Punish Woman Who Drowned Puppies


Target: Pierce County Superior Court Judge Ronald Culpepper

Goal: Demand maximum punishment for woman who drowned puppies in toilet

Ginger Hartson plead not guilty after drowning four puppies in a household toilet before throwing them away in the trash to get rid of the evidence. This happened after her landlord discovered that there were dogs in Hartson’s home and demanded her to get rid of them or face eviction. Although she managed to find homes for two of the puppies, she was unable to sell the remaining four and decided to drown them in the toilet one by one. According to a probable cause affidavit, Hartson removed the lid from the back of the toilet and held each puppy underwater in the tank for a lengthy period of time to ensure they died. Hartson’s roommate, who was shocked to learn of the incident, stated, “All she had to do was tell me what she was going to do and I’d have found an option. I’d have taken it upon myself to find a home for them.”

Prosecutors announced that Hartson had written a statement claiming that she did not kill the puppies for “glee or pleasure” but because she believed she had no other choice since she assumed that the puppies would be euthanized at her local animal shelter anyway. Pierce County Prosecuting attorney Mark Lindquist expressed his disgust with the incident, stating, “Most of our animal cruelty cases involve some level of negligence. This was deliberate and it was cruel.” It is also alleged that Hartson has a previous history of animal abuse.

Please sign this petition to ensure that Ginger Hartson receives the maximum penalty for drowning four helpless puppies in the toilet and then trying to hide the evidence in a trash can.


Dear Judge Culpepper,

Ginger Hartson recently plead not guilty after admitting to drowning four puppies in a household toilet. This was a senseless crime, since there were so many different alternatives to getting rid of the puppies. These young, helpless animals did not deserve to be killed so cruelly and maliciously. Since Hartson has a history of animal abuse, she should never have been allowed to own any animal in the first place. Anyone who can kill harmless puppies in such a horrific way should be severely punished.

I urge you to do everything in your power to ensure that Hartson receives the maximum penalty for her horrific crimes and prevent her from owning any animals in the future.


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  1. I’m sorry. I do not agree that further punishment of this woman is the answer. Absolutely, she needs to learn, but what has she learned in life so far? To be cruel and heartless. And where and how did she learn it? by people doing this to her. And so doing more of that will teach her anything????? Sorry. I absolutely think that this kind of thing and so much of what is happening ALL AROUND US is due to unkindness, hate and abuse,etc. We do not need more of it, and it teaches nothing. Keep her from abusing again, yes. In some way, have a consequence, yes, but more abuse? More hatred? More anger? It’s time to teach and demonstrate a different way.

    • Rita J I can empathize with your rationale but having spent considerable years in the criminal Justice system, I have also become aware of the fact that certain souls are truly dark, sinister but true. I have seen juvenile offenders inflict so much torture and pain on victims that one simply gets astounded that how can humans gang up and indulge in barbarity of such epic proportions and no there is no history of childhood abuse or social desensitization. It is akin to a toddler smiling while dismembering a live insect. We do not yet know how these responses are awakened in some individuals but for society to function as a cohesive whole, deterrent action is absolutely necessary. I applaud your point of view as it is gentle and spiritual but in this case, I would still reiterate that this woman needs to be punished to set an example., Such a person is not conditioned to live in a free and just society if unchecked. It is the worst form of cruelty where one chooses to murder instead of dropping them to a shelter.

    • Soumanjoy Das says:

      It’s sentiments like this that teach people that they can get away with murder. Some people are impervious to kindness. That’s why these things happen. We can’t assume that she did this because she was abused. Still, that is no excuse to propagate that onto little creatures that can’t fight back. Maximum punishment is the only thing that will teach such people that they can’t get away with this in future.

    • Not sure what world you are living in but Sorry Rita “time out” doesn’t work. Justice must be served and voices heard for the innocent and defensless.

    • Elizabeth Mcfarland says:

      To blame a person for such cruelty on possible cruelty being done to them is nonsense. Everyone is accountable for their own actions and it is time the blame game stopped. This bull of my parents caused it, I was bullied, people treated me cruel is just that, total bull. We all have a choice to do right or wrong and ALL, even children have a choice to do right or wrong, and no one can say they did not know the difference unless they are a few months old. It is time people started acting responsible and taking responsible for their own actions. All have been treated cruelly at one time or another, but killers it does not make us unless we choose to be such, and killing those puppies was a wrong choice that DOES make her a murderer. That is just cold hard facts!!!!

    • You are useless. How freaking DARE you waste sympathy or caring on this pc of crap.YOU are part of the problem.WHO GIVES A SHIT AVOUT THIS PUPPY DROWNER. Awwwww did the sad little puppy drowner have a hard life so far? I hope so. I hope shes tied naked to a bench somewhere in chicago and gets pounded in the ass til she dies. And if YOU have sympathy for her then i hope u get the same. The VICTIMS were the puppies you idiot shit. Please get yourself spayed or neutered.

