Stop Secretly Demanding Mass Killing of Feral Cats

Feral Cat

Target: Sally Jewell, U.S. Secretary of the Interior

Goal: Don’t allow the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to secretly demand the mass killing of feral cats in local communities

Staff from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) are allegedly secretly demanding that local communities perform mass killings of feral cats, despite the fact that they have no official position on the issue of free roaming cats. The USFWS has no right to promote unsanctioned policy in local communities and must be stopped.

Many studies have been done that indicate the effectiveness of community cat programs that employ trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs to humanely reduce the population of feral cats over time. TNR involves setting humane traps in feral cat communities, spaying or neutering the cats and returning them to their communities. Fixing the animals not only reduces disease and aggressive behavior, it also prevents them from continuing to reproduce.

Despite the fact that the USFWS continues to have no official position on the issue of feral cats, policymakers in Escambia County, Florida, recently received a letter on official letterhead of the USFWS stating that “the agency strongly opposes free-roaming, domestic or feral cats” and TNR programs. The letter also threatened legal action if the county does not “eliminate” feral cats, according to Best Friends Animal Society. Because of the letter, county officials removed the community cat program from an upcoming meeting’s agenda at the last minute. According to Best Friends Animal Society, this is not the first time the USFWS has interfered with local community cat programs.

Not only does this interference threaten the lives of feral cats nationwide, it also takes away the agency’s accountability to the public. If USFWS officials were to create an official policy, they would legally be required to inform the public and provide the opportunity for public input, commentary and discussion. Demand that authorities call for an audit of the USFWS by the Government Accountability Office and force agency staff to immediately stop imposing unsanctioned policies in local communities.


Dear Secretary Jewell,

I am extremely concerned about reports that U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) officials have secretly imposed unsanctioned policies regarding free-roaming, or feral, cats in local communities.

The USFWS has no official position on the issue of feral cats, but policymakers in local communities—such as Escambia County, Florida–have allegedly received letters on official USFWS letterhead stating the agency “strongly opposes” feral cats and trap-neuter-return programs that humanely reduce the feral cat population over time. These letters reportedly threaten legal action if the communities do not “eliminate,” or institute mass inhumane killings of feral cats.

This secret activity threatens the lives of feral cats across the country and also takes away the public’s right to be informed of agency policies and offer input before policies are created. If the USFWS legally created an official policy regarding feral cats, the public must be notified and given the opportunity for input, commentary and discussion.

I urge you to request a USFWS audit by the Government Accountability Office and force agency staff to immediately cease promoting unsanctioned policies regarding feral cats in local communities.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Brocken Inaglory via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Stop killing healthy animals

  2. TNR Researcher says:

    Birds are just a minor subset of all the thousands of native animal species (billions of individual animals) that cat-lickers (criminally irresponsible cat-advocates) are annihilating around the world with their man-made invasive species vermin cats.

    Not only are these demented invasive-species house-cats-ONLY “animal lovers” now killing off all Big Cats in all wildlife reserves around the world:

    thenational D0T ae SLASH news/uae-news/big-cat-owners-warned-to-keep-them-acres-away-from-feral-strays

    And for the ultimate example of absurdity and species-conservation irony, now making all moggie-licking residents of the UK (the inventors of that TNR insanity) the complete laughingstocks of the whole world, they’ve already made their ONE AND ONLY NATIVE CAT SPECIES EXTINCT in the UK with their invasive species “moggies”:

    guardian D0T co D0T uk SLASH environment/2012/sep/16/scottish-wildcat-extinction

    “A report, produced by the Scottish Wildcat Association, reviewed 2,000 records of camera trap recordings, eyewitness reports and road kills, and concluded there may be only about 40 wildcats left in Scotland in the wild today. ‘However you juggle the figures, it is hard to find anything positive,’ says Steve Piper, the association’s chairman. ‘The overwhelming evidence is that the wildcat is going to be extinct within months.'” … “However, it is not the loss of habitat that is causing the current cat crisis in the Cairngorms. It is the spread of the domestic cat.” … “‘Essentially the Highland wildcat is being eradicated by an alien invasive species: the domestic cat.'” (report quoted from 2 years ago, they are no-doubt extinct by now)

    As well as killing off all their inland River Otters in England (and elsewhere) with their cats’ parasites:

    wildlifeextra D0T com SLASH go/news/otter-toxoplasmosis D0T html

    As well as cats’ parasites killing off all rare and endangered marine mammals on all coastlines around the world (worse than any oil-spill that has ever existed or could even be imagined):

    news D0T msn D0T com SLASH science-technology/deadly-cat-feces-killing-thousands-of-marine-mammals

    environmentalhealthnews D0T org SLASH ehs/news/hawaiian-monk-seals

    Plus these cat-licking “animal lover” psychopaths and sociopaths are also killing off all the Mountain Lions (Cougars, Puma, Endangered Florida Panther, etc.), and all other native cat species in North America:

    rapidcityjournal D0T com SLASH sports/local/feral-cats-pose-threat-to-birds-lions/article_8ec451c9-4b03-55a3-baa7-71ac577905cb D0T html

    But now these cat-lickers are even killing off rare whales and causing massive birth-defects in the indigenous Inuit people who depend on seal-meat for their very survival. Seals that were infected (and are also dying-off) from these cat-lickers’ cats’ parasites.

