Punish Children for Beheading Turtle

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Target: Michigan Department of Natural Resources Director, Keith Creagh

Goal: Demand justice for turtle videotaped while being decapitated

A Michigan teenager by the name of Catrina Shears recently filmed her brother slowly decapitating a snapping turtle. The video was unashamedly posted online by Shears and quickly gained publicity due to its vile and graphic content. Shears mentioned that she and her friends regularly kill animals in this way and has shown no remorse since this video went viral. Understandably, numerous people are outraged by the tragic incident. No legal action has been taken by the state of Michigan; demand that justice be served for the deceased turtle.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has reviewed the video and publicly stated that what Shears and her siblings did to the snapping turtle was legal, though it would prefer such videos not be posted online. In an online Facebook discussion Shears mentioned that she did not have an ax to use in order to quickly end the turtle’s life. The graphic video shows her pulling the turtle’s head out of its shell with pliers to allow her brother to slowly and inhumanely saw the turtle’s head off, which lasted for 20 seconds. While the teenagers’ actions were legal, action should be taken in order to ensure no more animals will die like this at the hand of Shears.

By signing this petition you demand justice for the inhumanely murdered snapping turtle. You also demand that videos or photos glorifying the inhumane slaughter of wild animals be forbidden from social media. Shears is gaining publicity from this and shows no remorse; this cannot continue.


Dear Keith Creagh,

As you know, a young woman by the name of Catrina Shears has gained monumental publicity for filming herself and her brothers decapitating a snapping turtle. While your organization has determined that the teenagers’ actions were legal, the main problem with this incident is how the turtle was treated and how it died. Shears pulled the head of the turtle out of its shell with pliers and held it there while her brother sawed its head off with a hack-saw. Sawing the head off of the turtle took her brother 20 seconds – a painfully long time to wait for death. Shears has admitted that she and her brothers have killed animals this way for years; something must be done about this.

Shears must not be allowed to force this fate upon another live animal. While Shears’ actions were legal, they are incredibly immoral and inhumane. I urge you to take action against Shears. Torturing that turtle is unjust and the action must be punished. Shears must be made an example of. There must also be repercussion for putting the graphic video up on Facebook; she glorifies wild-animal torture, and she must be stopped.


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Photo credit: D. Gordon E. Robinson

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  1. Legal? LEGAL ???… Such abominable cruelty (starting with pulling the animal’s head with pliers to get it to leave its shell…) seems to be more than enough to severely reprimand those young thugs, to say the least. AND send them back to school to learn some manners and respect. – I can hardly believe this happened in the United States…

  2. Connor Morgan says:

    This is the worst thing I have ever heard of.

  3. This is why we all humans have to do what’s right as its wrong to do this as it should be treated as if they was a adults an be treated as if they was an be sent to jail for this as its just go in to be this way all over the world which isent learning people that’s wrong to do this to eney animal no matter who thinks its OK

  4. This is beyond belief. How many other poor creatures have suffered the actions of these sick and twisted people, and how many more must do so until there is state intervention? I’m amazed that the authorities in Michigan say that it is legal to do this. In the UK they would be prosecuted.

  5. Sandra Zaninovich says:

    I wish I hadn’t even read this, but had just signed the petition. How terrible to even have this image in my head of this poor, innocent, defenseless creature and what was done to it! And this is LEGAL?!?! It’s way past time to change this law. Where are we living, Iran?!? How can anything remotely resembling this be legal?!?! And these sick, twisted, depraved “people” are nothing less than psychopaths and will move on to people if not put away NOW. Consider yourselves warned!!!

  6. It just goes to show what a backward country America really is, when it is considered LEGAL to torture a living creature by slowly sawing its head OFF. We hear people in the western governments and in the media, lambasting the third world islamic nut jobs for doing this to humans, but are then told that in the socalled Civilised world it is consider OK to do the same to innocent animals.
    Personally, I do not see any difference between someone torturing and killing a human being or torturing and killing an animal. Both are crimes against nature and common decency and should be punished to the maximum extent.

  7. This is outrageous cruelty. And the statement that what these monsters did is “legal” is incomprehensible. Not only should the children be punished, but the parents as well, who are raising those monsters.

  8. Gillian Devine says:

    This is shocking. How can killing an innocent turtle be legal. These scumbags need the full force of the law and it is even more horrifying that they have killed innocent animals for years and have never been charged.

    Wake up USA – your record of animal cruelty is appalling.

  9. This person is sick and needs help because this is not going to stop here and I’m sure it didn’t start here either. To say it is legal to decapitate an innocent creature AND to film it is horrific and it opens the door for others to torture more innocents. If it is legal in Michigan to kill and torture innocent animals then the laws must be changed.

  10. Cut her head off.

  11. Patricia Calebrese says:

    Where are their parents– and why do their parents condone such behavior. I am appalled at how evil these two sub-human creatures are.

  12. If she proudly admits, this is not her first, human won’t be far behind.

  13. How can torturing an animal be legal??? Are there no cruelty to animal laws??? This cruel and barbaric act is legal in Michigan?!?!? You need to give your head a shake and much more! How could torturing an animal be legal in any State??????? Catrina and her friends torture animals on a regular basis?!?!? They are pure evil! These innocent animals need to be protected and Catrina along with her brother and friends need to be severely punished!!! What’s next on these psychopaths’ list… humans??? I’m shocked and disgusted! May Karma work it’s magic as I know it will!!!

    Laws must be put in place to protect any and all animals against such cruelty and barbaric acts!

  14. What is wrong with kids these days they think doing things like this is cool and funny,where’s the mother and what did she do,send them to there room,the police should get involved and do something to them,they should get a psych evaluation because with them(kids) doing this at a young age what are they going to do to another animal or even a person, so do something so another life isn’t taken,now or 10yrs from now,do not turn head and have a blind eye, Alice from Canada

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