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Target: General Public

Goal: Pledge to help in the fight to find a cure for all types of cancer

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  1. I would like to know how all the money that has supposedly already gone into cancer research has really been spent. Over the past, maybe 40 years?? or more? …i would imagine, billions of dollars have already been spent on cancer research…and all we still have is that horrible toxic chemotherapy treatment???..that nasty stuff makes most cancer patients horribly ill!!! I DON’T think they (powers that be) want anyone to know there is cure!! I think a cure exists, but too much money is wrapped up in politics and pharmaceutical companies…GREED is the reason…i don’t buy that there’s no cure for cancer…i think the general public is being majorly deceived.

    • Yes
      In India we have seen so many cases. The person who take medicine and who do not medicine living same in cancer case.

  2. The cures have been known for decades. Abolish the AMA and the power hold of Big Pharma which profits greatly from cancer. “There are more people making a living from cancer than dying of it.’
    Allow Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Acupuncturists (trained in China) and other qualified holistic practioners to be covered by insurance and watch America’s health improve.

  3. There are over 100 cancer charities in the USA making money from cancer. Cancer research started in the 1800s. Read about Dr. Coley’s toxins. Take the profit out of cancer. Stop donating to cancer. If the only way for them to profit is from a cure then we will have one. Donating to disease charities gives people lots of reasons $$$ to make sure there is no cure.

    • i totyally AGREE.

      They are all totally corrupt and will NEVER find any cure. (its always just around the corner).
      this includes the kidney foundation too… (just as corrupt).

      check out how many BILLIONS of dollars they have gathered in the last few decades, and then see how much cancer has RISEN and still no cures.

      and then see how many valid cures are SUPPRESSED and simple things like DIET CHANGE… FRUIT, VEGETABLES etc..
      – it is always ignored, suppressed coz there is no money in it.

      the charity organizations are defrauding everyone.

      just spread awareness about healthy living and eating to cure your diseases… and stop giving money to these liar, untrustworthy organizations.

  4. our foods . cosmetic,drinking water ,breathing air and cloth and foot wear we wear all are totally contaminated with arsenals we destroyed our life by introducing modernization and so called digital infrastructure developments every day we dump million ton hydrocarbon burned omission in our sky every day we not only destroyed our life but all so innocent animals&birds those who have not involvement in this destructive development we did eagerly cancer and many other incurable troubles are expected WE HAVE TO GIVE UP OUR GREED FOR UNNECESSARY DEVELOPMENT & INFRASTRUCTURE ^AND SHOULD REDUCE OUR SPEED TO DIE! LET US THINK TOGETHER GIVE UP EGO AND GREED AND COME LET US FIND A SOURCE TO ESCAPE FROM DISASTERS

  5. Peter Kelly says:

    Can asmatic treatments be incorporated into electronic cigarettes if it would do good?
    Can atmospheric scrubbers be installed on chimney flues in factorys and they could have solar factory/warehouse roofs?
    Can the Newspapers write articles on the average persons grocery shop products nutrition and if it is honestly wise to consume such products? eg red bull/gmo/wheat.
    Can tried and tested successful methods of living be made known?

    We have made a filtration system for scrubbing PM10, PM2.5 from urban areas in cars/trains/buses front fender. At least its something.

  6. My father 🙁

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