Denounce Mass Murder of 5,000 Dogs

Stray Dogs

Target: Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China

Goal: Scorn China for killing 5,000 dogs believed to be infected with rabies

Dogs are considered man’s best friend. They have evolved alongside us and are our constant companions, guardians, and playmates. And yet, Chinese authorities mercilessly killed 5,000 dogs believed to have been infected with rabies after five people died from the illness. Rabies is a devastating disease to both human and animal. Urge China to immediately put measures in place that will prevent the tragic loss of so many dogs in the future.

In Baoshan, a city in the Yunnan province, authorities killed approximately 4,900 dogs and vaccinated 10,000 dogs in an anti-rabies campaign. The dogs were blamed for the death of five Chinese citizens. Rabies is a disease that is passed to humans through a deep bite wound or scratch from infected animals. There is a course of vaccines and other treatments available to stop the disease from progressing if treated immediately after a bite. While rabies outbreaks are rare in China, authorities have been known to overreact when humans contract the disease. Culls like these often result in the massive loss of dogs. Just five years ago, 37,000 dogs were killed in Hanzhong after a rabies outbreak.

People in China have varying opinions about dogs. Some see them as companions while others see them as dinner. In the more wealthy and affluent regions of China, owning a dog has become popular, but there are few preventative measures in place to ensure that the dog population does not swell to unmanageable numbers. Animal activists have opposed killing these animals, and have fought for other humane alternatives, like sterilization and vaccination. Condemn China for taking the lives of so many dogs and urge them to put into place preventative measures that will help to stop the disease in the first place.


Dear President Xi Jinping,

Recently, authorities from the city of Baoshan killed 5,000 dogs that were infected with rabies and vaccinated more than 10,000 dogs. While I applaud your country’s efforts of protecting those you vaccinated from the disease, it angers me that so many dogs were killed. If animal control took preventative measures such as routine sterilization of street dogs, the loss of life wouldn’t have been as great.

Dogs are our companions and our best friends. They are faithful creatures that have evolved alongside humans and hold an important place in our society. It sickens me that instead of taking care of these creatures, Chinese authorities sentenced them to die. I hope that in the future you will take the time to opt into more humane decisions to prevent the loss of human and animal lives to rabies such as routine sterilization and vaccination.


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Photo credit: Columbo222 via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. dogs are like humans they breathe eat sleep walk run etc…. it is not right

  2. This is disscusting an my thoughts is why take this action when its wrong to do what’s a life like all humans treatments are available so why murder the dog’s what a disscrace

  3. Kathy Williams says:

    I don’t get it: why vaccinate two-thirds but kill the other third? What was their criterion? Appearance? The thought of slaughterhouse workers possibly contracting rabies didn’t seem to bother them while they were torturing dogs for the Yulin festival! I guess they won’t care either if they start consuming dog meat that’s been injected with chemicals.

    I signed this out of principal, but truth be told, the dogs they killed (presumably) without beating them, boiling them or skinning them alive first were the lucky ones.


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