  2. The laws of the universe will vindicate all wrong and restore harmony and order. Everyone pays for their own sins sooner or later. When I read the headline my head just dropped in disbelief and sadness and I said a silent prayer for those precious puppies while sending them the energies of love and peace. God please surround them with endless love and light. I wish I could have given them my love just like I give my dog love everyday. There is more love than darkness in the universe and love is always stronger.

    • Blessings to you, Karen. I was very angry when I first read the article but all that’s left is immense sadness and hope that these poor innocents went to a place of peace.

  3. The punishment should fit the crime

  4. Paula diment says:

    You will pay if not in jail karma will knock on your door and may you dream every night of your cruelty

  5. Julie van Niekerk says:

    The landlord is to be blamed as well.

    • Why is her Landlord to blame.
      Did he force this vile creature to drown the puppies. Did he / she tell her to be a heartless bitch.
      I believe the landlord simply told her her to get rid of the puppies, meaning that she should sell or give them away or take them to a shelter where the cold find homes. The landlord probably never even knew that the vile bitch had a history of animal abuse.

  6. Aletha M.Kayaloff says:

    This case proves we need a national abuse registry so that these
    people cannot own any animals. I feel this woman is a very cruel
    person who deserves the maximum punishment by law. She should
    have to wear a tatoo that tells what her crime was, and this
    tatoo should be placed where it can be seen by anyone. She
    should never be allowed to go near any animals; society needs
    to be protected from people like her.

    L. Kayaloff

  7. There is absolutely no excuse for the death and the abuse of these puppies by this woman. Country is filled with rescue groups that would be more than happy to take them off of her hands this wasn’t deliberate act of hate and abuse to animals. The courts need to start prosecuting these individuals as if they would do this to an innocent animal they would definitely harm a human being they have no remorse they have no conscience.

    • I’m sorry this was a deliberate act of abuse of harm to these poor animals. Correction needed to be made from statement.

  8. Stupid ignorant A-Hole, she drowns them because “she could not sell the remaining four”. Has this A-Hole never heard of animal shelters, or non-kill rescues. Not sure where this POS lives, but here in Michigan, there are many no-kill rescues that would take puppies. And even the County shelters have waiting lists for people who want to adopt small breed dogs or puppies. As someone once said “You can’t fix stupid”. Let’s hope this stupid POS never has another animal, and God forbid she never has children. She would probably kill a child, because in her stupidity, she would think that is the only way to deal with a child if it did something she didn’t like.

  9. Como un ser humano es capaz de hacer daño a los animalitos indefensos, si lo hace con los animales, lo puede llegar a hacer con cualquier otro ser vivo para quitarlo de su camino y no interrumpan sus planes, deben hacer justicia…!!

  10. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    Nothing can justify what this horrible woman did to this defenseless innocent babies. This is animal cruelty and should be severely punished.

  11. I think the landlord should be punished too!

  12. mark gillono says:

    “So many people insist they are against animal abuse, cruelty, suffering and the inhumane treatment of animals, yet they don’t understand they are actively engaging in and supporting egregious suffering, abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment when they eat animals and their ‘by-products.’ If you are against cruelty, suffering and inhumane treatment, then you go vegan. It’s just that simple.” – Sarah Kiser

    • Animals will mate and I don’t think we can fix all the animals so that they don’t keep multiplying. So therefore we would be in the same fix as with the shelters facing today, overpopulation. I would like to think that these animals that provide meals aren’t being tortured but killed in a manner where it happens so quick they don’t feel it. I am not saying it’s right but I believe that it serves a purpose. And doing what she did was not to feed her kids or herself because she was hungry. She had options.
      Why do ya think the landlord should be punished? He didn’t tell her to kill them and i’m sure it was in her lease not to have animals.

  13. The bible says, “An Eye For An Eye”!

  14. It’s not the landlords fault. It’s her fault and only her fault. She was probably in violation of breaking her lease agreement with the dogs. She’s beyond greedy. She couldn’t “sell” the other puppies, so the greedy vile beast drown them instead of taking them to the pound. Had she had half of a brain cell, she could had given those puppies away and made a child’s day.
    Her punishment should be ten years community service cleaning the dog pound cages. Maybe just maybe a dog will steal her heart and she’ll beg forgiveness from God for harming his creation.

  15. She get lots of time for what she did to those poor puppies there was no reason for that to happen at all they need that punishment to those people that kill or hurt any kind of animals that don’t do anything wrong its just plain torture for hurting any kind of animals thank you

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