Support Clean, Sustainable Energy


Target: EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy

Goal: Support strong action to ramp up clean energy and curb pollution from power plants

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  1. What are you calling “clean energy?” Cause Nukes are NOT clean.

  2. Ewa Hammer says:

    Stop allowing the destruction of our environment. We need clean, sustainable energy.

  3. This has to stop! Mother Mature NOTHER IS FALLING APART.
    We as humanity, are abusing, destroying and not respecting !
    We continue we will have no planet that will sustain any species or humanity !!
    What future is there for the children !!!

  4. Peter Kelly says:

    Menoemaline(MEA)is the most cost efficient method of scrubbing CO2 from thermal coal plants emmissions. If the power companies utilate potassium carbonate the fire department can use the CO2 and it would cause no damage. But it costs more to scrub than menoemaline (MEA). Climate change is an ominous irreversible catastrophe so please set a good example.

  5. Francesca Agosti says:

    The development of clean energy is a no brainer.

    Any country that is not investing heavily in renewable energy will be left behind in what is not only a guaranteed opportunity to mitigate the impacts of global warming, but also a great financial opportunity to be part of the burgeoning renewable energy industry worth billions of dollars. Astute leaders all over the world are investing heavily in renewables, and the US, Australia and Canada ought do the same, despite the regressive, neo-conservative governments currently having power in some of these countries.

  6. John Lettieri says:

    wind power and solar,using both together would help the problem a little, But we damiged this planet so far it is not funny,it is so sad.

  7. Irena Franchi says:

    We want clean energy.

  8. Judy Epstein says:

    Sustainable safe energy is best.

  9. Jolanda Muskee says:

    We need to evolve also in the energy whe use. Whe should support the Earth whe live on, not destroy it, and its creatures (including us!!) with our foul ways..

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