Save Zoo Animals from Severe Cruelty and Neglect


Target: Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand

Goal: Improve the miserable living conditions of animals in Thailand’s Phuket Zoo

Animals in captivity at the Phuket Zoo in Thailand are barely surviving due to decrepit living conditions. Zoo officials have refused to address the fact that their animals live in filthy cages with dirty drinking water. Many of the animals appear malnourished and suffer from untreated wounds. Demand that the animals trapped in this zoo receive protection against further cruelty and mistreatment.

Phuket Zoo is most famous for allowing tourists to take pictures with a heavily sedated tiger that has been chained to the floor. Sadly, the mistreated tiger is one of the few animals allowed to rest in the shade all day. Most of the zoo’s inadequate enclosures do not provide the animals with protection from the elements, completely depriving overheated animals of shade and forcing them to remain uncovered during rain or thunder. With little food and no fresh water, most of the animals appear sickly and lethargic.

Instead of running a freak show, the Phuket Zoo needs to place the care of the animals first. Tourists do not want to take their families to see stressed out and malnourished animals writhing in the sweltering heat. These creatures need proper medical treatment and improved living conditions immediately.

By signing the petition below, you will help urge the King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej, to improve living conditions at the Phuket Zoo and protect these captive animals from further mistreatment.


Dear King Bhumibol Adulyadej,

The severe abuse and mistreatment of animals at the Phuket Zoo must be stopped. Numerous tourists have complained that the animals on exhibition appear malnourished and suffer untreated medical conditions. Instead of being an international laughingstock, Phuket Zoo should improve the animals’ poor living conditions immediately.

Chaining a tiger to the floor is a completely insensitive act, but sedating a tiger every day forcing it to lay helplessly as tourists take photos with it is disturbing on a whole new level. Animals have also been reported to be residing in disgusting cages where they are forced to drink filthy, unsanitary water. Clearly, the Phuket Zoo places profits over the health and welfare of its inhabitants.

Stop ignoring these problems and allowing Phuket Zoo officials to continue mistreating these animals. I urge you to take immediate action to save the animals at Phuket Zoo from further torment and ensure that they are provided with proper medical care, fresh drinking water, adequate enclosures, and healthier living conditions.


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Photo credit: “Moe-tography” via Flickr

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  1. Manel Dias says:

    Those brainless Zoo people who abuse these magnificent animals need to be severely punished as well. Other than that those morons will not understand the language to realize that these animals also need to breath & live their lives just like any one else. Employ some people who have the common sence to take care of these innocent and helpless animals in your zoo.

  2. Sandy London says:

    Phuket Zoo Proprietors/Owners, Honourary Elected Government Officials of the Royal Thailand Government and The Thailand Tourism Authority.


    You should all be locked in the zoo for 1 year without food or water you greedy vile vermin.

    As an animal lover myself, I find the animal care to be appalling and demand it be changed. I will definitely make sure to circulate this petition. It saddens me that this still happens today with the knowledge we have gained as humans. Animals cannot speak for themselves so I will help to ensure they have a voice along with millions of people around the world that do not wish for this to continue.

    I am thoroughly against cruelty to animals in any way, shape or form, particularly when the animals are in your care and have no way to escape. I want to express my serious concern about the LACK of appropriate care provided to your Phuket “Zoo” animals. In the Zoos current condition and treatment of these captive animals, this is not only a serious matter of concern for animal welfare, but also a reflection on your country and threat to your toursim industry. It’s apparent that Phuket Zoo exists to purely make a profit, and neglects MOST basic needs of these animals. The facilities are run down, the cages are putrid, small and without ANY enrichment tools or consideration for the wellbeing of the animals. Most cages have little or no feed or fresh water. Many animals seem injured, are malnourished, neglected and showed obvious signs of distress and mental health issues. You exploit the animals for the sake of ”entertainment” and pay no consideration again to any need of the animals welfare.

    Search any website and find reviews on this “National Tourist Destination” and you will find that I am NOT ALONE in condemning it and recommending that NO TOURIST ever visit your ”Zoo” in it’s current condition, and whilst you continue to exploit and neglect the very animals that tourists go to see. I DEMAND that you take steps to immediately implement and execute a plan to upgrade the Zoo facilities with a COMPLETE focus on animal needs, enrichment and address the MANY issues of animal neglect that you are committing. For instance chaining a tiger so that tourists can sit on it/next to it all day in the heat whilst you have obviously sedated it. Forcing monkeys and primates to ”perform”, overcrowding cages, providing no shade or clean water or soft ground or adequate enclosures for the majority of your “Zoos” inhabitants.

    This letter has been and will be circulated amongst hundreds if not thousands of others including Travel Agents and those in the tourist Industry, in the hope that we can instigate CHANGE for these animals, and immediately begin to improve their lives and existence. This will reflect well on your concern as a Government, as business owners on your stance on Animal Welfare and your concern for what Tourists expect and accept.

    Fix the problems now.

    Thank you

    Sandy London (Australia)

  3. Send all these animals to a reputable animal sanctuary and close down this zoo now!!! Animals have feelings just like we do and they are suffering. Most animals are near extinction and they need to be protected not abused in zoos!!!

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