Punish Man for Beating Dog with Flashlight


Target: James Whitman

Goal: Admonish cruel murder of innocent dog who was beaten to death with a flashlight

When Sarah Whitman entered her home on a cool September afternoon, she wasn’t expecting to see her moppy-haired white terrier named Irvina, whom she raised since it was a puppy, bludgeoned to death by her own brother.

James Whitman, 29, of Bethel, Alaska has prompted outrage among animal activists, veterinarians and animal rescue groups alike since details of the tragedy surfaced. After a day of drinking, police reports detail that Whitman’s sister removed her children from the home, which the two share, and went to work at a local hotel. Upon returning to the residence, she heard multiple thuds coming from inside and put her children back into the car while she went to investigate. Sarah, who is the owner of three dogs including Irvina’s mother and another canine named Katarina, walked in on her brother James violently striking Irvina with a flashlight.

Sarah’s white terrier was airlifted to get emergency treatment in Anchorage, where she was pronounced dead upon arrival. While it is unclear why James attacked the terrier, authorities believe that alcohol played an important part in the case. Bethel, Alaska is a community with no approved liquor permits and while individuals can possess alcohol, it can’t be bought or sold, leading to much abuse of the substance amongst residents. Substance abuse aside, the atrocious crime earned James a felony charge. He is currently awaiting trial.

Unfortunately, animal cruelty is quite rampant in the rural community, with stories of neglect, from starvation to slit throats and even hangings, appearing in the local papers all the time. However, the fatal beating of innocent Irvina has sent shockwaves throughout the district, motivating animal activist groups to urge police to pursue a criminal case with an unflinching vengeance. With Bethel’s courts flooded with more pressing issues like child abuse and domestic violence, James, surprisingly, has the opportunity to walk free.

No animal deserves to be subjected to such cruelty at the hands of a truly monstrous human being. Sign the petition below to reprimand James Whitman for this unthinkable act of callousness.


Dear James Whitman,

It has recently come to my attention that you are responsible for murdering an innocent dog for no reason at all. As a supporter and advocate for animal rights, I am thoroughly disgusted with your drunken decision to club your sister’s dog to death with a flashlight. You have offered no reason, no apology, and showed no remorse for your actions either.

Your sister Sarah Whitman, who has raised Irvina since she was a puppy, will forever mourn the loss of her canine best friend. If you are capable of acting out against a harmless pup, then there’s no telling what you’d do to Bethel’s greater population. I am confident that once your case goes to trial, and a jury hears of the horrible pain and suffering you’ve inflicted upon Irvina, that you will be severely punished for your senseless act of violence.

No animal deserves to be assassinated in such an inhumane way. While your actions are truly unforgivable, I urge you to apologize to your sister for the grief that your thoughtless cruelty has caused her.


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  1. ruth mccarty says:

    they say this type of behavior is indicative of later abuse of children. His sister wisely took her children to work with her and than wisely left them in the car when she heard the thuds. Seems to me the sister realizes he might hurt her children. THAT IS WHY he should be prosecuted.

  2. you are lower than the least of all Animals you sociopathic coward.

  3. George Johnson says:

    I signed the petition. Do yo really think this scumbag cares? I wish there was more shame involved!!! People who do this are cowards and should turn the abuse on themselves!!!

  4. This man, nope sorry not a man this loser should not just get a slap on the wrist he should be put in jail, his sister and the police should charge him especially the police so he can’t convince his sister to drop the charges, put him in jail and let him rot there, “A LIFE FOR A LIFE”. I live by that rule, Thank you Alice from Canada

  5. Linda Amundson says:

    Jail, long-term, for this drunken killer. Actually, alcohol doesn’t matter. He just showed his true self with the assistance of alcohol. He’s a worthless piece of garbage whose life will never be as valuable as poor Irvina’s. Keep him away from animals forever. Wish his sister would sue his worthless ass for punitive damages and then cut ties with him.

  6. Kathy Williams says:

    Why on earth is this petition targeting the offender instead of the Bethel authorities?

    Animal cruelty is rampant around the world, from factory farming to laboratory testing to individual cases such as this. Until society recognizes, condemns and subsequently starts severely punishing those guilty of all forms of animal cruelty for the crime it is, animals everywhere will continue to be tortured to death.

  7. How about a public hanging after beating him with a BIG flashlight!!!

  8. Hey sick F—- I wish I could make the law cause you killed an animal that did what? your 6 times the dogs size I hope you get beaton to death to see how it feels! cover your ass your headed for prison!

  9. She removed her children from the home, yet she left the dog there. Why??? No bloody way would I have left my dog with such a useless bastard. Drugs and alcohol create an extremely stupid, stupid human being. Yet we continue as a society to allow alcohol and drugs to exist. Dogs are just like children, they completely rely on us to look after them and protect them. As far as I am concerned, she did not protect her dog as she had done so for her children.

    • Carrena Cogglin says:

      Perhaps she couldn’t take her dogs to work and maybe she didn’t think her own brother would hurt the dog. Maybe h was normally nice to the dogs. Plus she kept the kids safe cos perhaps she though it an intruder. We weren’t there.

  10. Candi Derderian says:

    I’m so sick of hearing of these senseless ,cruel ,insane torture of innocent animals.
    I’m so saddened to think of the pain that poor animal and the confusion he went through.
    Animals are innocent and loving and all they want to do is please us
    This is such a tragedy not only for the poor innocent dog but for the woman and for the kids.

  11. This worthless lump of excrement must be dumped in prison for a very long time, preferably life, as it is a serious danger not just to other animals but to human beings.
    Any vicious creature who is prepared to do what this thing did to an innocent animal, is also prepared to do the same or worse to a child or frail adult who cannot fight back and defend themselves against this cowardly scum.

  12. Why would her own brother do that to her dog that is a big deal pack your bags because you are going to prison

  13. My wish is for Karma to take place on every individual who tortures and murders beautiful innocent animals…. may they live through exactly the same circumstances which they have inflicted upon these poor animals who have greatly suffered at their hands!!!

  14. Cliff Nakahara says:

    Hey Whitman…….you are a worthless piece of shit! Being drunk is absolutely no excuse for what you did. Maybe some people should get drunk and beat you to death!
    This petition should also be sent to the Governor of Alaska, as well as the Judge and Prosecutor overseeing this case. A message should be sent to the citizens of Bethel, Alaska that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated anymore

  15. Patricia Dumais says:

    Mr Whitman is an agressive alcoholic desperately in need of treatment before he attacks another animal or human. I see little point in adressing him directly — the case should be brought before the courts where an order can be issued to force Mr Whitman into treatment.

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