Prosecute Woman for Duct Taping Children to Floor of Daycare


Target: John Specia, Commissioner, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Goal: Prosecute daycare owner who allegedly duct taped children to the floor

Heart2Heart Montessori Academy outside of Fort Worth has been responsible for the care of children 18 months to five years old. The Montessori Method cultivates education for these children with focused attention of teachers within small classrooms, inviting children to engage in learning activities of their choice. It is supposed to provide a calm atmosphere where the children can develop their own self-disciplined approach to learning. This method is also supposed to encourage children to enjoy learning and expand their horizons.

Unfortunately parents of children at Heart2Heart realized just the opposite was allegedly taking place at the facility they had trusted. The following account is based on the accusations in a lawsuit that has been filed. One of the teachers there, out of concern for the students, took photos of what she witnessed taking place. Co-owner Pamela Decker had been duct taping some children to their sleep mats during nap time, one strip across their legs and another strip across their shoulders. When confronted with this incident by the teacher, Decker admitted she knew this action was illegal but felt it was necessary to restrain the children. Even after admitting she knew this action was illegal, Ms. Decker used this form of discipline again.

In addition to forcibly restraining children during nap time, children were denied fluids during the day, in a supposed effort to cut down on diaper changes. Sometimes children were allowed only two drinks of water during the day, causing the children to guzzle fluids the moment they left the center. It is also believed that children were smacked on the head during diaper changes and at least one child was left without a diaper because he soiled himself.

Upon being confronted by parents, Decker shrugged off the incident as not happening and slammed the teacher that had told the parents as being hormonal. Only when she was confronted with the pictures did Decker start taking the accusation seriously. She admitted to the duct taping but insisted the children were not hurt during the process.

For some reason, this daycare remains open, although the operations are currently under another administrator. The center is under a six-month probation period under this new manager. Child Protective Services is investigating the incident with regard to the center, but they also need to look at Pamela Decker individually and prosecute accordingly.


Dear Mr. Specia,

As you are aware, child abuse, whether physical or mental, can have lasting consequences on a child and leave psychological scars that will never go away.

I am shocked and appalled by the actions of Pamela Decker, co-owner of Heart2Heart Montessori Academy in Willow Park, Texas. Duct taping children to sleep mats and the denial of water are absolutely unacceptable actions for anyone in the child care profession.

Under no circumstances should Ms. Decker be allowed to participate in any child care, ever. I ask that you fully investigate the case against Ms. Decker personally, and prosecute accordingly.


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  1. I would sign if I though “prosecuting” people actually did anything good for society. How is putting her in jail or making her pay a fine going to change things? Perhaps she should live what she dealt? Or find out WHY she did what she did. Maybe she’s mentally ill. Regardless, I will not advocate putting anymore hard working people in a cage for bullshit – so red faced white men in suits can profit. Sorry – no can do.

    • The woman is an obvious threat to children and should not be allowed near them ever again. Clearly she has no ethics otherwise she would not behave in such a despicable manner. You cannot change psychopaths. Treating monsters with kid gloves will not change them. She will do more damage than good if not prosecuted. She will continue to be spiteful and behave inappropriately as she is not wired up properly. Her frontal cortex does not work properly. She will always be abuser of children.

    • “Regardless, I will not advocate putting anymore hard working people in a cage for bullshit ”

      And what on EARTH does that have to do with this case? What are you rattling on about? This woman isn’t “hard working”. She’s a sociopathic abuser of small children! It’s not “bullshit” to make people understand that they did something very cruel and wrong, and that it’s NOT acceptable. She is in dire need of mental help, no doubt, but she also needs to know you CAN’T get away with taking advantage of the helpless in society. The primary goal is to get her AWAY from those she can hurt, and yes, to hopefully treat her mental illness(es), if possible. However, it is very true, unfortunately, that there is no current treatment for sociopaths, narcissists, etc., so it is crucial to protect the helpless from them, as they are very dangerous and completely lack a conscience and any shred of empathy. Unfortunately, not everyone can be treated or rehabilitated, but the innocent deserve protection, regardless, and they should never be told that it’s “bullshit” to make someone face real consequences for hurting or endangering them.

      • Carole Green says:

        Cannot understand those comments made by Lita Pepion which have nothing to do with this case. These are innocent children who were supposed to be under the care of this irresponsible woman. This is not the way to treat kids. She must be charged with at least abuse of children and never be allowed to work with them again.

      • My sentiments exactly. Letting criminals live freely amongst the rest of us non-criminals does not make for a healthy environment. Allowing a woman like this go free, does harm to a society. You basically lower your standards in your community by allowing people to do criminal activity like this, within it. If a person like this is not prosecuted, what example do you show to others who contemplate doing things like this to their own kids, or to other students? You have to make examples of people who do horrible things to others. I realize that mental illness is the cause of most of these types of behaviors, but that doesn’t mean you let them go free to do what you like because they are ill. This woman doesn’t seem to be incapible of knowing what’s going on, so she should know proper technique of caring for children. She was even warned but continued to carry on in her own way. That doesn’t sound like an outburst of mental illness. This sounds like a person who is self centered and has little patience with kids. She wants the money but doesn’t want to work. She just wants them to basically shut up and not cause her a fuss. This kind of person should be as far away from teaching as possible. How would you feel having your child denied of fluids, diaper changes, a proper cleaning, and being taped to the floor? Would you think it’s ok for them to get away with mistreating your kid? Because as your child grows from this experience, the rest of their life, they may struggle with psychological issues resulting from the unnecessry mistreament from this person you call a ‘hard worker’.

