Urge Community Center to Cancel Dangerous Animal Performances


Target: Mayor Kirk Caldwell of Honolulu, Hawaii

Goal: Cancel the Moscow International Circus’ upcoming animal acts and remember the tragic deaths caused by previous animal performances

Many still remember the horrific events that took place in Honolulu on August 20, 1994. A terrified circus elephant broke free of its restraints, trampled a trainer to death, and then began rampaging through the streets until finally being killed by local police. Ever since that tragic day, the Neal S. Blaisdell community center has stopped hosting all animal related events; lately, however, they have experienced a change of heart and have booked the Moscow International Circus (and their animals) for a show in October 2014.

Animal abuse is practically a staple of circus training. Although the Moscow International Circus plans to omit elephants from its Honolulu show, they still intend on showcasing wild cats among other animals. According to animal rights organization PETA, “Captive big cats kill an average of one person every year in the United States and injure 10 more.” Because of the harsh working conditions and often inhumane living situations, any captive animal presents a great risk of unpredictability and violence. The gruesome mauling of Roy Horn (of Siegfried and Roy) in 2003 is a prime example of this.

Sign the petition below to convince Honolulu officials that animal performances are extremely dangerous, regardless of the animal. Help them see that circus animals are conditioned to be obedient through fear and pain, and that employing their services only perpetuates their torture.


Dear Mayor Caldwell,

We have not forgotten the tragic 1994 incident in which a terrified circus elephant rampaged through Honolulu streets until being fatally shot by police. The chaos resulted in one human death and several injuries, and could have been avoided completely if the tortured animal had been prevented from performing in the first place. Most recently, the Neal S. Blaisdell Center has employed the services of the Moscow International Circus. Though the circus has chosen to exclude elephant performances, the animals they will showcase still present tremendous danger.

Circus training is a torturous process of punishment, fear, and pain. Animals are made to obey or they are subject to whipping, poking, and ridicule. Even when the creatures on not in training, they can face extreme physical abuse from merciless and sometimes drunken trainers. Is it any wonder that these animals lash out in fright and confusion, especially in the presence of hectic crowds? By allowing animal performances once again, you are perpetuating the torture of these helpless creatures and endangering the citizens of Honolulu.

For this reason, I urge you to cancel the upcoming animal acts scheduled to take place in your city. Please, think of both the animals’ welfare and the welfare of hundreds of circus attendees. Help end the cruel cycle of abuse and violence.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: chensiyuan via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Ellen Ewers says:

    Dear all Worlds management…stop this abuse and ill-treatment of defenceless, beautiful Wild animal’s now…please…please…please!!! We must have respekt, understanding and love for all animal’s!!!!!!
    Wild animal’s belong’s In the natur…not in circus, zoo, furfarms and other place!!! They must live free in Peace!!!
    We must understand this….help os with legislation and punishment the offence hard…please!!!!
    Your the management have responsibility!!! I pray your of my heart…take this responsibility with your…PLEASE!!!!!! Sorry my English!

  2. This is far dangerous to be a person watching the poor Lion’s get let loose to perform acts is this wise and I will never really go watch aney animals abused as this is still wrong on them big cats this is cruel act to see them been made to act still cruel you wouldn’t want eneyone hitting whipping you to act as those people do with them been those Lion’s will one day take back their life an attack but also that’s nor fault to the poor Lion’s that’s been made to act and preform getting whipped an hit I hope one day the poor Lion’s get them that make eney poor lion’s do acts just this is still wrong on them big cats this is a cruel thing to be done to the poor Lion’s don’t put the people at risk whose members at community center as you never really no what them big Lion’s are going to get them that’s whippingthepoor Lion’s baback they are going to get feed up one day an go on rampage because of this person been whipping the poor Lion’s an go on rampage with community center people but this is still nor fault to the poor Lion’s its the person whose whipping the poor Lion’s

  3. anita culling says:

    Please stop this happening. There is no place in society today for animals used like this. Animals do not belong in circus acts.

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