    Cat parasite found in western Arctic Beluga deemed infectious
    news.ubc D0T ca SLASH 2014/02/13/bigthaw/

    Let’s thank these psychotic bible-home-schooled cat-lickers for all the fine work they do for being such fantastic “animal lovers”, shall we? THEY JUST LOVE CATS SO MUCH! So caring! So thoughtful! So intelligent! So FULL of love for living things! So much so that they will even sacrifice whole races of humans to death-by-birth-defect to prove how much they love their cats.

    I’d love to thank them all, each with a gift of a solitary-confinement prison-cell — FOR LIFE. Better yet, for their VAST ecological crimes and sins against all of nature and all of humanity, hanged-until-dead would be a far more fitting “gift” for them AND the whole planet. That used to be the punishment for engaging in bio-warfare against the human population and all other animal life in any country. I say bring it back — special, just for them.

  3. Spay & neuter all ferels

  4. Spay and neuter all ferels.

  5. TNR Researcher says:

    Can you spell “Hoax” & “Fraud”?

    These TNR cat-lickers (criminal outdoor-cat-hoarders) who re-spew all the highly manipulative and deceptive lies and misinformation of Alley-Cat-All-Lies didn’t do their due-diligence research.

    Here’s the very first link that any of their followers and supporters should have checked-out.

    They don’t even meet the criteria to qualify for being a reputable charity organization under “Better Business Bureau” standards. While Becky and all her close friends are laughing all the way to the bank to the tune of $5M in assets with a $6M income. (Their 2013 financial report now puts their income at over $7.2M last year.)

    They all flew to Hawaii not long ago for another “cat-conference” because, for some unknown reason, they had to be there to discuss these issues. (I wonder how many cats could have been saved from freezing to the pavement this last winter from the price of all their flights and lodging and luxurious food, drink, and entertainment in Hawaii? But these TNR group-leaders were so warm and having so much fun!)

    For another good laugh check out how much Becky and her friend pay themselves with everyone else’s money.

    They have now been launching some damage-control with their new “Future Five” program to prove to everyone their true and trustworthy intentions. Awarding a princely $5,000 grant to some deserving group. $5,000 is only 0.1% of their assets, 0.07% of last-year’s yearly income. They might as well just sh** in the face of every last fool that ever donated to them.

    Support yet another organization that exploits and perpetuates the suffering of animals for their own personal financial gain, then try to sleep well at night.

    This is even more “rich”. I recently discovered that anyone who posts a request for financial help on Alley-Cat-All-Lies Facebook pages is then referred to this page of theirs:

    Not ONE link on that page refers to getting actual financial help from Alley-Cat-All-Lies themselves. And even more rich, their very first resource that they send people to, to feed their feral cats, is a national food-bank organization where people donate food to feed needy humans. They are taking the food out of the mouths of needy human infants to feed their diseased vermin cats.

    I don’t think I’ve seen a sadder and more sorry and despicable case of “charity” in my whole life before this.

    Oh wait, that’s right. I forgot. You MUST throw cats out into the streets with Becky Robinson’s TNR programs so they get ran-over by cars or attacked by other cats or other animals, get eaten from the inside-out by parasites or die any other of the myriad heinous and inhumane ways that nearly every last TNR cat dies from “loving attrition”. Then when you find them suffering to death from TNR’s “humane death by attrition”, you can parade them in the media to ask for even more $millions in donations to line your own pockets. This is why HSUS and SPCA loves TNR so much too. You can’t exploit suffering cats for $millions if you humanely euthanize them first! Oh no, you need them to die publicly in the streets if you are going to get any money from cats. It’s the ONLY value they have now — to suffer to death so those who exploit them can get wealthy.

    It’s the new money-making scam! Torture cats to death with TNR and then as they die-off from “attrition” exploit them in the media for even more money! You too can become a deceptive, manipulative, and morally reprehensible $millionaire by following this animal-torturing business-model invented by Becky Robinson!

    My mistake. Carry on.

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