  2. This woman is sick!!!! Jail time seems in order for this sicko.

  3. Psychopathic behavior is unacceptable and could well cause emotional problems and more for the young victims. Jail the evil bitch for as long as possible and let her inmates deal with her. The evil bitch should never be allowed near children ever again. She is a wicked nasty person who has no empathy. We do not want spiteful people near our children. They are precious and must be loved, respected and cherised.

  4. Children is not for us to spank, neglect, force to do tasks that are not designed for them, or abuse in any other form.
    I’ve condemned this practice as barberric.
    I felt bad for these kids; they have rights too!

  5. nikki halper says:

    Omg, is this woman brain dead? To deny a child even basic needs is outrageous. Duct taping a child to a sleep mat and not giving adequate water so she didn’t have to do her job is criminal. If she had done this to my child there would not be much left of her to arrest. What a bitch. Send her to prison and let the inmates punish her. What is wrong with people these days?

  6. I can hardly believe this. Get some inspectors to regularly patrol day-care centers, please! And demand a minimum training + the right level of education, besides common decency, from anyone running them, as well…

  7. It’s not just the employee that is responsible, but also the daycare center! However they will use the woman as a scapegoat to cover their business reputation. ..

  8. There seems to be too many teachers, child care protectors, workers (social workers) that DO NOT have the best interest of children. This goes all the way to the top. It is getting worse all the time. Shame on anyone that abuses or support abusers of children. There would be thousands of them in prison. Yes, thousands.
    For all the child care workers that love children and do what is in their best interest, you are amazing. You give children a better quality of live. All children deserve the very best. Put that sick witch in prison and tie her up with duct tape. POS.

  9. I was a daycare worker for 6yrs & find this behavior totally appalling! & if I did this in my own home with my own children, they would be taken away from me & I would assuredly be prosecuted! EVERYONE working with children knows this would be considered an extremely abusive situation! Please do something!!

  10. Its outrageous to lock children to chairs in this way as they have a living going on. .. God help all in need and teach the abusers some humane feeling.

  11. horrible! but how about not putting your babies/children in daycare so you never have to worry about this kind of despicable treatment? it’s absolutely 100% doable – where there’s a will, there’s a way. period!

    • What a wonderful answer. How about taking responsibility for the child care of your own children. Parents do your job!!!!!

  12. Susan Wardell says:

    As a former Montessori teacher, I want to stress that this kind of behavior is not typical or acceptable in the Montessori method. Please don’t judge Montessori schools (or philosophy) by this one sick person and her abusive behavior. Maria Montessori believed in treating children with great respect!

  13. The same needs to be done to her an then left to rott away as this scum should suffer that same way as these children did scared alone an then left to rott away as this person needs to

  14. Mark Lavelle says:

    This Texas woman clearly was way out of line. She should be removed from the program and banned.

    However, a bad apple should not be allowed to destroy an essentially good educational program for children.

    Let me add this for those, women and men screaming for her head, literally and figuratively.

    I may be wrong, but her behavior pales in comparison to that of some of the Catholic nuns’ treatment of 5-6 y/o children in the first grade that I personally witnessed and experienced at St. Paul’s Elementary School in Scranton, Pa.

    Grandma, parents, and relatives then thought it was humorous and appropriate to discipline children as if we were in Marine Boot Camp.

    We survived. Now the pendulum seems to have swung in the opposite direction.

    As a species, we consider ourselves at the top of the mammal pyramid. I suggest we look at how the dolphins in the wild treat the babies and young children in their pods for guidance.

  15. Where the HELL are they finding these teachers / daycare staff workers that we keep reading these horror stores about? There are so many wonderful out-of-work teachers at the moment that would love to have those jobs !!!! There is no excuse for what this Pamela Decker did. It’s child abuse any way you slice it. She should be FIRED and have CHILD ABUSE CHARGES filed against her. Put her ass in prison and never allow her to work in a school or daycare setting ever again !!!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?!

  16. Seems to me this would be considered kind of like kidnapping. They were restrained so they couldn’t leave/move. Plus it definitely would have been a fire hazard. All those kids duct taped down, unable to get up if there was an emergency. A serious offense in my opinion.

  17. Did no-one else in the school ever see what was being done to these kids??I find it hard to believe that never was anybody else even just passing through the classroom and able to see this- particularly if it was an ongoing practice by this twisted, psychopathic bitch……

  18. Leslie Stanick says:

    I agree that this abusive treatment of children needs to be investigated. The co-owner should be forced to sell, and be prevented from contact with children in a school or daycare setting. She may be fined or serve time, that’s for the courts to decide. I do feel very uncomfortable with the viciousness of many of the comments on the site however. Clearly this woman needs to be prevented from contact with children, but the violence that some have suggested makes me feel sick. As I mention in a reply to another comment, not all Montessori Schools have people who abuse children. The Montesorri program encourages independent learning and exploration to stimulate children’s interests and aptitudes. Don’t criticize the whole program because of one person’s abusive behaviour. I do find it strange that other’s didn’t know…but if teachers are teaching in their rooms, they would be with the students, not with this woman’s kids in her classroom. I hope she is forced to sell her share of the interest in the school, and is prevented from working with children. But whipping and some other things people have said are violent and out of control.

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