Fire Officers Who Shot and Killed Harmless Dog


Target: St. Clair Shores Chief of Police

Goal: Punish cops that shot and killed a harmless dog

Lexie the dog was shot fifteen times by officers who responded to a barking dog complaint. The incident was captured on a police dash cam and one of the officers is heard saying, “The only thing I’m gonna do is shoot it anyway. I don’t like dogs. I don’t do snares. I don’t do dogs. I’ll shooting the fucking thing.” The owner’s grandfather, who suffers from dementia, had been looking after Lexie and originally stated that he did not know who the dog belonged to. In response, one of the officers threatened to kill the dog if the grandfather did not bring it inside the house. However, before the elderly man could bring Lexie indoors, the officers allegedly shot her four times and defended their actions by claiming that they were attacked by her first. After the confrontation, the officers allegedly continued their assault, shooting Lexie several more times while she yelped and cried in pain. Even after being shot multiple times at close range, Lexie was still alive, which prompted the officers to discuss alternative methods to kill her, such as using a shovel or “choking [her] out.” The dash cam later showed one of the officers using a catch-pole to walk the grievously wounded Lexie to an animal control truck.

Unfortunately, Lexie died from her injuries. When a veterinarian examined her body, it was determined that she had been shot fifteen times. The officers are suspected to have shot Lexie an additional number of times after she was picked up by the animal control truck to make sure she was dead. Lexie’s owner has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of St. Clair Shores, the two responsible officers, and an animal control officer for the shooting. Fox 2 News has reported that the police have already conducted an internal investigation on this incident but apparently found no wrongdoing.

Please sign this petition to fire the officers responsible for this heinous act of violence and bring them to justice.


Dear St. Clair Shores Chief of Police,

The officers who shot and killed Lexie the dog in St. Clair Shores do not deserve to be in a position that promises to protect and serve the community. They obviously premeditated this killing and did so in full view of their police dash cams. It makes no sense why these officers have not yet lost their jobs or why they have not been charged for their crimes. They have abused their position of power. I urge you to fire, arrest, and charge these criminals and bring them to justice. If you brush Lexie’s case under the rug, more innocent dogs like her will be killed for no reason, too.


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Photo credit: Brittany Preston via Facebook

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  1. anita b smith says:

    REALLLYYY????!?!!!!!!! Cops think they r above the law!!! These two r gun happy!!! Poor innocence dog. God forbid it barked. If they were heard having comtempt for a dog, then what will happen if they don’t like a particular color of someones skin? They will end up doing the same damn thing!!!

  2. Sonja Talboys says:

    These SCUM police should be treated as murderers as that is what they are. A dog barks and it gets shot what the hell is the world coming to. I hope the owner sues the bastards. In my opinion guns should be banned world wide, killing is wrong in any form unless it is a mercy killing.

  3. I’m not signing this crap. You weren’t there. You don’t know what happened and we’re getting one side of the story. How dare you try to get someone fired from a job that entails them putting their lives on the line everyday?

    I thought you were for positive change, not hate and unrest. @Sonja Talboys, how DARE you call police officer scum? Grow up.

    • Christopher Jones says:

      @ Seji,

      You grow up! Seems you suffer from comprehension of the facts. They’re right there in front on you as indicated on the in-car camera. If you don’t wish to sign, then don’t. No one needs your single, lowly support. The support we need is from those with a sense of reason and ethics. Not you. Police put their lives on the line by choice. For too many, it suits their unruly ego. Those confronted by police, including barking dogs, put their lives on the line, too, and too often it costs them their lives. Positive change would be holding them accountable for their chronic unfounded killings. Grossly blind and indifferent people like you are part of the problem and no help to the solution. Of course, you couldn’t see that for yourself anytime soon. This petition is for justice. If you don’t like it, then don’t be here.

    • You must be a fucking pig

  4. If these facts are true, this is disgraceful behavior on the part of the officers who I thought are there to “serve & protect”. Unfortunately, the public can no longer tell the “good guy with a gun”, from the bad guy with a gun. Sad.

  5. I curse the officers and their families to hell. It’s an eye for an eye. I hope what happened to that dog happens to them.

  6. This petition should be to the federal prosecutor for the case. The dumbass running the PD clearly won’t do anything about it.
    Both of those dumb sacks of trash should be shot with small caliber pistols and left to die.

  7. These officers should be suspended and should be black listed so that they could not be able to get any other job. Should be left unemployed for their whole life

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