Ban Trophy Hunting of Lions in Africa

Target: U.S. Congress

Goal: To ban the importation and hunting of lions by listing them as an endangered species.

Thousands of lions are imported from Africa as hunting “trophies” to the U.S. every year; the lion population has decreased by about 48% over the past 22 years. Lions are also farmed for hunting purposes then hunted within enclosures; this is absurd considering the fact that their lives are being taken for mere profit and a feat for hunters to boast over. These majestic animals are in rapid decline, this simply cannot continue, to lose the very heart of the jungle would be a tragedy beyond comprehension.

Lions have been a part of our history since the stone age, they have been used in artwork as a symbol of strength and courage.  Lions have been represented in national flags, coats of arms and emblems. The lion as the “king of the jungle” goes back to a Christian book called the Phisiologus, written in the second century A.D. Many cultures use the symbol of lioness as protection for their culture; they are magnificently regal creatures that deserve to be protected by us.

Tragically, lions are not on the list of endangered species and the U.S. is responsible for the bulk of the lions imported from Africa for commercial purposes and as “trophies.” The number of lions imported has only increased in recent years. Many lions could be protected if they were listed as endangered species because the importation of lions to the U.S. would be prohibited. This could also heighten worldwide awareness of the plight of the lion. The movie “White Lion” intimately portrays this dismal situation and in an article the producer speaks of their gentle nature; often he said “they would greet him with rumbling purrs.” For these noble animals to become a part of our past is to damage the very heart of our humanity.

“We gazed at each other his implacable yellow eye in the red halo of fur
Waxed rheumy on my own but he stopped roaring and bared a fang greeting”
Dear U.S. Congress,
The sport hunting of lions in Africa has led to their rapid decline. Only 40,000 lions are left in the wild, 48% fewer than there were 22 years ago. These regal animals are a part of our history and they must be protected. To kill them only to use them as mere trophies or to gain profit is completely unethical.
Please take the measures needed to list lions as an endangered species so that the hunting and importing them to the U.S. will be eradicated. We cannot let lions become extinct; they have been a symbol of protection for many cultures, isn’t it time that we take the necessary measures to protect them?
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  1. Elgrit B. Russell says:

    After 41 years actively working in all facets of animal welfare, I still fail to undertand what it is that makes humans so desperate to kill all animals and annihilate their species. It is sickening and isgusting. They have just as much right to live as we do.

  2. Suhail Khan says:

    Shame on persons indulging in this so called sport, which by all standards of human emancipation is nothing but barbarism.

  3. They are calling this culling? Governments in these countries should know better. Once these precious animals are gone, they are gone!! Maybe we should start culling some of the human race and we all know which ones should go first!

  4. Jane Fraver says:

    What is wrong with these people? We are all animals, (Homo Sapiens). They abhore the thought of a primative culture’s practice of “Human Head Hunting” and then turn around a put the head of one of God’s other creations on a wall as a trophy ? ! When is the open season on them?

  5. Onika Amell says:

    Africa’s lion population is declining at an alarming rate. Lion hunting is inappropriate and irresponsible. I, too, deplore this. Onika Amell

  6. Onika Amell says:

    Shameless and ignorant. I too deplore this. To kill a lion is irresponsible and totally inappropriate.

  7. Dana Jones says:

    The United States MUST to their part to ban the import of lions to quench the thirst of hunter’s appetites and to list the lions as an endanged species.

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