Decriminalize Off-the-Grid Living

off-grid living

Target: Florida Governor Rick Scott

Goal: Protect sustainable practices and off-the-grid homes in Florida

More and more people are embracing sustainable living, choosing to live “off the grid” by producing their own sources of electricity and water. Some even go so far as to grow their own food, build structures out of recycled materials, or implement their own waste disposal systems, all in the name of sustainability. These people are able to live without relying on power companies, water companies, the city’s resources, or anyone other than themselves. This type of living provides all the luxuries of modern life without depending on profit-driven companies that do not have the best interests of either the people or the environment in mind. However, this conscientious and fulfilling way of life is under attack in Florida.

Recently Robin Speronis, a woman who lives off the grid in her Florida home, was informed by Florida officials that her home was illegal. These officials cited the International Property Maintenance Code, which mandates that homes must be connected to an electricity grid and a running water source. In essence, Florida law requires people to rely on companies to live; they have no other choice but to pay for their electricity and water.

Sustainable living is a very viable lifestyle option. Clean living is better for the environment, allows people to live without a job, and provides unlimited free energy, helping people to become part of the environment rather than destroying it. In Florida, off-the-grid homes are being shut down because they give homeowners freedom from corporations. Water and electricity corporations rely on profiting from their absolute control over these vital resources, and feel threatened by those who choose to live differently. Faced with the threat of becoming obsolete, corporations pressure the government to enact laws that force people to buy their basic necessities instead of create their own.

People do not need to be dependent on corporations in order to live and anyone who wants to live off the grid should not be harassed for it. This type of lifestyle should be a free choice. Tell Governor Perry that everyone should have the right to live how they want. Revoke laws against living off the grid that punish people who refuse to feed the greed of the one percent.


Dear Governor Rick Scott,

Recently a woman in your state has been told that the way she chooses to live is illegal. Robin Speronis was informed by Florida officials that her off-grid home was illegal under the International Property Maintenance Code, which mandates that homes must be connected to an electricity grid and a running water source. This law requires people to to rely on corporations and pay others in order to live.

The choice to live off-grid is a personal one and should not be prevented by law. People have the freedom to live however they want as long as they do no harm to others, and the government should enforce this rather than prevent it. Off-grid living is better for the environment, better for the homeowner, and better for the human race as a whole.  I demand you stop persecuting people who choose to live off the grid and change the law so people have the basic freedoms guaranteed them by our founding documents.


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Photo credit: Richard Croft via Creative Commons

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  1. I can not vote for Scott or Crist, no way. I don’t trust either one of them one bit. I will be voting for Adrian Wyllie for sure.

  2. Rather than criminalizing folks that choose to live a clean, free and independent lifestyle, one that is BETTER for the world, BETTER for their own sanity and does NOT support greedy filthy corporations bent on destruction of a real democracy and denying global climate chaos, Florida should be ENCOURAGING this sort of FREEDOM!! This shows clear lack of decent leadership, just corporate lapdogs and suck-ups that care nothing for the people trying to improve the world, just kissing corporate butt!!

  3. Tamara Heikalo says:

    Heard about this outrageous absurdity. So glad someone started a petition about it!

  4. I’m very appalled by what the government is doing to people who are not bothering a single soul. I want to help support off grid living. I plan to live an off grid lifestyle. What
    are the rights for people who live off the grid? What are things I can do to bring this awareness to people who are aspiring to live off the grid and tell the government to back off?

  5. I want to live off the grid when I become older, and it pisses me off that out of all of the states they decided to illegalize living off the grid in, it just had to be the state I live in. I would absolutely love to one day live off the grid, and I’m sure many other people would love to. Living off the grid isn’t hurting anybody at all, and living off the grid is way less expensive.

  6. No law can be passed the directly infringes on a constitutional right. “The right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness”
    “Life” It is our God given right to life. Life means food water and shelter. they are even making it illegal to collect rainwater? and to camp on your own land. these are direct violations to our constitutional rights

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