Justice for Mother Bear Killed By Authorities

Target: Italian Environment Minister, Gian Luca Galletti

Goal: Demand criminal charges are pursued in the case of a mother brown bear who was hunted and killed by authorities for protecting her cubs

Daniza, a mother brown bear who recently attacked a man that ventured too close to her cubs, has been killed by Italian authorities due to the improper use of tranquilizers during her capture. Criminal charges in the incident are being considered while Italy’s national forestry police conduct an investigation.

Daniza was introduced to the area as part of a brown bear recovery program that strives to protect these rare bears, but that didn’t stop Trentino’s vice president, Allessandro Olivi, from calling for her demise. Under his orders, this poor creature was unjustly hunted down and captured for reportedly attacking a man scavenging for mushrooms near her cubs. It is widely known that mother bears will almost always act to protect their cubs if a human comes too close, and she was merely behaving like any mother bear would under the circumstances. However, Olivi painted her as a threat to public safety and stated she would be killed if she tried to defend herself from her hunters.

Italian authorities allegedly used too much anesthetic during Daniza’s capture, and the poor creature never woke up. Her two eight-month-old cubs, who animal experts have said are not old enough to take care of themselves, are now orphans. Forestry police, who actively protested Daniza’s capture on these grounds, have stated criminal charges could result for “the mistreatment and death of an animal.” Seek justice for Daniza by urging officials to pursue these criminal charges against her killers.


Dear Minister Galletti,

I am appalled by Italian authorities’ negligence and mistreatment of a mother brown bear named Daniza who was recently killed during her capture in Trentino.

Daniza was unjustly persecuted for attacking a man that ventured too close to her cubs. It is considered public knowledge that a mother bear will usually act on her protective instincts if a human comes too close to her babies, and she was simply acting like any mother bear would. Further, Daniza was introduced to the area as part of a brown bear recovery program, whose goal is to protect the rare brown bear.

The use of an incorrect amount of anesthetic when she was tranquilized resulted in her death and left her two eight-month-old cubs, who animal experts have stated are too young to take care of themselves, orphans. I believe that the negligent actions of Daniza’s hunters and the clear mistreatment that led to her death should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I urge you to seek justice for Daniza and her orphaned cubs by pursuing criminal charges against her killers.


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  1. George Deprelle says:

    Povera Daniza.Povere bambini!

  2. Franco Maverna says:

    We are in the hands of ignorant stupid incompetents, can you figure out a worst possible cocktail ????
    This is what happened to poor Daniza, what will happen to her’s cubs but, more than anything else, this is what is happening to our poor country.

  3. Amy Rose Murphy Amy Rose Murphy says:

    heartless twits I bet they will murder her cubs also , prison is too good for these low lifes

  4. olimpia marina says:

    Maximum sentence should be given to the criminals.

  5. Susan McNamara says:

    Why was the man not arrested who was trying to get his mushrooms for nothing and cause that poor bear to be killed I hope he is pleased with himself!
    Anyone with half a brain knows you do not disturb a mum and babies! She was only looking out for them!

  6. Darlene Stewart says:

    IF these people are any good at what they do, they would know the amount of tranquilizer to use on an animal without any chance of harm to it. Sadly, I would think that this was NO accident either.

  7. This Italian idiot sounds just as stupid as Argentina with ARTURO, now here this mother bear was in protected wildlife place with her cubs /now orphaned,because some asshole came too close,she attacked!! Really was he expected a handshake!! He should be charged and that Italian president also since the officers didn’t want to do it but they also screwed up and now what is to become of the Cubs??? They better send them to a sanctuary so they get looked after and both offender and president need to get charged for killer the mother bear since she was in.protected area!! Justice is needed for her and her cubs!

  8. i am absolutely disgusted !!!!! that they could do that and after we signed petitions .how could they kill a mother bear simply protecting her cubs .when are we going to stop this cruel useless killing of animals !!!!

