Protect Drinking Water from Coal Companies


Target: Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Protect people, wildlife, and mountain streams from destructive mountaintop removal coal mining

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  1. Stop putting stuff in the water

  2. Jeri Zimmermann says:

    Save our earth

  3. Amelia Linder says:

    Streams and rivers need to be protected have the coal industry, as many animals depend on the water for drinking.

  4. A. van Lieshout says:

    Coal is an outdated thing is only temporary and can be used just once. Drinking water will always be needed for every living creature and can be destroyed by coal mining forever. Don’t let short term thinking and short term profits win over everlasting values!

    • Absolutely true. The disrespecting of our planet continues. Environmental destruction masquerading as economic growth is never OK.

  5. randy sailer says:

    protecting water is our most important goal

  6. lorenzo porta says:

    renewable energies like wind, solar panels, biomass, cogeneration and hydrogene for keeping energy.
    oil power has poisoned people and thei conscience, has generated dictaorships in arab countries, Egypt and Iran.
    An economy based on oil power is like a body drug addicted.

  7. Marta de Oliveira Silvestre says:

    Por favor SALVEM A NATUREZA, todos nós necessitamos dela para sobrevivermos !! Água é fundamental !!

  8. Michael Guest says:

    Water is a vital resource to all life on this planet. We must keep it clean and protected.

  9. Nothing on earth can live without clean water. Stop the killing & destruction caused by coal & other pollutants.

  10. Georgina Marquis says:

    No toxins in water EVER. I notice the Bilderberg Group would not drink it and neither should the populous. This is unacceptable. Stop polluting waters and destroying all forms of life. If they want to depopulate let them depopulate the Global Elite – the devils on earth who do nothing for humanity accept kill anything that moves. Humanity does not belong to the Tri-laterial Commission and their underhanded partners in crime. We are nobody’s slaves. Say No to Agenda21, the One World Government that does not have the interests of humanity at heart.


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