painsuffering abuse to the difedefenseless animals that cannot defend them self to eneyone like us humans that are able too those that are may these people see the worsted come back to them twice as painful an more suffering to them than those animals that are their targets of these defenceless animals they make suffer because they are two much of a cawerd to pick on those that can diffened them self from these people so they choose to target defenceless animals that carnt fight back to protect them from the scum that are to hurt these animals what those scum need is the same treatments as they inflicked.upon the animals they hurt in the way these animals have at the hands of this scum

  2. This man should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. His animals should also be taken away from him. He does not deserve the privilige of having a companion animal.

  3. Robert Oliver says:

    What a heart-breaking story. Making this beautiful and harmless cat, barely out of kittenhood,suffer so much was a despicable, cruel and cowardly action.Jeremiah Long more than deserves the harshest possible punishment for this crime. I only wish he could be given the same punishment as the agonising torture that he inflicted on Tippy.

  4. Vince Medlock says:

    I wish they would shoot the little bastard with a comparable number of blow darts or arrows. The difference is their sizes should be taken into account. I think 100 should be about right. I volunteer to serve on the firing squad.

  5. Yeah! Thank God! Now let him get some real justice, like 50 years behind bars at hard labor! I wish I could print the kind of justice I’d give him!

  6. Sharon Jacobs-Salinas says:

    What a horrendous act of animal abuse and cruelty against this poor, defenseless, innocent kitty! Some people are sub-human! This is why my precious, feline furbabies have NEVER touched grass since the day I rescued them. I have 4 feline children; one 7 y/o tuxedo I rescued when she was 6 or 7 weeks old and 3 siblings who were also about the same age as my Sassie when I rescued them in March 2013. They will never, ever be allowed outdoors because of scumbags like this kid!

  7. Any person who has or is cruel to any animal in any way needs to be severely punished!!! No animal should ever be abused ever!!! I hope that piece of crap coward gets everything he deserves and I’m talking a life of pain and suffering! !!!

  8. sierra bowes says:

    your sorry bastard why in the hell would u want to do something like that 2 a incoent cat or any amninal and rip kitty

  9. Susanne Hoshino says:

    This despicable scum deserves the harshest of punishments. What a disgusting bully. He deserves to have darts shot into him just like he did to the poor kitty. Karma will get him sooner or later. Those that live by violence will suffer and die from violence themselves. Evil scum like this monster need to be terminated from earth. Poor poor kitty. I wish he could have recovered and known happiness.

  10. God Almighty will have his day with with these evil people . Satan is in control of this wicked world. please love and praise our LORD JESUS CHRIST and also love hug and also watch your pet. Hurting aminals in any kind of is a sin. God Bless all of you.

  11. Kathleen Koepp says:

    This is a horrible crime inflicted on a poor little kitty. People who do this are sick and should be removed from society. Abusers start with animals and then go on to humans. So sorry that Tippy had to go through this but he has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge where he no longer suffers and has many kittens and cats to play with.

  12. The worst part about these horrific animal abuse / torture / murder stories is that our justice system usually doesn’t provide more than a slap on the wrist when it comes to dishing out punishment. Perhaps that’s why these vicious monsters continue to murder helpless pets and other animals – i.e. knowing that no serious consequences will come as a result. If that doesn’t change then our species will never evolve. What this heartless idiot did to this helpless cat is beyond comprehension for any of us who have a conscience. I hope that “karma” will kick in SOON and that he will get exactly what he deserves !!!!!

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