  9. Through no fault of her own, Daniza was MURDERED for protecting her babies in a so-called “protected” area!!! Obviously this isn’t a protected area at all!!! Why the hell was this man allowed to wander into Daniza’s rightful territory in the first place which caused her death?!?!? He got what was coming to him …. very very sadly Daniza paid the price by losing her life and now her wonderful cubs are left to suffer without their mother. I’m sick and tired of human beings killing anything that comes into their path when they’re in nature’s territory! Animals have to be protected from sick, cruel and ignorant so-called human beings!

  10. Dr. Wolfgang Epple says:

    You have to know that the so-called wildlife biologists involved, like in Germany, strongly tender hunters, there to produce a supposed “good mood” against the brown bear.

    In Germany the brown bear Bruno was brought “to the track” after he was similar to Daniza stupid alleged as a “problem bear”.

    Daniza acted completely natural.

    Also in the Austrian Alps hunters have wiped out the brown bear again in the last few years . The so-called wildlife biologists puzzle in publicly how this could happen. But it’s no secret.
    Only large, contiguous areas that are spared from the hunt, and in which Hikers have to adhere to clear rules, could secure the spread and survival of the brown bear in the Alps, not only in Italy, but just in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.
    Dr.rer.nat. Wolfgang Epple, Biologist

  11. Anyone with common sense knows that you NEVER get too close to a Mama bear, especially when the cubs are nearby. In other words, this Mama bear did what comes naturally. What human wouldn’t protect his / her own children if felt threatened? While I’m sorry that someone was hurt by a bear, it was NOT the fault of the bear. When will mankind learn to respect the animals of this planet and value their lives as much as human lives?!?!

  12. Daniza wasn’t intentionaly killed, no evidence of it at all.
    Animal Rights Activists never cared about the “Life ursus” project before, never cared about all bears killed in france, swiss, austria, slovenia, and in other italian countries,
    They are not shouting for the killing of a marsican bear (really in danger, near to extinction) in abruzzo.

    Nothing is still clear about the accidental death of Daniza, but ARA are doing the worst things towards peolpe living in Trentino and towards buildings and objects. it is not the right way to show your disappointment.

    I think ARA should study biology, veterinary medicine before opening their mouth.

    Anyway, please, don’t bother, especially you who don’t understand italian well, don’t know what we are doing for the project, perhaps have never been in Italy before (and reading your comments I hope you’ll never come here in your whole life)and you can read only things written by people whoare not directly involved in anything about the bear and what happened.

    I should think that all americans are serial killers reading something on the net without studying anything esle about, don’t you think??

    You are killing people all over the world with wars..so what should I think about you, americans?

    Melissa, please, shut up and study something concerning nature before talking.

  13. Unfortunately, too many psychopaths in positions of authority this is what is destroying animals at an alarming rate. You do not kill a Mama bear in protection mode. She was being a good Mother. You give the appropriate amount of anesthesia in proportion to body weight. They killed her deliberately that was no mistake. The idiots who did this to Daniza must be prosecuted. How many other poor created have these uneducated morons executed? They are as bad as Harold Shipman, the GP who was murdering all the elderly patients in the UK in his care because he thought they were a nuisance. Italy is controlled by degenerates who hide in the Vatican get up to filth and cause global. havoc.

  14. Barbara Crank says:

    This was so wrong. Mother bears are notorious for protecting their young. Accidents do happen when using a tranquilizer but the important issue now is what is being done for the cubs. There is a poem at

  15. She didn’t do anything wrong she was protecting her cubs !!!! CRAZY CARELESS PEOPLE !!!!!

  16. The worse is, nobody knows what and where one of the orphaned and scared cubs is left! It seems nobody is interesting in it also!
    Really strange!

    Pls vote:

    POLL – the second point means- the wood is the natural environment of bears, humans have to show respect adverse livingcreatures in their livingspace. The case of Danzia is SCANDAL. (~69%)

    Thank you

  17. Adopt baby cubs, call animal rescue, and prosecute hunters, who killed endangered species….

  18. This should NEVER HAPPENED!This mama bear should never been captured but since it unfortunately it was BUT BY SOMEONE WHO KNEW HOW TO DO IT!!!! THIS STORY MAKES ME SICK AND MAD AS HELL!! THOSE RESPONSIBLE MUST BE PUNISHED! I hope the babies make it now that their mom is dead!!!!!!!!!GOOD LUCK BABIES!

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